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  1. On 1/27/2024 at 11:58 AM, uburoibob2 said:


    For me, when I update the system, and the updater automatically restores all my settings (either on my Helix Rack or my HX Stomp), it restores everything EXCEPT my Global EQ. To do that quickly, you can go to RESTORE FROM BACKUP (selecting the backup you made BEFORE you updated the system - not the backup it makes when you are updating) in HX Edit and restore ONLY the GLOBAL SETTINGS. The restore is VERY quick, and voila, your GLOBAL EQ is restored to its former glory!

    This has been the case for all of the 3.x updates.

    The backups should be the same unless you change something. Are you saying the backup made during the update procedure doesn't include the Global EQ? That's odd. I always end up doing a global backup before anyway, cuz I am paranoid.

  2. On 1/4/2024 at 2:22 PM, aoneill88 said:

    Hi folks,


    I just updated to the new Helix patch 3.70 for my Helix LT.


    And now it isn't letting me install ANY new tones/presets from Custom tone. The message I get is "HX Edit is unable to import this preset because it contains unrecognized models", yet they are all compatible with the LT


    Curiously it is letting me add tones that have already been added to the library e.g. adding an existing preset to a new preset slot.


    Any ideas? Have done the basics. Restarted the device and HX Edit etc.


    Thanks in advance.

    1. Double check to make sure the you have BOTH the 3.70 firmware AND the 3.7 HX Edit. What you describe is almost always this mismatch

    2. Did you do a factory reset before you attempted to reload your backup? LOADS of issues are because of this.

    3. This is not a bug, I promise you.

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  3. On 12/19/2023 at 1:23 PM, cyberninja69 said:

    My USB connection keeps dropping. I've tried it on 2 separate computers with multiple USB cables. It's clearly the Helix. I'm on the latest firmware (3.70). 


    I'm lucky to get 5 minutes of playing and it just disconnects and says "connection interrupted" or "no device connected" at the bottom of helix edit.


    not really a "bug" tho. It's possible that your Helix has a problem, but this isn't a known bug at this point.

    It's working perfectly for a bunch of us.

    Are you running other programs at the same time? What kind of computer? Using a hub? Using the front ports on a PC Tower? Have any SD cards inserted? Have HX Edit and Updater open at the same time?


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  4. On 12/1/2023 at 1:03 PM, lewinmatthew said:

    Hey Line 6 Team, would you consider the following suggestions:


    A way to use command center to toggle between two midi program changes on a single footswitch on the HX stomp


    Having the footswitch light always illuminated when cycling between snapshots on a single switch on the HX stomp (helps with viewing snapshot changes on bright stages)


    Adding the flux feature to all HX products


    A smart harmonizer that intelligently harmonizes vocals to the guitar input (like TC Helicon)



    if you really want these things, you want to put them on idea scale. They don't monitor this space for these ideas.

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  5. On 11/28/2023 at 11:34 AM, davidc2478 said:

    I did, unfortunately a firmware revert didn't work. I don't understand. My helix is only like 6 months old  :(

    I would try this first. do a good solid backup... DOWNgrade to an old version, then check and see if it works, then Upgrade again if it does.

    If it doesn't work when you downgrade, could be a hardware problem.

  6. On 11/28/2023 at 10:33 AM, davidc2478 said:

    Anyone have a problem with the joystick button not working? I can scroll left/right and up/down but pressing down on it does nothing. I tested with trying to add a effect into a block as well as saving a name text, I click down but it doesn't jump to cap, lowercase, number...


    I was going to try reverting firmware to 3.6 but wanted to see if there was a quick fix 


    Any ideas?

    I did hear something like this, although it all works for me.

    Tell me, did you do a full factory reset before reloading your global backup?

  7. On 11/22/2023 at 9:34 PM, netabuse said:

    With 3.7.0, if I am using my Helix LT as an audio interface, audio playback from the Mac gets garbled if and only if I select THIS patch. If I delete the amp, the sound is fixed. If I delete everything before the amp, the sound is fixed. 

    This affects the digital audio-IN from the computer, not the monitor out from the Helix itself (i.e.: guitar/variax inputs run through the effects sound fine, but playback from the DAW is garbled.)

    The Clear Room.hlx 30.34 kB · 1 download

    Did you do a factory reset when you updated? And if so, have you saved the preset to another location and then back?

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  8. On 11/20/2023 at 3:35 PM, edstar1960 said:

    I have opened a Support ticket for this but thought it worthwhile to report here in case anyone else has hit the same issue or if anyone can suggest how I can fix it. Thanks.




    I upgraded HX EDIT to 3.70 and then my Helix LT to 3.70 firmware using updated HX EDIT from my Windows 11 PC and following the documented instructions and did not have any issues

    However, after restoring my saved pre-sets, when I use ANY patch I found that the sound has way too much high end/treble and doesn't sound like it used to.

    I tried reloading from my backup and recycling the Helix LT and watched as it rebuilt all the patches however when I tried it out it still had way too much high end. I tried turning my guitar tone control down to about a quarter, and then reducing the treble settings on the Tube Screamer, and then the treble settings on the amp and it was still not enough, so I switched on GLOBAL EQ, and put in a high cut of 10K, and reduced the HIIGH 8K EQ by -4db. At that point it started to sound similar to what I had with 3.60.

    Do you think a re-install of 3.70 may fix this? If so, how do I re-install as HX EDIT doesn't give me that option. Or should I roll back to 3.60 first and to see if that fixes it? In which case, how do I do that? You advice and help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

    When you were done updating, did you do a full factory reset and then reload your global backup?

  9. On 11/2/2023 at 12:52 PM, Vang201 said:

    Apologies if this is a repeat question.


    Some of my footswitches don't work anymore and some perform functions they aren't supposed to.

    For example, the footswitches that usually control changing the banks now act as a snapshot, some footswitches trigger the footswitch next to it, and other footswitches just don't have functionality.


    Has anyone else run into this issue?


    I'm on the most current update. But this issue occurred before I performed the update this morning and persists in the new version.


    Helix Floor~

    Did you do a full factory reset and then reload your Global backup? If not, you should do that first. (MAKE SURE you have a good backup before factory resetting!)

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  10. On 10/13/2023 at 2:57 AM, lazerface66 said:

    Dobule Take has a weird phasing effect in stereo. It's my understanding that the effect should hard pan the dry signal to one side and the wet signal to the other. On my HX Stomp, the dry signal seems to be mostly centered while the wet signal keeps moving around, making the effect pretty much unusable for its intended purpose.

    Yes, Double Take has a known bug. They are aware of it and working on it.

  11. On 9/17/2023 at 9:05 AM, sykes1000 said:


    I can confirm that a similar behaviour also exists with my Helix LT on Windows 10 & 11.

    I am up to date with the firmware 3.61 and HX Edit 3.61.


    It is totally random when this happens but it does happen reguarly and noticed it was happening before the last 3.5 & 3.61 updates.

    I do reboot the Helix after making changes so that it can rebuild its presets before I make a backup of a preset.


    With me the problem (BUG) is:

    1. copying or dragging presets from on preset location to another within HX Edit = various settings i.e. noise gate settings, delay settings, cab settings, volume settings etc... randomly change for the worse on various snapshots within that same preset.

    2. Importing a preset from PC to another preset location on the Helix = various settings i.e. noise gate settings, delay settings, cab settings, volume settings etc... randomly change for the worse on various snapshots within that same preset.


    I open the files with Notepad++ and do a compare between two copies and can see that random settings have been changed just by exporting the file from HX Edit.


    I change the settings back to how they should be in Notepad++ and then re-import them back into Helix. BUT the settings have changed back for the worse again and all the corrections are gone on that preset.


    I am doing all of this from within HX Edit 3.61. I am currently running Windows 11 & have disabled my antivirus on the PC just in case.


    The only way to fix this for me is to go through all the blocks and see where the settings have been changed and make the ammendments again & resave.


    If I then try to export the file or move it to another preset location it changes the settings during the copying process again for the worse.


    The original preset in its original location remains intact.

    This behaviour seems to randomly happen only when moving or backing up/importing a preset. :(


    I'm curious... when you did the latest update, did you do a full factory reset before reloading your backup? If not, you should do that, and if you did, I'd do another full factory reset.

    I edit presets constantly and have NEVER experienced this behavior. 

  12. On 8/25/2023 at 1:21 AM, AndyBennett17 said:

    I just added an Expression Pedal to my HX Effects rig and mostly use it as a Volume Pedal. But now when I change presets the volume cuts out until I rock the Exp Pedal back a bit and then put it back in toe position.  This is so frustrating. I'm on the latest firmware (3.6).


    Has anyone figured out how to fix this?


    I'm using the latest Dunlop Volume (X) 8 Pedal.

    Probably want to change the global settings for expression pedal position. That is what this sounds like.

  13. On 8/23/2023 at 1:13 PM, jayhauxwell said:

    how on earth can i use my helix to tune to sharp # .it will show flat b on the screen but not sharp.


    C# is the same as Db... etc... so just figure out what the flat equivalent is of what you want to tune.

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  14. On 8/18/2023 at 8:55 AM, helix_ozgur said:

    Hello, I didn't want to open a new topic. Can I use this instead of dibox?

    Will this protect my helix?


    adaptera close-up of a hand saw

    It's not balanced, it's not a real DI, it can cause as many problems as it solves, unlike a DI. Just use a DI.


  15. On 8/16/2023 at 5:09 AM, Metalicious said:

    I have a helix LT firmware 3.60 that is freezing, particularly when changing snapshots, and is sometimes emitting a high pitched electronic noise when it freezes, that only stops when the device is turned off. I have tried full factory resets and all setting and preset bank reset fixes, and nothing is working. Any help is highly appreciated! Cheers.

    Did you do the factory reset before reloading your snapshots last time you updated?

  16. On 8/2/2023 at 7:12 PM, fazz1977 said:

    The HX tuner is NOT accurate... not even close, it's sharp, hence why my pitchblack stays on my bass board.

    It works fantastic for many of us. Perhaps it is user error.

  17. On 6/23/2023 at 12:46 PM, PHanson said:

    Would like an add on rack or foot board that could add DSP so you can run more DSP heavy effects and amps/cabs together and not run out of DSP, My whole rig is Line 6 and love the tone only complaint is I can't always run all that the Helix Rack offers because I run out of DSP, I use Snapshots exclusively,  thanks for letting me put up my idea

    this is why many folks add other devices in the loop. For instance, I have 3 pedals (all guitar synth type of things) in 3 of the loops. You could also add an HX Effects or Stomp to the loop.

  18. On 6/4/2023 at 6:16 PM, pipelineaudio1 said:

    Here's a video showing parameters being corrupted when copying and pasting a preset in HX edit



    I'm not sure this is happening to anybody else, tho... Have you re-flashed the firmware, and did you do a full factory reset when you were done with the update?

  19. There continues to be a lot of misinformation about how this all works.

    If you need the "amp in the room" for some reason (and you don't alway, even if you think you do), then you need an amp and a room. And yes a power amp into a standard guitar cab will often do the trick, but an FRFR will never be this. Ever.

    If you need the "amp in the next room, miked up and coming through the PA or monitors", then a real amp in the room obviously won't give you that, and can sometimes be the wrong choice for the gig or the environment. For this you want the best FRFR you can get, and no the Alto or Headrush is never this.

  20. On 2/28/2023 at 9:55 AM, screwjack said:

    Many thanks Peter - upgraded to HX Edit 3.1 and problem solved.  



    If you don't mean 3.5.1, you should. The new cabs and features in 3.5's firmware are amazing.


  21. On 2/28/2023 at 8:41 AM, screwjack said:

    Did a factory reset - still have the same issue - no graphical cone/mic, just the mic/distance sliders.  


    I'm choosing the Princess and the 1X10 Princess cab to be sure not to grab a legacy item.   Is there a way to reinstall the software?


    Something else I noticed after the reset - on the Factory presets the cabs are missing - so for preset 1, the US Double Nrm, The chain is Wah/Vol/Dyn/Delay/Amp/<space>/Mod.


    It's like the new cabs were disappeared.....


    This isn't a bug report, btw, but a technical support issue. You need to be doubly and triply sure that both the firmware and the HX Edit are on the latest. What you describe is what happens then they are not.

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