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  1. Thanks for the reply! The weird thing here however, is that I've been using the board for a full year without any hiccups. Updated the HX Stomp to 3.0 and voila... Hmm, maybe something else changed. I'll have to review the whole board.

  2. Hi all


    So, I've just updated my HX Stomp to 3.0, plugged it all in, and now I get an 80Hz(roughly a low E-string) noise whenever one of the LEDs are switched on. If I enable tap tempo on FS3, the noise is concurrent with the tempo... :-/ The noise is too loud to ignore, sadly, and I have a gig(FINALLY) on Monday.


    Anyone else have this problem? I'm powering it off a Gigrig Distributor/Generator, using the correct adapter cable.


    kind regards



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