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  1. On 8/15/2018 at 6:27 AM, brue58ski said:


    There is no separate sub forum and it's never been an issue before. Just to set your mind at ease, check out this thread about Freman's patches



    By the way thank you for confirming and explaining your use of effects for the Ray gun. I kind of hesitated describing what I saw in the video when you engaged it since your are trying to market those patches. So for you to confirm and describe how you did it was mighty generous of you considering your goal. Not a detailed description which I would definitely not expect, but enough to help those who want to try it on their own. Thank you again.


    Good to know. I think that I will start a new master thread and add all demos in that one thread to keep things less cluttered.

  2. On 6/24/2018 at 10:15 PM, JimiRox said:

    Today I gave Moke's BOC Burnin' For You preset a spin, and it's another winner. Based on what I'm seeing/hearing with this and the Rebel Yell preset, Moke has put a lot of tweaking and attention to detail in these presets. He also has a couple other Helix presets on his site. Hopefully he will do more.

    I've added a few more to the store. Not sure if I'm allowed to keep posting new threads for each preset here? The Fractal forum has separate sub-forums for that?

  3. 7 hours ago, brue58ski said:


    He does not. You'll have to buy the patch. But it does appear that one of the synths and some modulation effect are being used for it. I think I saw them go on when the ray gun effect is engaged. Watch path 1B at about 2:15 and 2:28.

    Correct. It uses a '4 OSC Generator' and a mono Chorus for the modulation.

  4. On 8/4/2018 at 2:12 PM, arislaf said:

    Man for 10 dollars it should be spot on.

    It's really not that much? One lunch, a set of strings, etc.... There is a lot of work put into my presets. Each tone needed for each 'Artist' preset is included. Custom IRs and free updates too.


    Most preset makers offer a pack of presets for $20 or more? It seems like a great deal, but you really only end up with a couple that appeal specifically to you? You have to buy the whole pack to get the one or two presets that you really wanted?


    I have many 'Build Your Own Pack' discount codes that reduce the price dramatically when purchasing 4 or more presets at one time. You can get only the presets you want in a discounted 'Pack'. The larger the order, the larger the discount. From 35% off to 70% off. There are not enough Helix presets in my web-store yet to take advantage of the deeper discounts, but and '8pack' cuts the price in half.

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