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  1. Hey guys - 


    I have the PodHD500 with latest firmware updates, and Variax JTV-89F with latest firmware updates.


    I have my PODHD500 input 1 - Variax and input 2 - Variax Mags.  My Pod recognizes I have a JTV Variax and I can see the models switch as I change them on the guitar.


    I have the variax set to "Presets" (not Global).  I have it also "Unlocked" - I may want to override it if the live ambience requires it.


    I have set Tunings to "Custom".  I have one song I need drop D tuning for.


    I went through each of my presets, chose my desired model/pickup, and hit Save.  When I connect the HD500 Edit software it recognizes them and displays them properly.


    So now, with my modeling turned on with the guitar (knob is lit) and I switch from preset to preset - it doesn't change.  At first I thought it was my imagination until I got to the song with Drop D.  I tuned to Drop D - Save.  Move off the preset - back to standard tuning.  Hit the preset for drop D- I'm still in standard tuning.


    VDI cable is brand new - took it out of the casing yesterday.






  2. Hey Uber Guru -


    So when I choose an amp model, and it automatically picks a cab model to go with it, I should leave it that way?  The documentation recommends to turn cabinet modeling off for the DT50.


    It does make a significant change in the sound.  But to get the "standalone" DT50 sounds, the cabinet modeling should be left on?

  3. Hi folks-


    My apologies - I KNOW This has to be covered somewhere else but i can't find it so I'm going to ask here -


    I use HD500 and line6 connection into my DT50. 


    1) How can I tell which amp model (I use no cab model as it was recommended, but I'm not sure I agree with) is turning on which topography with what setttings (A/B Pentode, etc)?  This must be documented somewhere.


    2) How can I *change* it?  Some amp models are way too soft and no amount of channel or drive maninipulation will bring it on par with say the Plexi settings.  (The Solo-100 series has great tone but is too soft - I have to reach for the master volum and crank it 10%).





  4. Thank you for the reply, rchibnik.


    Ugh - the last time I used a cord on stage it got wedge into my volume pedal and I couldn't turn up  - i had to kick it out.  The longer the cable the bigger the pile to stand on when you're not using the length.


    Thanks for the exlanation though.  I wonder though - "move a lot of data" - I wonder how much data that really is.  I'm a programmer (C++/Java/Javascript) but obviuosly don't anything about the data and meta data used for their modeling and tuning communication.  I would think it would have to be optimized or else they wouldn't have developed a proprietary protocal. My point is, and this is conjecture - I'm not telling you your're wrong - that I don't thnk it could be that much data.


    Then again I may well be flat out wrong.  Either way I'm going to have ot compromise a bit to get what I want on stage.  Dang it.

  5. Hey all -


    Well, my JTV 89F is on the Fed Ex truck as I eagerly await it's arrival.  I'm in a country rock / classic rock band so the Tele / banjo/ 12 string / acoustic models will come in handy.


    When we gig, I have a DT50 half stack and the HD500, my Ibanez Prestiege and strat, and my G50 wireless.  THe wireless has been flawless in execution.  We try to put on a show, not just stand there and play, and our band has a real frontman who hangs back when I have a solo or whatever so I move around a lot.between my "spot" and the front of the stage and of course sometimes down with the audience and it's helpful on sound checks too.


    I realized last night that the VDI cable that does not come with the guitar has no wireless option.  As this is just a glorified/fortified ethernet cable, the wireless soluton should be relatively straight forward with the  802.11n protocal. this is only going a short local distance, not a home clunky network and not subject to network traffic slow downs.


    Oddly, I find little on the subject.  I'm surprised - I would think the demand would be there.  Unless there just aren't that many people gigging with Variax.  I hate having cords underfoot.


    What I will have to do is use a guitar cable as before and just not keep my JTV models stored in my presets, or use the VDI cable for one set and switch back to a chord when I want to do sound checks, etc.  That kinda sucks.  The dream rig just had an anxiety dream moment.


    Any ideas/thoughts/hope?





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