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  1. 14 minutes ago, HonestOpinion said:

    Lastly if you have the Helix and are not exploiting snapshots(scenes) you are missing out on the compromise that companies like Line6 and Fractal determined would be the best and most preferred way to leverage DSP and existing hardware when their devices were manufactured.




    Snapshots is not a "compromise"... I'm jus' sayin'... It's a feature.

    And yes, much of what you describe above is obviated by the presence of snapshots anyway. Need 8 settings in one song? You can do it.

  2. 3 hours ago, SaschaFranck said:


    It is every bit the question. For the sake of the argument: In case two modelers sound identical and in case you don't need any other features than those both are providing, which one would you chose, the one causing lags when switching presets or the one switching instantaneously? And that's absolutely all there is about it.
    Now, I have chosen to go with the Helix as well, for a variety of reasons (see "other features" above), but I almost hadn't.


    As said already, Line 6 have it in their hands to change things pretty much dramatically by implementing certain things - and no, I'm not talking about gapless patch switching but about things that would make it superfluous. But in case they won't adress this issue (which even seems to be more of an issue for other folks but myself), I wouldn't be wondering why folks go for another modeler.


    1. They never sound identical.

    2. Line 6 seems to be selling plenty of modelers, and are not really, as far as I can tell, staying awake nights worrying about Boss.


  3. 5 hours ago, SaschaFranck said:


    So what? When my ears tell me that something sounds good, I trust them.

    I think you are missing the point.

    The argument is that since Brand X can do it, why can't Brand Y. I answered your question, you changed the subject.

    I'm not saying the Boss stuff doesn't sound great. I think it does. Not the question.

  4. 8 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:

    For whatever reasons, preset switching on the Boss GT-1000 is *way* faster, almost instantaneous...


    The modeling is also far far less sophisticated. So that isn't a surprise.

    Delay spillover? Fine. You are never getting it in Helix. Jus' sayin'... The only way to do it would be to cut the functionality from 2 paths to 1.

  5. 3 hours ago, rogbhw80 said:

    The ability to delete Presets in HX Edit. Having to paste over with a blank preset to remove one you have imported and want to remove is a timewaster.

    Please implement Delete! Thx In Adv.

    There is also a clear all blocks option.


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  6. 4 hours ago, silverhead said:

    Just as a reference, in 2ms sound travels 2.24 ft through the air under normal conditions. So if you're standing farther away than that from your amp/speakers you are experiencing a longer lag/latency.


    In defense of those who are complaining about this. set up stereo speakers with one speaker 2.24ft further away than the other... it will sound odd.


    Yes, such an offset can indeed be an issue.

    I still don't think this is a bug per se.

  7. 8 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:



    That is all fine, but seriously, right now, I fail to see any reason why anybody would upgrade to Catalina without being forced to. Half of the audio worlds programs are still not tested for reliability while on the other hand there's little (if anything) to gain.

    Personally, I will stick with Apple as long as my machine (2010 Mac Pro) will be supported (probably for another 2-3 years) and then switch platforms. I will never use Catalina.


    Normally, I am not an "upgrade right away" guy, but I did with Catalina. It is a GREAT update, very stable, and for me, I'm using mostly apple products, including Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, iWork, etc. It is working just peachy. I "had to" upgrade as I was going to a new machine, but honestly, apart from some weird stuff from a few people, it seems like the last 3 MacOS updates have actually been really really solid.

    And, fwiw, you will, if you follow your plan, get 11 or 12 YEARS out of that Mac Pro. Try that with a Windows machine. In my experience, that ain't happening.

  8. 15 minutes ago, HonestOpinion said:

    Maybe this has already been mentioned (this topic has a lot of posts) but I think one of the simpler ways to level out presets is often overlooked. Don't gain stage your signal path so hot. Consider unity gain - I know a lot of people love the sound they are getting when the 'Ch Vol', volume knob, and everything else is cranked and the output is set to 'Line'.  When the signal feeding your FRFR, guitar amp, or board gets hot enough though even relatively small changes in the levels between presets/snapshots can become wildly exaggerated; multiplied exponentially many times when it hits your FRFR or guitar amp's amplification section. You can still have the heaviest distorted metal tone imaginable, just turn down the output level somewhere in your signal chain. You will still have to make some effort to level your presets/snapshots but you may find the volume differences between your presets and snapshots way less jarring, dramatic, and problematic. Slamming your monitor with high output levels is really easy to do with a modeler, especially one with no output metering. Too hot a signal makes the job of leveling presets/snapshots more necessary and frequent.

    THIS! A good rule of thumb is, as you add blocks, if you disable the block the volume should not jump very much from the unaffected signal.

  9. 5 hours ago, enzomb99 said:



    I have a bug with Audio USB. 

    I have had my Helix for a month now, and I always plugged in my Helix in my comp via USB to get access to HX Edit but also to play music from my comp and the sound would come out in my earphones that are plugged in the Helix.


    However, now the sound doesn't go through to Helix and just stays on my PC. 

    I have tried all sorts of stuff but it all brings back to one thing on my PC, saying the sound system on the Helix can't be "switched on"... 


    I have checked the global settings and all works well, but I don't get why suddenly sound can't come out anymore...

    Just a thought. De-installing the driver and re-installling the latest might sort that out.


  10. 35 minutes ago, manix1979 said:

    BTW: I used the firehawk for a few weeks... it‘s cool and it works... bad thing, editing was ONLY possible on ipad. 


    Line 6 did EXTENSIVE research and found that pros (their target market for HX products) wanted computer editing WAY more than a tablet.

    They made the right call.

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  11. 43 minutes ago, PierM said:

    Isn't about being obsessed, it's about keeping signals under control when you move your rig all the time and you don't want to use the volume knob to trial and error your routing.

    You will still need to futz with levels even after you get them "perfect" with meters.

    I learned way back before I used Helix that my ears and my sound guys ears were way > than any meter.

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  12. 7 hours ago, cruisinon2 said:


    Seriously... what practical, real world use would does this serve? In the end your ears and your brain will determine relative loudness of one patch to another, whether you like it or not. Perceived loudness is all that ever matters. So unless you really enjoy constantly having to adjust volume in every different scenario you find yourself in, setting every patch to some arbitrary dB value accomplishes what exactly?


    There are musicians, and then there are measurebaters. Musicians listen to music, measurebaters look at numbers on a screen.

    The photo world has these people, too. They take ugly photographs but know all the measured specifications of all their lenses.

    Guys, you don't need the meters. Sorry you think you do. You don't.

    And if you use them for so-called "leveling", you will really get yourself in trouble in an actual live environment.

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  13. 46 minutes ago, gunpointmetal said:

    output meters might not be a great idea, but a "clip meter" as an insert between blocks would be cool....

    You don't need this if you gain-stage properly. If you boost every block a few dB you can create problems eventually, but it's hard. Most of the "clipping" issues I hear about is from people forgetting that pesky "headroom" parameter in their delays or some such.


  14. 19 minutes ago, zolko60 said:

    It is. The unity gain is when each input/output pair is set to instrument level with no block or Volume Knob (attenuator). When you use instrument level for an input and line level for an output you can find 8dB attenuation spot with Volume Knob what corresponds to instrument level with lower S/N ratio but larger headroom.
    Please consider that eg some clean boosters have 20dB of boost. If your headroom is 10dBFS at Helix input, what is the case of peaks of PAF style pickup, you are not able to achive such amount of boost simulating that booster not distorting the DA converter unless you set higher DA "gear".
    If you use amp simulations the unity gain is irrelevant - only interfacing with other line level devices. In this case I like to know what is my full scale "gear" is. The ideal situation is when both digital units has the same, eg 0dBFS=18dBu which assures you can controll or monitor the headroom on one device only.

    Or you can worry less about measurements and just plug stuff in and see if it works and how it sounds.

    There's a LOT of headroom in Helix. If your boost pedal overloads the input, I would think that turning on the pad would do it. If your clean boost overloads the input with the pad on, GOOD LORD MAN, either get a different clean boost or turn it the **** down.


  15. 4 minutes ago, tahiche said:

    ...Deciding on the output level, in my case seems like a crucial starting point...

    This is possibly correct.

    4 minutes ago, tahiche said:

    With no blocks input from guitar and output should be at the same level. From there I can work properly. If it's not right I have to go through every path adjusting everything again. 

    This is not necessarily correct, however. If it's not a drastic difference in level, concentrate on other things.

  16. 18 minutes ago, Digital_Igloo said:

    IMPORTANT! Meters do NOT help when leveling presets; in fact, they often make preset level jumps WORSE, because they lack the ability to compensate for how perceived loudness is often radically affected by your playback system's frequency response, playback volume, acoustics, location of your ears with regard to playback system, whether you're playing with other musicians, how close they are, what notes they're playing at any given point in the song, etc. If you play live, the ONLY way to properly level presets is at the venue, playing at gig level, with the band, with your ears. No amount of technology will give you a free lunch.

     Can somebody pin this to the top of every single discussion board in the universe.


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