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  1. Okay, cool, well, I'm pretty much settled when it comes to which OwnHammer IR:s and which mic combinations I think sounds the best for the particular amp. I'm mostly using the mic versions of the IR:s and I load every single mic there is into the Helix and from there I audition which mic combinations sounds the best for that specific amp. I use the Mesa/Boogie Recto Oversized and Traditional 4x12 cabs a lot because they generally are very balanced sounding but I use a few other brands as well (I really like the visual fantasy of having a brand matching cab and amp even though it's strictly in my head......). And when I got the tone I want in the ballpark I'll engage the EQ:s and go from there to take me as close as I can get to a sound I really dig.
  2. Nope, I exclusively use OwnHammer IR:s and got a bunch of them of which I mix and match with the corresponding amps in Helix (if it works well sound wise...). I only use my Helix at home - don't do any gigging since I'm not in a band - so I'm monitoring through a pair of Ultrasone Pro 2500 open headphones. Got a pair of Kali LP6 monitors but my studio is very badly situated acoustically so I'm not using them at the moment. And out of those circumstances I feel that my rather extensive EQ:ing has really helped my sounds so far.
  3. Yeah, thats the way I've been handling the EQ:ing for the last couple of weeks (where I suddenly learned a lot) when sculpting hi gain sounds. Major improvement on the sounds since without the EQ:ing, my tones are super honky and just....terrible. One thing that I'm a bit concerned about is that I feel I need to EQ a lot in order to make my tones sit anywhere near in a mix. I play on a Solar Guitar tuned to C-standard and with a Cali EQ between the amp and IR:s I usually need to take out -6-8db of 750hz and a good -4-6db of 240hz. It might be a normal thing to do but feels a bit weird reducing at that amount of db:s. It sounds a lot better though so...who cares... I also run two parametric EQ:s last in the chain where I notch out a few of the disturbing frequencies you typically find in 2x12 and 4x12 cabs. And I finally start to really like the sounds I'm getting out of the Helix!
  4. Hello folks! I'm a Helix user since 2017 and recently I've really opened my eyes regarding post and pre EQ:in guitars to clean up the sound. I've got a good grip on the subject when it comes to hi gain metal sounds but......today suddenly got thinking....do this approach - in general - also apply to clean tones? What do you do and what's your approach on this?
  5. I have to be honest and say that his is very amateurish of Line6. At the last OS X beta version, pretty much of the core system functionalities are set, so I really can't believe that Line6 has been caught behind regarding the driver issues for El Capitan. I'm fully aware that I might not know the details why Line 6 struggled to get the driver ready in time, but since a lot of other manufactures and brands have their driver in place for the new OS X, I really wonder why Line6 couldn't achieve that. Apparently Native Instruments face the same problems as Line6 so there might absolutely be something problematic that we, as users, don't know about. But I really hope this get solved as quickly as possible!
  6. Exactly the same here. Same code. But most worrying is that my Pod HD Pro doesn't even show up in the device list. And I've tried to install the driver manually but still no recognition.
  7. I have exactly the same issue trying to install drivers on my Macbook Pro with OSX Mavericks. I can't connect to the servers. My Pod HD Pro isn't even recognised in the list of devices and the only choice of device I've got is the Pod XT in the Line 6 Monkey program.
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