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  1. hi - I've been using this for a few days now. and apart from said niggles, its amazing. I'm into sculpting different tones for different songs and this is perfect for that - i don't even use the amp modelling side. Although I'm thinking of using some delicate pre amp sounds to add to my badcat tube breakup.


    I've never used a multi effects unit that was as easy to use as this. I've spent most of my life with pedal boards with cool analogue pedals in it, but none of those beat this. you know i would have to put up with a fulltone tremolo set the way it was for the whole set. now i have it different for each song - thats great. and all on my iPad.


    would love setlist though...

  2. this is the most basic of things it should do. you make a great sounding chorus pedal - you should be able to save that setup. i don't mean the state of the fire hawk as it does on a preset by preset thing, just on that pedal. so i have access to setups at when i recall a chorus - i can go recall my fave chorus setup. this is simple stuff.

  3. hi - just got my fire hawk. got the left(mono) straight into the input of my badcat amp.


    whats the best level setup to use for this config? if i switch the back of the device to amp it seems very low volume. 


    i guess I'm looking for the most transparent way of sitting the fire hawk in my signal chain . as though I'm plugged straight into the amp





  4. hey I'm loving it - I've got the biggest coolest pedal boards you can get - but you can't beat the iPad interface and being able to store a completely different setup song for song. i love it. now all i need is the ability to customise the pedals and store your own faves

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