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  1. 44 minutes ago, CRM114FGD135 said:


    Make sure you're not trying to find it under the fixed EQ block.  It doesn't show up there.  To add it, you need to go to a free block, choose the EQ type, then you will find the acoustic simulator.

    Thanks! That worked!

  2. The FX loop is simply just my Boss RC3. I tried moving the loop up before the amp(just to play around with it) and I think I have concluded that the issue is that I have been running a mono loop after the wet effects... which obviously results in a more boring (and appearently slightly less loud) signal. Time to get stereo patch-cables for my RC-3 :)

  3. I have made some fine presets on my Pod Go with a lot of nice reverb and delay, and I have been playing around with the FX loop. But every time I enable the mono FX loop, the sound gets noticably worse. Like the sound gets much less vibrant, and a bit lower. At first I thought that it was one of the pedals in my loop, but then i tried to bypass the pedals by simply running a patch cable from send to return. Same result. Any ideas? I’m running the FX loop as the last item in my Pod Go chain.

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