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  1. 50 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:


    Well, I'm pretty happy with the Helix. But I'm obviously not happy with an update breaking an essential feature.



    Seriously, with a bug like that, this shouldn't have been released.

    Keep in mind it is not affecting everyone. I think I was the only beta tester who had a problem, and I have a reputation for being super picky and finicky about that particular feature.

  2. 2 hours ago, SaschaFranck said:


    Ok, I usually don't like saying so, but I have around 2 decades of audio software betatesting on my belt. So, I do know there's plenty of chances for software to be released while there's still some bugs (a lot easier to sort them out inside a closed, hardwarebased ecosystem such as the Helix, though, as you have to deal with way less variables). Fine.

    But then there's "showstoppers". Bugs that you won't allow to get into the wild. IMHO, the messed up tap tempo functionality absolutely qualifies as a showstopper (in fact, for me it would be if I was playing live - which I only ain't because of C19, otherwise I'd instantly roll back to 2.82). So, how comes 2.9 is released as is, though? Either Line 6 doesn't care. I doubt that. Or they haven't aquired proper betatesting personnel (no idea about those, but I do at least sort of doubt it, too). Or there's simply not enough testers. IMO that's the most likely scenario. I mean, in this thread alone there's several people having tap tempo issues - how comes none of the testers were running into these issues? Because apparently there's not enough of them to cover all likely scenarios.

    There are enough testers, but apparently most of us didn't have this issue.

    For the record, I did, and I did report it.

    They will fix it fast.

  3. 33 minutes ago, Ovationdave said:

    I turned in a support ticket because I am not able to load any IR's. I have one IR (that appeared blank) in slot #1 (that I can NOT seem to clear), the rest will not work at all. If I grab 10 IR's and do an import, it will start loading them, fill in the names for each IR slot, then at the very end it flashes a message in HX edit and all of them return to the < EMPTY >. Very frustrating!


    The update was fairly smooth, and I was glad to get some new stuff to play with during the lockdown (thanks for that L6), but I may have to go back to 2.8 if I can't get this working. :-(

    Is your Helix AND your HX Edit at 2.90? That sounds like you are running an old Edit.

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    What unit? What input are you using?

    Reason I ask is that I have had NO problems with the tuner in any of the 2.9 betas (and of course not the final release either). 

    Love to help if I can.

  5. I actually reported tap tempo issues during beta testing, but they were erratic, and for some reason in the most recent build seem to work fine here for me.

    I have had issues with bare feet, and with tap tempo while connected to the computer, but in normal play, right now, seems to be working fine.

    They are on it.

  6. 7 minutes ago, 52dmk said:

    Tap tempo is definitely not working correctly.

    If I tap along to a 135bpm metronome the tapped bpm is around 160bpm.

    If I set helix bpm manually, it's fine.

    Igor just pointed out that this IS a known issue, they are working on it as we speak. I'd expect a pretty quick hot fix.

  7. with tap tempo, a few things.

    Bare feet confuse the buttons (as do fingers pressing), because of the touch capacitance.
    Some models don't have long enough delay times and automatically speed up.
    I think TT works best when you are NOT connected to a computer as well.

  8. 1 hour ago, AlaZen said:

    Hello, new to the Helix/HX family. Love the tones. But.. My Stomp constantly freezes, sound still comes through but can't change any parameters, use the tuner or anything. Did it prior to upgrading to 2.82 which loaded successfully. Is this a normal thing with bugs or is it a dud that I should send back to Sweetwater for another? Before the freezes, I love the tones I am getting. Just frustrating I can't complete making my patches. Thank you. 

    I would back up my stuff if I need it, then I'd re-install the latest firmware, and then do a full reset and then load stuff back in. It very often makes all that go away.

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  9. 36 minutes ago, sonerath said:

    It sounds amazing!!I never used an ir before to be honest!!!and you instructions are very good!!Thanks!!

    SO glad I could help.

  10. 1 hour ago, SaschaFranck said:


    See, I wasn't talking about a testing environment. In any such environment, longtime stress tests are required. But there's no need for a normal user to keep a device such as the Helix switched on for days. It's just a stupid waste of energy.

    In many studios, they leave their gear on 24/7, because they know that most failures occur on power up and power down.

    At home, generally, it's a good idea to turn stuff on, but Helix is not sucking down that much electricity.

  11. 10 hours ago, soundog said:

    Except here in Washington state (and I think Ohio too!) we are no longer allowed to be in a room together. But some people are still able to act like virtual A-holes. 

    Yup. a metaphorical room... hope all of you all in Washington are digging in and staying safe.

  12. 5 hours ago, delok25 said:

    I get what you are saying though..... you are saying fractal is at the bottom of the pile with boss in a close second to last place while neuraldsp and kemper
    duke it out for top 3 with line 6 at the top of the heap right?
    What next? Mac is better than PC, right? Of course Linux is not even in the discussion right? 

    Never mind the company not being willing to explain to their own developers that they need to fix this thing. 

    I am tired of feeling like a beta tester for a product that should have been already tested.


    #1. U make zero sense.

    #2. OH MY GOODNESS Just sell your Line 6 product and buy what you really want.

    #3. Any time you are in a room and everybody except you thinks you are acting like an A-hole... consider that they might not be wrong.

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  13. 19 hours ago, delok25 said:

    I know what to do. 
    Lets paint it white, instead of adding more blocks.
    And lets charge 50$ more for it so instead of 599.99 it will be 649.99usd instead of fixing the looper.
    --- Why am I here? I bought this box that I think needs fixing/updating called the HX Stomp. 
    Why am I still here? Well, I am really starting to wonder that myself. 

    ----- Implying that I do not have boss modeling is kind of like acting like you know me, I have different tool's for different jobs.

    It seem's like many would rather have me disappear then have me in the conversation, get over it, this conversation has been going for months if not a whole year already.


    In the simplest pseudo code speak - 


    -------- 01 "FIX IT!"

    -------- 02 go to line 1 // a looper that cannot delete audio correctly is not a looper but rather a broken looper :


    p.s. I hope you all and all of your families are doing well and that you are taking care of each other! This pandemic is pretty crazy!  

    I think you are assuming the same people "paint it white" as do the code.

    It's not the way it works.

  14. 4 hours ago, delok25 said:

    "But all I see is spaghetti...... "

    That is funny but you only got part of the joke.
    The other part of the joke is the real upgrade to the HX Stomp is the Boss GT-1!
    1/3 of the price, more blocks, direct monitoring, software monitoring with audible hardware blocks and no phasing from direct monitoring bleed and a looper that works plus battery power.
    Yamaha looks like a bad fit for line-6 to me at this point.

    FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    @4:19 gt1 software monitoring of hardware blocks with no direct monitoring phasing, lol,

    If you actually LIKE Boss's modeling, you should get one.

    Many of us simply do not like COSM modeling at all, that's one of the reasons that we go with Line 6.

    Again, if you don't like HX products, why are you even still here?

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  15. 25 minutes ago, Kevin-M said:

    I think this just goes back to buying the right tool for the right job. I shouldn’t buy a hammer with the expectation that it perform as a to buy the sledgehammer instead. 

    This is so true.

    On the other hand, usually the company that made the hammer doesn't actively seek out your feedback and offer firmware upgrades to make your hammer into something entirely new, either... which is why I'd rather be a musician than a carpenter.


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  16. 3 hours ago, michalaase said:

    Anyone at all has a stable, bugfree experience of 2.82 ?

    Numerous issues has been «reported» here since august-september last year, but all I see from Line 6 is «Do a clean install» or «You must have bugs in your presets».
    I've tried the «clean install» option about 8 times now - and it still has issues - even with only factory presets. … And yes, I followed the instructions, point-by-point, every time!
    About my own presets ... they all work fine in 2.71 without issues at all, so why do they crash under 2.82 ??

    Just wondering why Line6 take so long adressing these issues.

    My experience actually has been bug free (except beta builds of course). And that's a surprise because my presets are pretty intense and complicated.

  17. 9 minutes ago, otnooishphoo said:

    Hmm, that weird i seem to remember it working before...

    there are a couple other that did the same thing, i suppose thats just a feature too?




    time for a timeline I guess.



    why can it do the slower dot/trip ones in between? its 1/8 is the limit?


    just curious..


    also wish the delays all had a way to force into repeat, like a strymon where you can hold the bypass down and it will go forever.


    Well, in the case of elephant man, I think the Adriatic can be set to nail it, so it doesn't matter. I use Adriatic.

    They made the models behave exactly like the original pedals, limitations and all. That's why it can't do the slower delays.

  18. 11 minutes ago, otnooishphoo said:


    I just updated to 2.82 it seems to be elephant man for sure, its 1/8 note for 1/1 1/2/ 1/4 1/8 and then it starts working correctly as you get smaller.  Then you hit the dot/trip in between its the same one for each until you  pass the 1/8th setting as well.. very weird.

    i'll make a video of it today when i get a chance.




    Not a bug. a feature... I'll explain.

    The elephant man delay won't do longer delays,  just like the original. So when you try and tap a longer delay, it goes to some fraction (1/2 or 1/4 depending) of the note value that it can handle.

    If you want the elephant man delay sound, but with longer delay times, you can do what I do, which is use the Adriatic delay.

  19. 47 minutes ago, otnooishphoo said:

    Tempo Sync Delays are broken on multiple delay models.  1/1 1/2 1/4  etc are ALL always 8th notes.



    Latest firmware? I haven't seen this. Which models may I ask?

  20. 12 minutes ago, delok25 said:

    Another issue for me I have noticed since my purchase of the HX Stomp is that there seems to be no way run a signal from the stomp input through the 
    stomps 6 blocks into a DAW signal chain with exclusive software monitoring.
    In other words the blocks in the stomp are not able to be heard with exclusive software monitoring. 
    So in other words if i want to run my 6 blocks form the stomp into 6 blocks on helix native without direct monitoring 
    activated I will not be able to hear/monitor the 6 blocks from the stomp at all.
    There is no point in the phase issues that occour when direct monitoring from the stomp and software monitoring from your daw/plugin host are active at the same time.
    That needs to be addressed before stomp is little more than a d/i box thats slim in inputs and outputs (i/o) to me with an additional blocks feature for pedalboards only.
    If you are planning on using the HX stomp for any serious DAW work than get ready because you are going to probabbly want the helix native to go with it, more money ($$$$$) even with the discount.
    You are going to want native because you wont be able to hear the stomps blocks.
    There was never any clear cut information that the looper block does not delete its audio data without a burst of unwanted audio that I have found before my purchase.
    When I bought the stomp I did not know that these things would be an issue and when I started seeing these issues my musicians friend return window was closed.
    6 blocks is not enough, I thought it might be but it is not enough for me, for the price, for the issues, no way!
    After a year or so of using stomp and seeing how slow the firmware fixes get rolled out vs block updates it is not fun at all at best.
    Not as much fun as it should be, not as much fun as it could be for sure.
    Yah, when it works and how it works and how it sounds can be neat sometimes even great but the issues I have found with it make it unreccomendable for me in its current state. 

    If any of you know how to solve these issues I would appreciate it if you would share the solutions with me. 
    I am pretty much stuck with this thing unless I sell it and I don't want to sell it, I want it to work for me to its full potential.

    That first thing is indeed a limitation, easily solved for people who have another interface, but not so much with those for whom Stomp is their only interface.

    If you are doing very serious looping, of COURSE you want a very serious looper. 

    If you want to do very serious recording... yeah... the same...

  21. 2 hours ago, delok25 said:

    line 01 - "Firstly, I was not looking for high school like call out's from power users."
    line 02 - go to line 01 // lol
    Secondly, I don't like hearing an hour of namm talk hype including top secret block talk just get another music companies pay add on store.

    I am not here for brand allegiance. I am not here for cars. I am talking about a firmware updateable device with the current potential of the fractal audio fm3.

    Great, so here come's the "why don't you just get pod-go, we have many beautiful products for you to choose from" argument.
    I am just stating my opinion and I am sure some people have to agree.

    6 blocks is not enough for 599.99 to me. Sometimes you need to get gear and try it for a while to find out what is best for you.

    As far as new people looking for the smallest and most powerful I am not sure I can recommend hx stomp as a complete kit.

    With 12 blocks it would be perfect.

    There are many choices to choose from. I even just got word that Native Instruments is getting serious about guitar rig 6. Neural DSP, Fractal, Boss, Kemper.
    Not to mention all the free guitar hack software you can get these days.

    I am having difficulty understanding how anyone would not see my point. 2 chips Helix-lt 32 blocks - 1 chip HX-stomp 6 blocks.

    I do not want a large pedalboard or pedalboard replacement device. What I want is HX stomp to be unlocked to its full potential without any "governers" slowing it down.

    maybe you should just stop making music until someone makes exactly the product you have determined is the best one possible...

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