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  1. Looper engaged for me live in the middle of a classic cover. Not cool. Since Function 1 button is not consistent among POD HD and SV Amp, I accidentally pressed it. We need a way to disable Looper please!

    Yes, I agree. In the new upcoming helix there's the "mode" switch. Why not replace the totally unusable looper switch with a MODE switch. I don't think it could be impossible for line 6 to program this feature...

  2. The reverbs and eight of the ten wahs come from HD, but they've been rebuilt in HX, so they sound better. All other effects have been created from scratch within HX. To pull some of them off, we've had to physically model the behavior of incandescent light bulbs, transistors, bucket brigade chips, and other components. Completely new architecture and DSP engine.



    How long for testing it in shops???

  3. Let's talk about the effects: did Line 6 create new algorithms for upgraded effects quality, or maybe the effects are the same as M13, HD500??

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  4. Yeah, I know that at 0.0 there are 2 steps if you turn the knob. But I would like to choose the cents of the detune and make a double detune (-3 and -3) for a "fair warning" sound. Is it right that you can activate cents within the HD400 ??

  5. Hi everybody, I would like to create a patch with a detuned sound like van halen does. For this I would use the pitch glide, but you cannot set it in cents (0,01) it only works in decimal (0,1). I've read somewhere that you can do it with the hd400, i paste it here:

    "I have the POD HD 400 and it definitely has the pitch detune. I select Pitch Glide and don't control for the expression pedal then simultaneously pushdown and turn the adjust knob (not just turn). Pushing it down and turning engages .00 cents. I detune to .02 to get a great detune chorus"


    Is it true? Can I engage the cents in the HD500?


    Thank you


  6. I'm using my HD500 in FS mode and I have all my footswitches assigned with an effect. I would like to use them also for changing my amp channels via midi like on the M13 (scenes button). But I would like to choose if I'm sending a midi program change or activate/deactivate an effect (maybe using that absolutely useless "looper" button???)


    If I program a blank patch for the midi commands, I have to dance tip tap for switching channel and control the effects. How do you approach to this? 

  7. it works i u c it the opposite way.

    i mean consider the fx return param as a -24 db level controller.

    so, set fx loop return=+24db 'n assign the hd500's master knob in such a way that with these settings u achieve the loudest output.

    now, by  reducing the fx return level 2 "zero" with the exp1/2, u can actually cut the output signal by 24 db.

    i suppose this is "near mute", isn't it?

    Well, i've tryed this solution. If i put the return level at maximum and compensate reducing the output level, the trick seems to work. The only problem is that this way i send a very hot signal to the effects after the loop block and i still have to verify if it could be a problem. Thank you this is a good one.

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  8. Hi everybody, I use HD500 for FX Only with my 5150 iii, connected in 4cm. I would like to assing the expression pedal as a volume pedal, but I don't want to loose another block besides the fx loop. I would like to assign something like the mixer level (but it's not possilbe) or the return level (but it goes only UP). Any ideas?

    Why did line6 set the return level to go only up? 

  9. -Input1 is Guitar, Input2 is variax

    -Yes all fx are in PATH A with NOTHING before the split and nothing after the mixer. the mixer is at the end of the chain

    -Yes, PATH B is MUTED, the loop switch is set to LINE (i also have tried stomp with no results)

    -Yes I'm using FX RETURN L/mono and of course OUTPUT L/MONO panned all left (tryed also panned in middle with no results)

    -MIX is 100%


    I've tried also to increase FX LOOP RETURN from 0 to +6. There's no difference.


    It seems like you put something after the FX LOOP block but the HD500 does not put it PHISICALLY there.

    This evening I will try with a modded amp, I suspect it will work.


    Before buying this unit I have read many feedbacks around internet and I was sure I could use it AS an M13 if needed. But now I think it has its own signal routing and if you have a REAL AMP things may not work properly. maybe I'm wrong but I don't think that the only difference between M13 and HD500 is Expression pedal, amp modelling and number of FX in chain...

  10. Ok, I've tried, but it does not work. The result is the same. I've noticed that this problem is more pronounced with my 5150 iii distortion channels, it's like the effect placed in the loop is hitting a brick. Are we sure that this unit works good also with real amps? "Is there anybody out there" with this kind of problem? 

  11. Thanks Huub, unfortunately It's the same. If I use my echo platter delay and use it after FX loop, it sounds weak and not audible. mix needs to be at least 70% and feedback 85% in this way i can hear only 2 or 3 repeats. If I put that delay before fx loop voilà I have multiple repeats and better quality. What am I missing????

  12. Well, i spent weeks and weeks and weeks manipulating parameters for the levels (I use 4cm with evh5150 iii). Now this is my situation:


    I use everything in path A, because I want A and B completely separated:


    guitar input --> normal

    Fx loop send: -6db

    Fx loop return 0

    Return switch: LINE LEVEL


    mixer level -1,5 db panned ALL LEFT



    And with these settings it seems finally that my amp works like without the HD500, levels and distortions seems to be perfect.




    If I use a chorus or a time based effect after the FX loop block, the sound is flanging and with too trebles. Before is Perfect

    If I use a delay after the FX loop I must increase feedback and mix for have repeats audible. Before Fx loop it works good.


    I tried also to build a preset with A and B together (like default), but the problem is the same. 

    Why is my loop working that way? Is the M13 so hateful like this pedalboard?

    I can't believe how many hours I spent for tweaking.



  13. Hi everybody. I know that with hd500 it is possible to assign footswitch to effects or combination of them. But can I assign a specific preset to a footswitch? If I had POD HD PRO I could send from a desired footswitch of my pedalboard a midi program change and recall a particular preset (correct me if I am wrong). Is this possible to make something similar with hd500? I'm working with FS 5-8 mode and I would like to call a specific preset by clicking over a footswitch one time.



  14. I've posted this in another thread, but it was solved, so i'm putting here in a new one.


    I finally reached a good solution for switching my 5150 III using the HD500 (Thanks to Rewolf48!!!)

    But now I've got this problem:


    The bottom raw switches are used for the midi commands and I use them for switching my amp channels. But I have noticed that every time I switch the channels, the LED over the HD500 does not lit on. Is there a Fix? Does the other midi controllers work in this way?



  15. Well, how can i say: THANK YOU!. What I needed to know is just this: "First if you change the Global MIDI channel on the HD500 from 1 to anything else the Amp will ignore the default Program Change messages that the HD500 always emits - this means it won't change patches when you change HD500 patches".


    In this way I can select the FS 5-8 mode and control amp switching and have patches on the bottom switches RAW. I did not know that it was possible to disable the default program change messages. GREAT.


    thank you again.

  16. One of the most frustrating things about the hd500 (in my opinion) is the number of the footswitch avaiable if you use it with midi. I'll try to explain: I'm using it with my evh5150 iii with a 4CM. If I don't use midi to switch channels i can have presets selectable with the bottom raw of switches and have many different effects on every preset. BUT if I use MIDI for switching channels, I MUST copy the same preset for all the channels. Reading the M13 manual, I've discovered that it's possible to use a button for selecting scenes/fx. Is it possible to make this with HD500? I really would like to use its midi capabilities only when I want for switching channels and use the bottom raw to switch between presets.



  17. Thanks for your reply. I'm using hd500 only for fx with my evh5150iii so it's connected via 4cm. I've set up path a and path b completely separated, so A is panned completely right and b completely left; input A is "guitar" and input b is "aux". In this way I can use the second path for a wet dry setup, or for a sound on sound effect, and the signal are not merged together (I still cannot understand why putting two inputs in this unit and then merging them on the outputs). So i'm only playing with a pitch glide in path A, going into FX loop (my amp's pre) and then to the output.


    I've tryed muting path b or moving the pitch glide block in another place, but I still have a little Dry signal coming out from the amp together with pitched signal. Maybe it's the quality of this effect which is not good?

  18. I've searched in the forum but didn't find a solution: my problem is the Pitch Glide effect. I've set the mix at 100% but I still hear a bit of dry signal and not only the octave higher. Can anybody help me?



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