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  1. Looks KILLER! NICE! I dig PeterHamm's Pedalboard, too. Nice and Clean. The problem I had with using pedals BEFORE the Hd500 was always that I wanted to use the Pod's WahWah and I don't like the wah AFTER effects. Especially ODs and DISTs. I had an AMT P2 (5150 in a box) in the Loop but it didnt do well. I used it as amp model (by the time the HD500 had no 5150) and had it always on. So that the Loop itself made the on and off on the Pedal (you get what I mean?). Sadly in my case even when the Loop was OFF, but IN the whole Signal chain, there was humming and buzzing. Without loop everything was silent. So I had to rework that and since then I am not using pedals. I might look into a Chorus pedal again to put inbetween as I dont like the HD500 Chorus. A few months ago I experimented with a Harley Benton super Chorus pedal (Boss Knock Off i guess) and it sounded amazing. Unfortunatelly I was to lazy to build a whole pedalboard just for that anf also sold the pedal. Now seeing the Mooer pedals and their tiny space I guess I have to go back to the (pedalboard) planning board!
  2. Hey meambobbo, maybe you should contact Mark Knopfler that you finally nailed/found his long forgotten tone he searched since 1985 ;) Great work there! Were you ever in the business of making patches by request? If yes, do you still? If no, why not? Start it! ;) I think every new package with the HD500X should have come with a printed out guide of yours! The REAL user manual.
  3. I think I have a new fav amp. I fooled around with the 'ol J45 Brt. I have to say: WIth the Tube Driver in front it really roars. I have made an Dual Amp Patch based on yesterdays thread about the 5150 comparison. I tried the Tread 4x12 along with the SM57 on axis left and the 421 right. A rather obscure idea, but the modern Tread Cab compliments the rather bassy and Vintage sounding J45. Can someone tell me if it's any good, or just to my ears? http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1540110/
  4. Which one are you meaning here? The Greenback one? That's one of my favourites, too. No matter what I do I always come back to the 'ol JCM800 + T75 Combo. Don't know why. Maybe because my first "real" amp was a 100watts JCM800 clone. + For Cleans 90% of the time the Fender "Double". Because I am lazy as lollipop, I don't give a F*** about my Clean tone and it's always the first in the list. Okay, It's also quite clean but has a bit of "filth" when you use higher output PUs (I'm using SD Sh5 and Sh4 and EMG85s). It does give a good Crunch sound, too, when bundled with a Tubescreamer.
  5. Kinslaya


    Maybe the Boost Comp in stock settings. It boosts and fattens the amp a little bit, bit that's not bad in most cases (sure, I wouldn't use it for super clean) For super clean use the tube comp. Nice and warm sound.
  6. Kinslaya

    Noob question.

    Also lower the damn cabinet deep edit things to 0 (res, thump, etc). I am not angry to you, just to that darn cab edits. They lollipop up your sound. I promise. Have fun with ur new gear! *thumbsup*
  7. Then there are things like the EHX Magnum 44 power amp. Costs roughly 120 €. Sounds great. Used it live. Everyone was amazed.
  8. Is the Trio running running in front of the Pod or in the FX Loop? Then yes. Is it running AFTER the Pod: Nope, I don't think so. This is the scenario in which the Pod is your Interface. IIRC it only transmits everything in its signal path (up to your last block).
  9. Well, isn't that exactly what the "Preset"-Mode in the PodHD does? Habe you tried it? If not, just long press "VIEW" and switch through the panels until the option comes on screen (Should already be the 1st or 2nd screen)
  10. You clearly went off-topic there. But there's nothing to add to your comment. My next band will be on IEM, too. Doesn't matter how small or shallow the room is. I am fed up with lollipop on stage sound.
  11. Hm.. that makes me think. I never had such problems. I played the Pod numerous times live, and even more so in rehearsals. Nobody ever said something. Well, sometimes words of praise for the good sound. But one thing for sure: The presence of an amp and a real cab on stage gives a whole different "feeling". Some people I know can't play with their guitar on the monitors. (InEars not included). I, on the other hand, hate to have a cab in the back. Why do I need to have a speaker blasting in my arse? I always ask for the sound guy to give me the majority on my monitors. Nice added effect: When you play thd "foot on the monitor"-solo, you get everything right in the face. I love it. My advice is to give your bandmates some time. Maybe really give them more of you on the monitors. If that doesn't work, let them check what the crowd hears at a gig. Place them in front of the PA and they will hear that everything is "there". Otherwise, if nothing helps, get a) InEar monitors, that would really solve everything (I guess. No promise) or b) play the box that you use in practices at a gig, simultaniously while going to the front board or c) Bite the bullet and get the ol' big amp back on stage. Band performance > Everything else. Nothing on earth can really come up to the ROOAAR that a real speaker makes, but I for example don't need it. Everything that can lower the volume on stage for me is a heavenly gift. If only the drummer could play quieter...
  12. Pod HD 500 from September 2011 here. Never had any problems. All switches work, all in and outputs work. Only the 4 way pad is a bit "moody" but still works in all 4 directions. It seems you are having a bad (technology) luck year :-/
  13. My rig Sorry for the 90° turn. I don't know how to use this here correctly. I shot the pic vertically to get the Headphones into. On my phone it looked alright... So: The HD500, going into EH Magnum 44 and a 1x12 noName Cab from Harley Benton. The Headphones are basically always plugged in for playing silent. I experimented with some of the Wah that are built in. But also have my big old heavy nearly lollipoped up Dunlop Crybaby in front of everything. But I don't know. I think it adds some kind of buzzing to the whole sound.
  14. Nice trick there! I am currently using an external Wah, too. But I need to try this. I love automatic Wahs. Miss my old Ibanez Weeping Demon...
  15. Of course that is possible. The HD500(X) has a fairly nice Loop that is even adjustable in Send and Return Volumes. The only real limit is the will to lug your heavy stuff around ;) Of course, I witnessed a few pedals, that did not sound nice in the loop. But on the other hand: I tried many Pedals that did not behave well with other Pedals. So, whatever. Try it. If your amp has a Loop you can easily use the 4CM Method. I did not like it THAT much when using it myself. But I heard others love it, so you have to try it out. Maybe just my amps were weird.
  16. Moved this to my personal favorite bookmarks. The best explanation of the rather complicated stuff I ever heard. Nice work!
  17. I can second that Direct sounds (Full Amp + Cab + Mic) sound good even throzgh a Power Amp and real Cab. So sometimes I keep the "Direct" setting from home (When I practice with Headphones) when I go to my band. Because, it soundsd good either. Most of the time I do it like this: I have my 4 Go-TO Patches for Clean, Crunch, Distortion and Solo, all on FS 5 - 8. When I am at home I set the Output mode on Direct and jam away with my headphones. When I eet my band I just set the Output Mode to Stack Power Amp and fire it up through my Magnum 44 Power Amp and a 2x12 V30 Cab. It works wonderful. Although recently I had to disable the Cab Sim when going through the real Cab. My patches are using the Mesa 412 V30 Cab Sim. And the Cab Sim and the real Cab with both the V30 was a bit Overkill. But it didn't sound nasty at all. Just a bit too high for my taste. So I jst disabled the Cab Sim and now have 2 different banks for home direct and Band Power Amp, with the only difference one has Cab Sim, the other bank doesn't.
  18. It did change the sound. they are more High and a bit Fizzy now. But nothing that you can't fix in a few turns of a knob. I don't have many patches, only about 4 that i use all the time. So it's not much of a hassle for me
  19. +1 on the Magnum 44. Bought it a few weeks ago. Gigged with it. I never come over half power at all because more would mean instant deafness. I guess if you ever need more than the Magnum 44 you better put a microphone on it and have it on Monitors. Because it's lollipoping loud and sounds heavy AF.
  20. "I also like to mix different amps. My favorite is AC30 and Marshall Plexi. Pan them hard left and hard right, and add a digital delay to one of the amps signal chains, before the amp. Set the delay mix to 100% and a very short delay time. The idea there is to delay the signal to the second amp, giving a better stereo separation--sounds more like two guitars playing." Definetly have to try this combo out. It reeks just like classic rock.
  21. That's my main problem, too. Or, was. I was the only guitar player in a band and it was great going into a good PA with 2 XLRs to Dual Amp. (The glorious Plex/JCM combo) And, like it always is, you write some werid songs, you write some good songs and then you write a song which seems to say "Dude, put some oldschool Iron maiden harmonies in me!" So the trouble starts. Because of course you want a Gate at the beginning just for "Cleaning purposes", of course a OD Pedal to boost the british amps and maybe a Delay or a Reverb or a Chorus. Maybe I could have made an extra patch with the harmony stuff where I downsize the rest of effects. But as a singer I tend to keep it as simple and stupid as possible, so I wasn't capable of switching banks inbetween songs, And my main FS 5-8 presets where already my Clean, Crunch, Rhythm and Solo patches. That's where the stereo effect with the Delay comes in handy. I also works with other Delays, such as the Digital (w and w/o Mod). A nice gimmick there is you can adjust Bass and Treble a bit to your taste, which can completely lift the whole patch up. Or make it even worse :D What I have yet to try: Meambobbo's style of dual cabinet. I have read about it quite some time ago and came back to it as I saw one of my fav. guitarists live and he was playing the same 2 amps through 2 different boxes (Like you mentioned in your original post). Definetly have to dig deeper in that matter. DSP isn't the big problem anymore because we are now 2 guitarists ^^
  22. I cheat with my Dual "Amping". I know this is not exactly what you asked, but maybe it helps a few people. Whenever I want to make a really good stereo Preset I just put the Pitchglide with Pitch +0,1 and Mix 40 - 100 in one channel strip after the Amp. This way it gives a sligt stereo-effect, as if there were 2 amps playing. One left. One right. The principle of it could also be called "Chorus", because I guess a chorus does just that: Putting a slightly pitched signal to the Original signal. But it definetly sounds different to a Chrous-effect, just as there are two amps playing (But the same amp of course). I "borrowed" this thing from Glenn Delaune's patches, who puts a Stereo Delay in one of the Stereo Channel strips to get this "2 amps" feel. I just experimented from that point. I thought "Maybe theres other useful stuff to achieve this." I do REAL Dual Amping rather seldom, because of the DSP suckage of my HD500. But my favorite by far is the classic stuff: Plexi Brt left - J800 right. The cab is more of a "gut-feeling". Most of the time I use the SM57 axis on one and the off axis on the other. Best of both worlds (or mics). Things I don't really like: Dual Amping with 2 really High Gain Amps. Exp: The Bogner and the Tread. Either the customtone ones, nor my own ever sounded good to my ears. But maybe that's just my taste.
  23. Actually, no, I tried it solely through the MP3/Line In. But I just didn't like it. I love my Fly 3, but it's just a little, tiny practice amp. And I don't know if OP would like the sound of it. He must try to really know ;) I also have a Blackstar HT1R Head and HT5R Head. And both were not that good through the MP3/Line Input. It just didn't work for me. What worked: Using the HT1 as "real" Clean Amp and using the PODs Distortion Pedals. Sounded very nice. OR: Using the Effects Loop Return of the HT5 and the Pre Amp models of the POD. So whoever said in this thread that the HT1 would be a good decision for practice: I can second that.
  24. Fly 3: No. Have both a HD500 and a Fly 3. Don't do it. (Of course you CAN, results may differ) I suggest buying a Electro Harmonix Magnum 44 Power Amp Pedal if you already have an old guitar cabinet lying around. It works great and sounds great. Plus: the Pedal is tiny and can be transported in the gigbag.
  25. One thing I always wondered (especially about your patch bundles): You use the HD500 as direct device into the Interface/PA. And also in the front of Amps AND into a power amp. When you record tones for your bundles, is it always the same patch, with Cab, Mic, etc., even if you are going "live" into a Effect Loop Return/Power Amp? Or do you turn off the Cab option? Also: Do you change the "Output Mode" of the Pod depending on the situation (Studio/Direct, Front Amp, Power Amp)? Or is it always the same setting? I am asking this because I record and practice with my HD500 with full Amp models and Headphones, but play live and in bands with a seprate Power Amp and a 2x12 Cab. And I dislike 1.) Always having to switch between modes (Studio/Direct and Stack PWR AMP) and 2.) Always having to tweak 2 separate patches with the same amp and effects, but one with Cab, one w/o.
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