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  1. I currently use my computer via midi connection and the spider valve mmii edit software to edit my Spider Valve MKII 112 & 212. I would like to my my stage setup more streamlined (without my Macbook) and use my iPad. Can it be done? If not, I am curious about other stage setups via Line 6 hardware & software. 

  2. I was connecting my FBV Mkii Shortboard to my MacBook and while my guitar & FBV was plugged into my Spider Valve Mkii 212. I loaded a new bundle and my guitar started humming really loud, like from a bad ground. I plugged my guitar into another amp (my Mkii 112) and the hum is there too, so something happened to my guitar. The guitar is new (only 3 weeks old). The guitar is covered and will be repaired however I want to understand what happened as to not cause any damage to another guitar. 


    I admit that I am new to MIDI control and green on the subject.



    Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V 

    FBV Mkii Shortboard

    Spider Valve Mkii 212


    All new within the last 3 weeks

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