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  1. Try This: 4 Cable Method




    Cable 1: Guitar Out --> HD Guitar In

    Cable 2: HD500 FX Send --> Amp Input

    Cable 3: Amp FX Send --> HD500 FX Return (Left)

    Cable 4: HD500 1/4" Out (Left) --> Amp FX Return


    Amp Settings

    Master volume(if you have one) = Low (for now, while you are setting up.)

    Amp Loop Switch = -10dB (Instrument level)

    Amp Loop Turned on !


    If the amp loop has a 'mix' control, make sure this is set to 100%


    HD500 Settings

    Guitar Input Pad = Normal (unless you hear clipping from your guitar due to very powerful pickups)

    Master Volume = 100% (See the note about master volumes below)

    1/4" Out Switch = 'Amp'

    Loop Level Switch = 'Stomp'

    System Output = 'Stack Power Amp' (within system settings)

    Do all the above stuff but do these as well

    -set an FX Loop into an FX block on Pod. It's the last stomp box selection. Make sure it's where you want your split of pre and post effects.

    - edit FX Loop to insure all levels are max.

    - adjust volume so when using Pod it is equal level to going direct with guitar into amp. Make sure it's not louder or it will peak.

    - put a noise gate right after FXLoop block to minimize noise.

    - I set my Pod to Direct/Studio. You don't want any artificial modelling when using your amp for tone.


    This should round things out. You will be able to put wah and other FX pre, while chorus,reverb etc post FX without much noise. I do find the Pod changes the character a bit when no FX are on compared to direct plug in.

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