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  1. You can split your signal, put a simple delay on one side, and set feedback to 0, mix to 100% and the delay time to 8ms.

    Or... you can experiment with the fantastic "double take" effect (in modulation) which simulates the way this used to be done back when the Beatles started doing this. It works really well, but you really need to do it in Stereo, and it's a CPU-HEAVY effect.

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  2. 7 hours ago, homingyue said:

    Hey guys! 

    First time poster here, and happy owner of a Helix LT! Mad excited when I saw the HX Stomp being announced cause it made me wonder if I could possibly have another setup with other pedals that I love! 


    So, as stated, the HX Stomp allows for 6 active effects at a given time. 

    It also allows for 2 inputs for expression pedal(s), switches or, I'm guessing, other pedals to be included into the signal path? 


    My question here is, what if I wanted to use MORE than just 2 external pedals alongside the HX Stomp, but have the HX Stomp be my main amp+cab+ir sound when it outputs? 


    Here's a list of effects I'd want, and maybe you guys can help me figure this out! 


    EM Drive (external drive)

    El Capistan (External delay) 
    Big Sky (External reverb) 

    Minotaur (HX Stomp) 

    Vintage Delay (HX Stomp) 
    Cali Compressor (HX Stomp) 

    Dual amps (Hx stomp) 

    IR (Hx Stomp) 


    How would this array of pedals/effects work as a signal chain? 

    How many external pedals can I actually chain up and put into the HX Stomp, WITH it being my amp modeller into FOH? 





    Here's an idea. Use the EM Drive BEFORE the input of Helix, probably want it first anyway. Use the Big Sky AFTER Helix and then go from that to amp or FOH or FRFR or whatever. Probably want it last anyway. Then you only need to use up ONE block for a loop with the El Capistan.

    That said, I think the delays in HX Stomp are devastatingly good, so maybe ditch El Cap for this board. That's up to you.

    Know that you can only use six blocks in Stomp. two amps, and an IR for each is four of those. only two left.

    If that sounds scary to you, then you need to either adjust how you do things in Stomp, or simply go up to LT.

  3. The loops, even though they share one jack for send, are entirely independent. I think that using one of the loops for an external cab simulator when you can load an IR into Helix Stomp if you want to, though, is not the best use fo them.

    And yes, you could have loop 1 and loop 2 in totally different places in the chain in the same preset.

  4. 1 hour ago, DigitalDelay7 said:

    I have the drive settings around 3.0 on the amp for a little bit of crunch. It sounds pretty clean. The Helix can scream feedback out at me even when it's sounding really clean. When you say "multiplying my drive" do you mean like stacking O/D or distortion effects together? I have a few stacked effects, but the Helix feeds back regardless of whether I'm stacking OD or not.
     I definitely think it's a proximity thing, but the thing is so sensitive to it. It's like there's an invisible line 5 metres from my amp and if I overstep it the entire room gets their ears blown out.
     I've had a bit of a play around with turning various volumes up and down and it's still an issue. I really hope I can get to the bottom of it soon. I really love this bit of gear, but it's getting really embarrassing to have this amount of feedback at gigs and rehearsals.

    I am at home today for much of the day and would be pleased to look at a patch that's feeding back to see if there is anything wacky that I might notice... just PM me.

  5. 42 minutes ago, MikeDV1 said:

    Two (or even better, single) rack space containing all of the effects but excluding amps/cabs.  Same physical hook ups as well.  Kinda' like an Eventide Eclipse or TC G-Force, only easy to program, and lots more combinations of effects as the current Helix can do.  That's how I use the rack version now.

    U mean like a single space rack-version of HX Effects? Interesting...

    But mentioning it here doesn't add it to idea scale. you have to go there and do it.

  6. On 10/7/2018 at 4:19 AM, danbottomburp said:

    Just got a patch off Custom Tone, totally love it , for me and what i enjoy noodling with its just perfect,i would like to thank the author but clicking their name just brings up all the other stuff they've created.

    Is there a way i can find their profile  ?

    Sorry for the noob question but this patch is just brilliant 


    The authors name is "PeterHamm" and that patch was called - M_Tc_Uv_Ht_Wexp1 , i,m playing it with a Strat,yeah i like it haha 



    You are MOST WELCOME! Really glad it works for you!

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  7. 8 hours ago, Gomnana said:

    Could something similar be done with the hd500x? I want to use the HX stomp for the amp and cab models, and use my hd500x for extra effects+footswitches+exp..?

    I think that could work very well.


  8. 29 minutes ago, AZGuitar said:

    I am now controlling on off states of effects in 3 snapshots via midi command center from Helix floor. I should be able to call the preset though as well correct? Once this is mapped from Helix floor, I am in Helix Heaven. Perter, do you know how? This functionality provides a side car with floor or any other midi capable device. An official Line 6 video would be awesome like the one created to show expression pedal setup. 

    All the MIDI commands and what they do to do this control from command center in Helix or LT or Rack are actually in the HX Stomp Manual, starting on p. 48. There might be a video out there, I don't know.


  9. 12 hours ago, DunedinDragon said:

    I'll be curious to see if this exhibits any perceivable latency with the serial nature of the signal chain on complex signal chains using all three DSP chips.

    No discernible latency at all. It works great.

  10. 17 hours ago, ChopZ said:

    I too was very excited about the HX Stomp until I realized there is no Variax input. Seriously? 


    Hmm lets see.... Line6 makes Variax guitars, which I'm quite sure they want to sell in large quantities, yet someone there designs the Line6 HX Stomp with no Variax input? Wow... competing manufactures and fanboys of other products are going to have a field day with this one! Talk about shooting ones-self in the foot.


    That said, a Variax input could not possibly take up that much room, and if you've ever seen one, you'll know what I'm talking about. In my opinion, the difference in size would be negligible. Nevertheless, this appears to be a situation where the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Perhaps someone should send a memo to the designers of the HX Stomp to inform them that Line6 also makes Variax guitars?


    Anyway, along with a host of other guitars, I own several Variax models and sadly without a Variax input the HX Stomp, as presented, is utterly useless to me. This is truly unbelievable and a sad day.




    One other thought. EVEN if it would fit (and it won't, because I've opened it) and EVEN if you could make it a teeny bit larger and include it, 

    It would increase the price and lower the number sold, which would increase the price even more, which would have made it a failure in the market.

  11. 2 minutes ago, rudomat said:

    hey spikey,

    thanks...that´s been a good...i tried it with my tablet, and even with its´ power supply plugged into the same plug socket as the pc, there´s no it´s the pc...but is there anything i can do to change that...??

    thanks a lot!

    It's a desktop PC? If it's a laptop, just unplug the power while you're using it to edit. If it's a desktop, it's a little more complicated.

  12. 11 minutes ago, tjalsma said:

    I wish the same care was put into all their devices.  I was debating purchasing a Helix literally this week but my POD HD is useless with this update and I worry that device will be left with little to no support after not too much longer.  I've contacted support with virtually no response, contacted them on Twitter with no response and posted on here.


    Granted, I know it's a new OS but you'd think as a manufacturer you'd post on all areas possible that your device is worthless with a new official update that they had months and months to prepare for.


    I understand much of this is my fault but with zero response from LIne 6 even recognizing the issues, it's very frustrating.  And I don't probably intend to sound as jerky as I am but I am frustrated, both with myself, and with todays customer service of relying on other users to help customers fix issues with products.


    With multiple products these days that offer extremely similar features and price points, if I were running a company, I'd try to differentiate myself with over-the-top customer support.


    I am glad Helix users don't appear to be experiencing issues with the Mojave update but I feel a little dirty spending $1000 to record with my band just because an update fell through the cracks.

    There are new updates for POD HD that dropped a few weeks ago. Have you tried them yet? I can't test, no longer have POD HD

  13. Is it a laptop? Does it go away when you unplug the AC cable and use the laptop on batteries? It might.

    Ground issues with wiring in a building is beyond the scale of "opening a ticket" anyway, and doesn't reflect something wrong with the unit.

  14. 2 minutes ago, codamedia said:


    I did say "full functionality" in my post :) 




    Full VDI functionality would have added to the cost. Even only 100 or 150 more and you are WAY too close to the cost of LT, probably more than that, since you really probably need amp modeling at that point, and a full class compliant Audio/Midi interface. That would have really hurt HX FX sales.

    Nope, you are right that there are limitations, as there always will be in every product.

    If you need VDI integration, obviously you need to go up one in the line.

  15. If HX FX included a Variax port and if it was designed to be used as an audio interface, or even just one of those, it would add to the price, no doubt, and, btw, might cannibalize sales of LT. No, it's priced right for what it does.

    If you MUST have either of those things, you REALLY need to jump to LT.

  16. You should try sitting down with the quick reference card and make a couple patches from scratch. It will take some time, but it’s the best way to understand the ins and outs of Helix, and will make you an expert in no time.

    If you need more hands-on help, there are folks out there who can help you over skype (Iam one of them) and there’s a billion YouTube videos if that is your thing.

  17. 22 minutes ago, stevenpcharles01 said:

    Could you add the ability to add some simple notes to a patch? For example, I'd like to be able to add notes like: "best with les paul" or "use strat 2nd position". Also could add notes about which which snapshots to use during different parts of the song.


    Having the ability to store some txt notes with each patch would be useful.



    I would suggest to you that even if you could add notes, you can't see them while selecting patches from a list playing live, so... might want to incorporate those things into a patch name.

    For instance a typical patch for me might be...


    That tells me it's for my Atom (A), that it has a chain for my power bridge (+), that I use the Matchless amp, that the modulation is the UniVibe, and that it also has a channel of "schmaltz" (which is my slang for all-wet reverb with normally some POG2 and Mel9 added as a "synth pad" which can be used by itself or alongside the other sounds).

    You can do a LOT with the patch name besides coming up with something clever. (nothing wrong with that, tho).

  18. 40 minutes ago, rvroberts said: you The Edge hears most of his sound from foldback...


    All of it. Normally, they use IEMs only, and have for many years. On the current tour, there are no amps (or even his FX rack) on stage at all.

    He still uses 5 or more amps for his sound, though...

  19. 11 hours ago, dbudday said:

    Would it be possible to add a notes section to each patch either in the editor or on the unit?

    I'll add this thought.

    I've always been real careful about my naming convention so that I don't need this, ever since the first modeler I ever had that had names instead of numbers (ToneLab SE I believe).

    So, for instance, I have a patch called A+_Li_Ot_Tc_Schm

    Just at a glance I know this patch is for my Anderson Atom, the + means it has an acoustic path for the power bridge, Li means it's the Litigator Amp, Ot means it has an Optical Trem, Tc means there's also a Trinity Chorus in there. And Schm means that it has a "schmaltz" channel (which for me is a reverb-only signal that incorporates my external POG2 and Mel9 and sounds like a synth pad, either by itself or underneath it all.

    Come up with a workflow that makes that possible and it will serve you well.

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