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  1. RIblues

    Is the 5150 coming ?

    Here's the unofficial news release: http://line6.com/support/topic/10475-ideascale-milestone/
  2. RIblues

    AMPLIFi FX100 vs POD HD500X

    Testy, testy, testy....these fine gentlemen are trying to help you. You answered your own question when you stated this: "but I kinda want more control with a floor board so I was just wondering what you guys thought." Personally, I would suggest the HD500X which offers options galore. But....maybe the Zoom is a better unit for you, it has the built in Bipolar pedal.
  3. RIblues

    Wish list

    Patience grasshopper, the Big Cheese has stated in other post that they are working on stuff for bassist.
  4. RIblues

    I'm going nuts! Which product to buy?

    Based on that statement it's no contest in my opinion, the HD line is the Line 6 product that will provide you with the most options and adjustability for your needs as well as sound and tone quality. With respect to the HD Pro vs. 500X, well the 500X enables you a grab and go product if you should be presented with an opportunity to play live. Also, the included expression pedal is a great feature. This of course is assuming that you must have a Line 6 product, if you are leaving the door open to other options, than Palico's post #6 is very good advice. Personally, when I am sitting at my studio desk, S-Gear is my preferred modeling software. Welcome to the forum and keep us apprised of your adventure.
  5. RIblues

    I'm going nuts! Which product to buy?

    If you were to give any of us on this forum the money, and tell us to go to the store and and make the decision for you, the majority would come back with an HD500X. Personally, I would wait until Namm just to be on the safe side.
  6. RIblues

    Amplifi vs. HD

    And it's interesting to note that some have expressed that they prefer the XT/X3 modeling to the HD modeling. To each his own as they say.
  7. RIblues

    amplifi TT, does it support Spotify?

  8. I would add the Sonic Port VX to your list of research: http://line6.com/sonicport-audio-interface/sonicport-vx Also, if you are not hell bent on using Pod Farm, I would strongly suggest that you demo one of these: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/guitars-basses/amps/thr_home/
  9. RIblues

    Best Metal Recording Tone

    It's very good for the metal genre, I like the way that you used the EQ's, cutting frequency's as opposed to boosting them. I will say to those that try it, it's also a very good template for other amps. Try swapping out the amp he used for any of the others, don't touch anything else, just swap the amp and leave it at it's default settings for the time being. The Plexi Lead works well. Good job, thanks for posting.
  10. RIblues

    I have yet to get a good tone out of the JCM-800

    Don't get so upset, Joel's trying to help you and you did not state what's in your strat with your post. Also, Zakk Wylde the Scorpions and Stratocaster don't really go together if you know what I mean. That would be like fetching a Chuck Berry tone with Blackouts loaded in a Charvel and using the Bomber. But I digress, you need to go into the cab parameters and increase the low cut to around 120. For some reason, all of the pod's amp and cab models have more bottom end than a Kardashian family reunion. I would also lower the amps master volume a little.
  11. RIblues

    hd500 secret modulation input revealed

    I don't trust anyone that tells me that they are going to mess with my inputs and it's "non-invasive".
  12. RIblues

    Is fractal audio copying Line 6 Peadalboards?

    You didn't know that Line 6 bought Fractal? As far as what's inside, they are using a "heavily modified version of the Pod Farm modeling engine".
  13. RIblues

    Flying solo in Mainstage

    Interesting, what are you hoping to achieve?
  14. The Pod HD500X for me every time in that comparison. On the first audio sample, the Tone Lab was pretty good, but I still preferred the Hd500X. What's interesting is everyone's taste in tone, with some of you enjoying the Zoom and Boss for the higher gain tones.