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  1. 5 minutes ago, tenorkeith said:

    ...But perhaps having lived in the real world longer gives you a better perspective on things...


    imho, you are not wrong on that... (speaking as one of the youngest baby boomers...)

    That said...

    Here's the right answer to all the questions.

    A: delete the thread, and everybody just forget about it, and then we'll all move on to more important things and forget about it all...

  2. 21 minutes ago, tenorkeith said:



    I honestly wasn't trying to heat things up further, just defending myself when I felt attacked. Yes, I started this thing with both barrels, and I should have checked that. But it was not intended to end up this way.

    Maybe not intended, but certainly executed to end up this way... just saying...

  3. If HX Stomp is on a tiny board, you can "offload" some of those functions to other pedals (part of the point).

    If you are used to having everything you use in one patch, HX Stomp can't and won't do that.

    If I'm playing a "big show" it is simply never going to be enough. But I'd use Rack/Control for those shows anyway.


    If it's not enough, maybe someday they'll make something bigger with more footswitches and even an EXP maybe... maybe something with two processors...

    ...add scribble strips and you really got something... wait a minute... this sounds familiar.

    Yes, you have to understand its limitations. For some it's perfect, for others, it's just not enough. 

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  4. Just now, tenorkeith said:

     If you would bother to read, I already addressed that. And I f you can’t handle someone else having an opinion, then y’all can just go hang out in your safe space. 


    I do realize that you addressed it, but the fact that you jumped to that conclusion in the first place, and the fact that you continue to carry on this argument, says a whole lot about you that I'm not sure you meant to say, to be honest.

    You seem to have decided that since you paid for the unit, you somehow own the company. And your complaints make me wonder if you didn't buy it for something you hoped it would do some day. That is always a bad idea, imho.

  5. Sorry, I was away... making music... with this disappointing box that doesn't have any new amps or FX but has 10X as many FX as I actually use and need...

    ... y'all were saying???

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  6. I'm a huge fanboy, but also hate the way the extreme fanboys in every one of these products act. 

    Fractal people can be just as bad.

    Any time the only way for my choice to be good is for yours to be crappy... I hate that... a lot...

  7. Folks who buy a product for what it maybe can do someday and not for what it does now and then complain that the company is awful and lazy or whatever reminds me of the Star Wars junkies who "demanded" that SW Episode 8 get remade because it wasn't how they would have made the movie.


    There are "tweakers" out there who are only happy if a product is made to only their specifications and that updates are made in the manner and speed which they desire... they are not happy very often.

    If you can't make a guitar sound with what Helix has to offer right now (indeed, several FW updates ago), I'm sorry, but it ain't the gear's fault.

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  8. If you are doing a lot of stereo, consider ditching 3rd party IR and use the built in cabs in a dual cab configuration. Set the right mic, distance, early reflection and hi/lo cuts for your sound and imho, it’s as good as good gets.

  9. Also, there is this. They had to unify a code base for yet ANOTHER new product, and are preparing for other things in the relatively near future, if Eric’s hints are to be believed.

    So, an update with no new amps or FX shouldn’t be a big deal.

  10. 33 minutes ago, phil_m said:


    I don't think Line 6 is going to have a solution to your issue. At the moment, I don't think there's a way to re-sync the LFOs via MIDI. It might be something that can be changed in the future.

    which means it's not a "bug report" it's a "feature request"...

  11. 16 minutes ago, flop54 said:


    Hello i'm a little bit disapointed because i feel that line 6 dosen't really care about my problem.
    I have open a support ticket when the technicien respond to me very quickly. But now i don't have any news since 3 months.


    I don't understand because the helix is really a beast to manage some fx but for the moment we can't use the tempo sync. What a shame!


    Ok i think that line 6 was very busy with his new product but i hope that they're looking after this problem to find a solution quickly.



    Are in the US? If so, you should just call on the phone, might work better.


  12. 1 minute ago, macello said:

    they always say that, but i'm always screwed

    If you bought Native today and they came out with Helix 2 in January, you would be so far from "screwed" because Helix sounds and operates amazingly well. 

    For that matter, guys who still rock HD 500 or even buy one new are not screwed, because IT ALSO still sounds amazing.

    But I'll say this. Helix development was a major investment. We have only JUST in the past few days seen the 5th hardware iteration of HX modeling.

    It's been a little over 3 years. That's all.

    It's not going away.

    I bet that whatever comes next doesn't arrive for at least another 3 years, probably longer.


  13. 15 hours ago, wilkinsi said:

    So as long as I put the expression pedal in EXP1 on Control, it can be done?


    I've only owned a Boss FV500H and 500L, and neither were very accurate with an Eventide Eclipse.

    Yes. I have no idea about those pedals, though. I've never used them. I've used the Roland EXP pedal with previous Line 6 devices and it worked just peachy.


  14. On Control, it seems that you can use any, although the FIRST time you go to a parameter in an FX block, SOMETIMES, you HAVE to use EXP 1 until you select another priority.

    I also find that using the value- and value+ buttons is a little bit easier for most things.

    There are a LOT of pedals that work. I've used the Volume Pedal (NOT the EXP pedal) output jack of an old Korg EXP2, I've used a VP Jr. and I've used a pair of zoom EXP pedals, although with those, I ended up making modified cables to make them work just right.

  15. 9 minutes ago, duncann said:

    If you don't want to use an entire path for this purpose, there are other ways besides the double take, which is pretty bad. It has a lot of phasing issues, and there's just something 'off' about the effect. It might work ok on clean tones, but forget anything beyond that. Alternatives could be the dual delay, or for more control besides just delay try the dual pitch which allows you to use delay and pitch (cents granularity).


    play with slop (all the way down) and sensitivity, and it works really very well.


  16. You can't split the 12-string model into "two paths" in any way. You could probably set up a patch in Variax that is a 6-string tuned Nashville style, very easily, then simply record with that model, then do the other track with the standard tuning.

    But no, you can't split the high and low strings.

    Now... ELECTRIC... you could maybe do this. Have the model be a nashville tuned electric guitar, and the mags separately processed (you can only do this through Helix, HD 500, and I think X3) through two different tracks.

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