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  1. 3 hours ago, brue58ski said:


    It appears many of them are locked in. I downloaded the parameter guide.There appears to be 3 slots where you can shooxd your effect, otherwise they are all preassinged. Compressor, Preamp, Distortion, noise Suppressor, Equalizer, Delay, Chorus, etc with only 3 places where you can actually pick your effect. FX 1, 2 & 3. They appear to be in preassigned order as well. Not even close to the flexibility of the Stomp. I'm going to guess Line 6 response will be........................................................................................................................................................................

    No more, no less.


    It still seems, to me, like this new Boss processor will be really awesome for a lot of guitar players.

  2. 1 hour ago, donkelley said:

    yea, it goes without saying that it would require remapping that functionality for the guy's suggestion.

    well, there is another reason this wouldn't work.

    It would be WAY too easy to hit the wrong pedal and mute your whole sound during a song. 

    That would not fly during a live performance at all.


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  3. 9 hours ago, samwellmillar said:

    Instant tuner activation rather than hold to activate. 


    A function that has been bothering me live is that usually with a stomp box my tuner would activate immediately when pressed. Where as with the helix I have to hold the button to activate it. This can be annoying when trying to tune up quickly during songs.

    Except... it's functionally impossible because that footswitch is shared with the tap tempo function.

  4. 15 hours ago, donkelley said:

    Yea, that's how it's done in recording studios and live... on a mixer, you leave the return up and the fx in the loop and just control the amount from each track that gets the delay/verb with the send on that track, and when you turn the send all the way off the trails continue and the original continues without effect.


    Can something like that be done in helix instead?  I would think so, just how it is now, right?  just change what the button controls?

    Actually, I just thought about it. Trails on an FX return is functionally impossible anyway. That's why it's not there. Think it through.

  5. 17 minutes ago, codamedia said:


    Your numbers are flawed. You are missing a key point... and it throws quite a monkey wrench in your theory. 


    Business 101: Line 6 doesn't sell them for $1500.... the retailer does!

    That means it's gone through 2 or even 3 stages of markup... and Line 6 is only responsible for one of those, at the lowest level of profit! L6 profits are likely about 25% - 30% of what you assume they are! And those profits need to pay for the salaries, the R&D, the marketing, the support, the business taxes, the office, the warehouse, the office supplies, the hand trucks, the toilet paper, etc... etc... etc... 






    ...not to mention the fact that the product is continuously improved and updated. If you got one in the early days, as I did, you are looking at MAJOR changes, and new features and models that (at least in my case) are enabling me to make music now I couldn't when it first came out.

    Honestly those folks who don't understand that humans are part of the cost of great stuff are just annoying though. They are the same people who think all software should be free so they justify pirating it.

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  6. 34 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:


    But that's an entirely different thing.

    Yeah, but you open the preset, go to the block, and select "default" and wham. I think actually automatically changing every single instance of Cosmos Delay in every single one of my presets, or something like that, would be 99% useless tbh. 

  7. 23 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:


    Has been requested as in a "global block" functionality a bunch of times already. Boss' GT-1000 has it, FAS' Axe FX has it, too. Would be great to see on the Helix.

    And at least in a certain way, it should be easy to implement (you can kinda "hack" it with an external MIDI controller).

    I think it's coming in 3.0 "Favorites" or some such. Also, I think at the basic level, you'll be able to set your own default settings for all blocks.

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  8. 8 hours ago, AlexDT665 said:

    Hi guys

    Hope you’re staying safe and ok with your families, while these tough times indeed.

    i have purchased my Helix Floor(second hand, but in perfect shape) a year ago and mostly used it onstage. Right now, we have much more time to spend at home and I tried to make some recordings using DAW(Reaper) and faced annoying trouble... once I’m plugged I’m hearing some hum and clicks (ticks) whatever I may call it... I hoped it’s monitoring defect, but hellno, it’s been recorded as well... it makes studio work impossible... could please share your experience?

    Thanks fellows!!!

    Check your sample rate settings in your DAW as well as in your Helix Floor Global settings. Make sure they match.

  9. 6 minutes ago, The_Elf said:

    No, no, no guys!!!!!!


    I have to correct you. The tap light was always in sync. It wasn't 100% accurate, but it was always very close. It was me that hassled them to fix it so that it was 100% accurate, and one of the 2.8 releases finally fixed it fully. From 2.8x it was 100% accurate and would stay synced to the delay time over several minutes. I know - I tested it, and have been using it for improv work stage for months!


    I won't bore anyone with the details, but being able to see a light to guide my loop/delay work is critical to me, hence me wanting it sorted out properly.


    Clearly most people didn't know it had been fixed, but I certainly did.


    What is the use of a tap tempo light that doesn't reflect the tempo!?!

    I find the tap tempo light to work fine, always have.

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  10. 56 minutes ago, rd2rk said:


    To be fair - there are a WHOLE LOT more Windows computers than MACs in the world.


    It's been my observation that many (NOT ALL!) MAC users don't know a lot about computers and don't WANT to. That's WHY they buy a MAC. Turn it on and get to work!


    Many (NOT ALL!) people who buy Windows PCs do so because they're cheaper, and/or the SW they want to run doesn't run on MAC. They have problems because they don't know much about computers, and don't WANT to know, and you NEED to know at least a little about computers to use Windows, 


    IOW - you pay for a more stable and easier to use platform with money.

    You pay for initial affordability with the need to learn pesky technical stuff to fix things when they go awry (or to make them work in the first place!).


    Such is the nature of life in the digital wonderland!

    well, the gulf between usability on the two platforms is far from what it was just a decade or so ago, but yeah.

    I still find Windows 10 so annoying to configure and use that my "test" laptop I have here never gets turned on.

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  11. 58 minutes ago, BlueD said:


    How many actively supported pieces of software do you use that are not notarized (a process that takes literally minutes) to work under Catalina?


    I understand you like the company, but this is MAGA level of denial.

    I am more than a regular on all the forums. I see WAY more issues with Windows computers and HX products than Mac.

    I don't know that there is actually that many issues with Catalina, tbh. I certainly had no issues with it with either Native 1.8 or 1.9, through all the betas as well.

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  12. 39 minutes ago, brue58ski said:


    I have. In the past and two days ago. It was basically ignored. Can you tell me if you've come across this phenomenon? I just want to make sure I'm not crazy since I've not received a lot of feedback on this. I gotten one piece of advice in the past (to create a brand new patch) but it's still there.

    I did in 2.82, but I have not in 2.90, and I have specifically designed presets that change the tone control from snapshot to snapshot.

  13. 13 minutes ago, brue58ski said:

    This is kind of off topic but it's a JTV Variax issue that's been with the Helix for awhile in various versions. This is what I've come across with Helix 2.9.


    This relates to the JTV Variax. I created 11 new presets, each with the Variax's tone knob saved at 10, 9, 8, 7, etc. to Don't Force. When I go from one patch with the tone knob at one setting to different patch with a different setting, the tone knob's position remains the same as the previous patches tone setting. For example if I go from a patch with the tone knob at 10 to patch with the tone knob at 1, it stays on 10 even though the Helix Editor indicates the tone knob is at 1. HOWEVER, if I select the patch with the tone knob at 1 again (either from the Helix or the HX Edit) it then will switch the Variax to the saved tone knob position. If the tone knob is saved as Don't force it goes to whatever position the tone knob on the guitar is at. So that does seem to work. This same type of thing appeared to be happening with the Volume knob before as well but seems to be corrected. So, for now, if I have a saved tone knob setting, I have to hit the patch switch TWICE for it to actually switch the tone knob setting on my JTV Variax to the saved setting. Have you come across this phenomenon?

    You probably want to post this in the bug reports discussion, tho.

  14. Just now, tenorkeith said:

    OK, so I've rebooted it about 10 times. Sometimes the volume knob doesn't work at all, and sometimes it lets me turn it one way or the other about a 1/4 turn before freezing. Once, it let me go up and down about four times before it quit working. So something's definitely wrong. Should I re-load the update or just go back to 2.8 until this gets fixed?

    I would definitely try re-loading first.


  15. 7 minutes ago, tenorkeith said:

    Just updated to 2.9 and now my volume knob is not working. Is this being worked on? This is for the floorboard.

    check globals.

    Also, turn the unit off and back on again 2 or 3 times (let it fully boot up).

    I've heard stuff like this happening only on the first few boots. Again... did not see this in my testing, sorry.

  16. 16 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:

    You may see my response as well - yes, it's sometimes glitchy, but still, I am always getting faster tempos with 2.9.


    Again... KNOWN problem... hot fix is coming in days, not weeks.

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