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  1. Hi,


    while playing I only want to see the view with the patch display. But apparently randomly the LCD switches to the Knob View (attached). Then back again. I didn't notice that before. Is something broken, or are the knobs getting old?


    Greetings, Fred


  2. Hello,


    I want to use the spider to monitor my guitar on stage. The Sound is produced by my POD HD 500.

    All I've ever tested runs into a terrible sound with terrbile ambient noises coming from the POD (I hear the "pulse" of the 500's TAP):

    • connect from phones (stereo) to Spider's guitar in or mp3 in
    • connect from e.q. left channel 1/4" out to guitar in or mp3 in

    Relation guitar sound to noise is about one fifth.Pretty to much.


    I' prefer the guitar in because I can adjust bass/middle/treble and loudness using the knobs of the spider.


    Connecting to line input of a master mixing console doesn't produce these ambient noises!! Unuseable!


    How to combat the noises? The spider stands about 0.5 meters until 3m away - with no ponderable impact.


    Does someone use the same configuration: Guitar --> POD HD500 --> Spider IV 15


    Regards, fred

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