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  1. Gotta agree with clay-man here.  The OP may not need or want the PODHD and that's fine, but BOSS sounds like crap and even a drunk idiot in the audience can tell the difference.  But hey, maybe the OP doesn't play out, just in his basement.  Or maybe he can't play the guitar well where it makes a difference.  Who knows...

    The way you carry on through these forums, your the only one who knows how to play the guitar!  You really don't impress me. :rolleyes:

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  2. Sold my hd 500, too complicated! I really think they put too much into the amps section. Like just give me the amp don't give all the other stuff , sag, hum, mics, whatever else you have to tweak. Tweak tweak and more tweak ! The choruses were cheesy at best. All other effects were great. I really would like to know how many hours I spent reading, tweaking. I really tried to convince myself that this was for me. I feel so relieved that it's gone!

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  3. Which Chorus pedal and Where are u running it in the chain? Strictly just curiousity. I always like to here people's takes on adding exterior effects. That is a true test of versatility for me. Did line 6 make their gear compatible not only with line 6 equipment but my many other effects pedals as well.



    I run it this way Guitar-Chorus pedal-Pod hd 500. I use the Danelectro Cool Cat chorus. This pedal is the best sounding chorus pedal. I really can't believe how good it really is!

    Nothing on the pod 500 comes even close!

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