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  1. So does anyone know if the fire hawk will switch amp channels for me? i can't see how it can looking at the specs. you need a relay jack or midid to do this. just wondering if there was a clever usb option or maybe i will just have to put the footswitch next to the fire hawk and not have it storable. i mean thats ok, but a shame if it can't do that.

  2. hi - i can see the plan quite clearly. i think amplifi replaces all the amps. the app is so amazing everything will be run on that. which is great. i just think they need to get on and get out as soon as possible a good pedalboard controller - amplifi needs it. A replacement for the 500X - fire hawk pro - or whatever. i just hope they don't abandon the people that like real amps. so for me i would love a fire hawk with no HD amps just loads of effects and amp channel switching capabilities - sort of replacement for the whole of the M series.


    basically I'm going to sell everything i have from line6 if it doesn't have bluetooth.


    the app is the way forward for all control.

  3. hi line 6 - Firehawk - almost perfect for what i need. i can see why this all in one floor solution is potentially great for so many people - but for those people that use real amps its scintillating close to a great product but currently no good.


    there must be millions of people out there that don't use the amp modelling just the effects.


    so i suggest a fire hawk effects only unit. a sort of update to all the M series effects boxes you've had before.


    Lose all amp modelling and make all the effects HD

    add a channel switching option for amp channels - a jack on the back of the machine - or put midi in.

    make the knobs/controls on the foot controller applicable to effects - i.e. - speed, depth, level, mix etc etc.


    then everyone that uses a real amp might consider one of these.


    i think its worth asking the question as right now without a amp channel switching jack or midi its useless to me. But I'm drawn in by the fantastic foot controller with colour coding switches and the bluetooth to my iPad on stage software for controlling everything. thats your greatest strength right now - the iPad editor app. so simple and so powerful. I've seen so many bands (including myself) where the guitarist has an iPad on stage next to him.


    Has anyone tried the fire hawk yet - is there a way of switching amp channels and storing it in a preset?


    So unless the PODHD 500x software update includes adding a bluetooth add on and the iPad app to control it i need something like the fire hawk.

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  4. how do i do this? i know i need some sort of midi box that will switch the jack connection that goes into the back of the footswitch on the amp. so i guess there is a midi command that can be stored with setups on the pod that will switch the channels of the amp for me. so as i go up and down my stored setups it always has the right channel on the amp switched.


    any thoughts?


    the footswitch input is a classic quarter inch jack - and i guess the connection is either connected or not.


  5. hi - I'm looking for a stand to prop my HD pro up at the back of the stage by my stack. its in a 3U SKB portable rack case - I've looked at Quicklok and a few others and nothing appears to fit the bill. i would love it to be at an able facing slightly upwards - so when you wonder over you can look down slightly on it. I've tried putting it on top of the head - but it looks nuts.


    Anyone know of anything that can do this?

  6. i was wondering if this would work (i think it should)


    guitar into pod hd pro x. effects send L and R into channel A and B of tube amp. FX send from tube amp into pod FX return L/mono. then O/P of POD into FX return on the tube amp.


    the reason is to use the pod as a ABY box to select the clean and dirty channels of a tube amp - but in the right part of the signal chain. I'm sortve presuming i might have to put a pan box in the chain before the FX loop to pan it to either channel A (left channel) or B(right channel)


    anyone tried this? will it work?

  7. hi all - I'm new to the pro edit software. nice idea - but seriously limited. Unless of course I'm missing something.


    here is a list of things i thought i should be able to do.


    increase the size of the app screen! its too small on my laptop. the type is barely readable.


    save favourite pedals for recall into new presets. (surely there must be a way of saving your fave chorus set up etc etc)


    terrible crunch sound when recalling set ups.


    global set up parameters. like i would like to have the DT amps always on left and right and always channel a. seems to be locked in to the effects recall.


    if anyone knows how to do these then let me know. Basically it has so much potential but seems like its well over due an update



  8. been using it for a week now. its fantastic. no breakup sounds much better than a cable. i use it with no cable simulation and its much better. no tripping over cables. love it. 


    basically I've been trying to reduce my cabling for a long time now and this is the solution. cable length is the biggest suck of tone. so i have this into a pod hd pro x and L6 into a DT25. perfect combination. 


    love it.


    i was thinking about getting a variaz but it doesn't seem to support that?


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