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  1. Tuner is fine. Works great on the gig. Could it be less jumpy, maybe?

    But for serious intonation work you'd use something else anyway.


    Let's focus on Snaps & Stomps selectable per preset instead of global.

  2. I agree withal the previous sentiments.  Glenn has put in serious time and effort to produce excellent sounding & practical functioning

    patches that have helped us all out in realizing the power of the Helix platform.  Thank you Glenn!!!!

  3. Hey phil,

    Both the G50 and the G90 have been reliable and durable.  Sonically, they are identical to my ears. 

    I guess the G90 being easily rack mountable would be my preference.

    The TBP12 transmitters are bullet proof, cast aluminum cases.  Only long term issue I've heard is the

    3 pin jack becoming intermittent.  I have not seen this and I have several years of gigs on them.


    Looking at the Shure GLXD14, it could be a worthy choice as well.  I have not tried it.

  4. Again I agree with MonkeyXT.  I use a G50 in one rack system mounted to a tray in the rack with the antenna facing front.  Works great.

    I also use a Helix rack system with a G90 and a Koch ATR-4502 tube hybrid power amp in a SKB rolling rack.  Both sound very nice and are very reliable. 

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  5. I agree with MonkeyXT as well.  I use a G90, 1/4" Main out to the front input on the Helix.

    Sounds great and you keep the input features of the unit.  That being said, if the 10k impedance

    of the Aux In on the back of the Helix does not load your signal or change your tone your golden.

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  6. Cheers!  I love the rack/controller combo for live and home studio work.

    I have the Helix, a G90 receiver and a Koch power amp in a 6 space roll-away SKB case.

    One case, one cab and a guitar and I'm good to go.  The VDI/ethercon cables from BPTA are

    great, reliable road cables if you need more ruggedized cables for gig use.

  7. I would not think a unit like the Helix would be affected by minimal deltas in temp. 30º to 45º temperature swings are typical

    in many applications for components.  Industrial grade components can easily function in those ranges and more.
    The ruggedness of the Helix based on the floor unit alone has been proven. I would think some degree of HALT or HASS testing

    was done to allow it to validate it ability stand up to beer, wine and some pretty challenging shock & vibration it receives from normal use.


    The difficulties you were having outside seem to be something other than the Helix unit to me.  My rehearsal space has temp swings >35º

    and I fire it up and use it repetitively.

  8. I began with a Rocktron Velocity 150 from the 90's when I got my Helix into a 10/12 stereo cab with a V10 and an EVM. 

    I found it to be very flat sounding & lifeless. It did not have the presence adjustment to get the Helix out there in the band mix

    on stage.  I've since moved to a Koch ATR-4502 hybrid tube amp which is 45W stereo or 90W mono.

    This coupled with replacing the EVM 12 with a Jensen Falcon 12 in the 10/12 cab brought it all to life and it sings and sparkles nicely

    at any volume.  Check the Koch out if you get a chance.  It's single space, output protected and about $650.

  9. I have used the Helix cabs on some patches.  There's really no rules here.  In some cases, the patches just sound better with the IR or cab turned on.

    Try it both ways and see what sounds the best.  Some of the IR really complement the 10/12" speaker combination.  Others get to bass heavy.

    If it sounds good, use it man.  Exploit that Helix for all it's worth.  Cheers!

  10. I began my Helix adventure back in May of this year.  The system I put together has the Helix rack fed by a L6 G90 wireless

    and powered by a Koch ATR-4502 tube hybrid, single space stereo amp.  I run the L/R outs into a Wizard cab with a Celestion

    Vintage 10 and initially an EVM 12".  I figured the EVM would be the fuller range component of the overall sound.


    I found the EVM to quite lifeless in this application.  Although it has a wider response, the mids and high end were not musical to me.

    I swapped it out for a Jensen, Falcon 12" and all the warmth and sparkle was there.

    The 10/12 combination driven by the dynamic stereo amp really works nicely with the Helix tones for me.  Complete system in 6 space rolling rack.

  11. I had a similar experience to Stratotron with my 2.10 update.

    Much thanks to the many individuals here that offered insight into setlist backup etc...

    No issues downloading or installing.  Upon re-start after firmware update, the Helix did do a re-build.

    Once it was done and the globals were reset, and the new app was loaded on my PC, I did not initially see the new amps.

    Power down Helix and after power up the rebuild ran again.  All new features were visible in both the editor and the unit.

    Great new stuff.  Thanx to all here and at L6 for their attention to detail.

  12. I'm using the Helix in a small rack system with a G55 wireless and a Koch, ATR-4502 tube power amp into a Wizard cab loaded with a Vintage 10

    and a Jensen Falcon 12.  I run in stereo.  The tones are amazing and can keep up with any tube amp on stage.  I play in a two guitar band as well

    and the range of tones and effects have been very fulfilling.  I use patches with IR's and w/out to get what I need.  Both can work well.

  13. I have been using the Helix rack unit now for about 6 months in more of a preamp fashion with a Koch 45W stereo tube amp

    with a Wizard 2x12 cab.  These two pieces of gear have replaced a rack full of effects and two hi quality tube amps. (Wizard & Fargen)


    It took about two months of learning and programming to get the basic group of tones I need for a typical gig.

    We do Classic rock 60-'s thru 2k so a wide array of tones is needed.


    So far, the Helix has stood up to the challenge.  Excellent dynamics, great workable tones that are easily edited on the fly,

    and simple one rack, one cab setup.  I believe I'm about 85% convinced it can do the job really well.  The remaining 15%

    will wither away with more tweaking and broader application of the features.


    One piece of advice.....Study the tones from the Line6, Customtone site & guys like Glen Delaune & others to fully understand

    how to structure a tone.  They are very good starting points and reveal how multiple paths work. 


  14. Is there a way to increase the brightness of the Helix Control Tuner display?

    I've done some outdoor gigs where I can see the button scripts well but the tuner

    display is not as brilliant as the scribbles are.  Any input is appreciated.

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