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  1. There may come a time when the state of modeling advances to the point that I need to consider it to keep up, but for right now I don't see the need.  I never run into DSP limitations on my patches and I'm perfectly comfortable with the interface on the 500X, so given those are the key feature improvements I don't see it has anything to offer me right now.


    You don't buy for "need", though... do you... at least not always...

  2. Old thread but good one. The Vintage Pack let me stop using all my remaining extra outboard stuff.

    I do two voice guitar for worship and the acoustic amp combined with the vintage mike pre (that was already in there) combined make any piezo from an acoustic or even those electric piezos sound fantastic. Don't need my acoustic preamp anymore.

    The Pete Anderson amp is awesome when you are using a lot of dense effects because it sounds good but doesn't use as much processor power as the others. I just discovered the Orange amp for Humbuckers. OMG clean and dirty both it is amazing!

    And the Roland Jazz Chorus is surprisingly cool, too.

  3. Depends on the guitar. 

    Bassman (especially through the Z cabinet) works for every guitar just fine.

    I also like the Z a lot, and the /13.

    I've used the Gibtone even more than those (but not as much as the bassman)

    And lately I've discovered the Orange in the Vintage pack for humbucker guitars. OH WOW!

  4. Been rocking an HD 500 since the very first shipment of them. Still really like it. In the house and in the mix, better than any tube amp I ever had so I sold 'em all...

  5. I do something similar. But I found this layout works well after trying a LOT of stuff.

    loop                  modulation      short delay      verb1/mod2

    comp/boost         dirt                long delay          verb 2


    In the OPs application you could potentially use either the "loop" or "modulation" for the amp switching thing.


    But everybody's different.

  6. I learned a very very very long time ago to 


    1. Never update to the latest OS on a computer that you actually do work on for at least 6 months after it comes out.

    2. Never ever update anything on a computer on which you are working on a video or audio project until it's finished. Ever.

    But Apple's USB debacle with the latest OS X update is really bad. Yuk.

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  7. Just to confirm - you did perform the Global reset and the Pedal Calibration again after the fw update?

    I don't know that I did either. I never had to before, and for this only happens with some parameters, most notably delay mix. All the amp parameters I'm changing are working just fine, so can it really be this?

  8. I just downloaded the new firmware and the HD model packs for my HD 500. I'm delighted, especially with the Pete Anderson Amp, the Bright Fawn AC 30 and the acoustic model, which is allowing me to do everything with my HD now instead of adding on other devices. Yay.


    But one thing I like to do is use EXP 1 to change amp settings, from heel down - clean ... to toe down - dirty ... at the same time, I adjust it so that the mix parameter on my delays changes, so that when it's super clean, the delay is very in your face and when it's super dirty the delay is more subtle.

    But it isn't working. No matter what I set, the device seems to arbitrarily change the mix, not based on the numbers I put in, but something else...

    Seems like a bug. Anybody else?

    And yes, I'm doing it correctly. Whether I program it using the HD software (which is a pain in the a$$ for this particular operation) or on the unit itself, it does the same thing.

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