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  1. Hi,

    I'm moving and selling off some old gear (not trying to sell it here) but my old Pod HD Desktop (the bean shaped desktop unit) is in my destination country and I don't know if my floor pedal here connects with it.

    I have the long FBV board (FBX?) with the two expression pedals. I used it to connect to my Spider Mk II amp but since I'm selling the amp, I'm trying to figure out if I should sell the pedal as well. If it works with the bean Pod then I'd probably try to take it with me.

    It looks like it won't work if I'm reading this correctly but I'd like to confirm since the bean unit always seemed to live in a limbo land between the "normal" Pod units and the bigger HD.


  2. Sorry for the delay in thanking all of you. This was all really helpful to me; I have a shameful lack of experience here.


    Raising or lowering the "action" is completely independent of the size of the frets themselves. Action is the height of the strings above the tops of the frets...


    If you bend a lot, you'll probably prefer a wider and taller fret...


    As for the truss rod, sooner or later they all need adjusting. Not a big deal, provided that he knows what he's doing.

    Thanks, cruisinon2 - this is all useful information.


    Taller frets if you have heavy hand can go slightly sharp when press down... Less pressing down to make a clean note can be faster, and most have taller frets... but the guitar itself was worth the extra cost to get that corrected and isn't that uncommon.

    Thanks, Palico. I'm pretty sure that's what he meant by 'light hand'. I'm glad he didn't touch the fret height (or at least not noticeably) now. I didn't get a firm answer about whether or or the neck was warped but if the intonation is correct along the neck and strings, would that rule this out? I can test that myself. I agree about the 89f being worth the extra setup cost.


    "... the tech noticed some buzzing on the high frets (above the 14th) which seems to be due to some waviness in the neck"---

    If it's at fret-14 and/above, then it's not waviness in the neck,... it's called "over-bowing", and is a result of the relief

    not being set right at the truss rod. You can check with Dan Erlewine on that too.


    The tech. adjusted the truss rod and I don't hear any buzzing there anymore. I'll check the intonation with a tuner but it sounds okay from ear. Thanks for the Pro perspective - I appreciate the staff taking time to post here.
  3. Hi all,


    I have my JTV-89F about 17 months now and figured that I should get it set up by a guitar tech. I sent it to a local shop and the tech rang me today to ask a few questions. I didn't know the answers so I'm hoping someone here does. I have zero experience with guitar setups.


    He was going to lower the action but had some concerns. Are the frets high by design so that the pickups/modeling work best (kind of like how midi guitars have high frets)? Will lowering them affect the modeling? He described the guitar as needing a very light touch on both the left and right hands as it is set up right now and also that the truss rod needs to be a little looser. Has anyone else had this experience? I find the guitar comfortable to play but I've gotten use to high-ish action with a stock Les Paul.


    Without changing the action, the tech noticed some buzzing on the high frets (above the 14th) which seems to be due to some waviness in the neck. Is this a Line 6 build quality issue? I live in a mostly temperate climate and the guitar doesn't travel (she's been complaining about that recently, all her friends are traveling etc.). What should I do in this situation?

  4. Thanks for the advice, all. It seems like the Spider should update over MIDI but since I've never tried that before, I'll wait to test that first before making any hasty moves. The bean has served me well but if I am ever going to sell it, now would be the best time.


    Pi, voices of dissent are always welcome! I have never sold any of my analog and digital standalone pedals (a very modest collection) because they do what they do and have no processing limitations. And no one is getting their damned, dirty hands on my Crybaby - hours of paper delivering paid for that sucker!


    Guess all I have to do now is wait for my ship(ment) to come in!

  5. Hi all,


    I'll hopefully be getting my Helix delivered by the end of the month and am thinking about whether to sell my Pod HD Desktop (bean) and my FBV Foot Controller. I tend to be a technohoarder so a part of me is thinking about holding on to them since they still work perfectly. I can probably get $400 currently for the pair so the question is whether or not keeping them is worth more than that.

    Edit: I also purchased the Line 6 HD Fully Loaded Bundle so the Pod has some pretty nice amps.


    Does Helix completely replace that combination?


    Also, can it be used to update the firmware for a Spider Valve MkII?

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