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  1. One Problem exists with the Amplifi and the FBV Express MKII. It doesn't Switch the sound until the button is released. And with my FBV shortboard MKII and the Amplifi same problem. So it is very hard to change the sound exactly, because you have to press and release the button until the board switches the sound.


    Can anybody who has FBV3 with the Amplifi tell me, if the FBV 3 allready switches the sound, when the button is pressed down? Or do you also have to press and release the button until the sound is switched?

  2. I succeeded with my Windows 10-PC and the Android Emulator Remix OS 2.0 installed on an USB-Stick. I had to start the PC with it, so it is not a Windows 10 App, but you can run it on an Windows 10 PC.

    So I installed and ran the Amplifi-Remote Android App in Remix OS 2.0..

    The Blutooth-Connection succeeded, when I took an USB-Extension-Cord for the USB-Blutooth-Sick and placed it about 20 Inch away from the Blutooth-light of the Amplifi.

  3. For all those who have problems with the Android-App in the Android-Clone of the PC.

    Here is how I succeded with the Blutooth-Connection:

    Take an USB-Extension-Cord for your USB-Blutooth-Stick an put the Blutooth-USB-Stick in that way about 50 cm (20 inch) away from the blutooth-light of the amplifi.

    In this distance I succeeded after some attempts to have a stable Blutooth-Connection with a PC started with a Remix OS 2.0 Stick and the Amplifi-Remote-App installed.


    Nevertheless our ceterum censeo to the Line6-Team is: Please create a Windows app to controll the Amplifi, if possible not over Blutooth but with the USB-Connection. And please make it possible to store at least the lokal presets of the Amplifi on the harddisk of the PC!

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