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  1. 10 hours ago, ursomuch2me said:

    Love the quality and quantity of effects but...need a guitar tracker for vocal harmonies and at least 2 track looper. Bought this my solo show. Would like to be rid of my TC VL3 and Boss RC300 looper. I know you can do it. Its 2019

    Here's why that should not happen.

    You are talking about 3 different pieces of gear built into one.

    Chances are, if you did that, the people who are the target market for it (very few) are going to buy their favorite of each of those solutions anyway.

  2. 3 hours ago, tjbassoon said:


    2 out of 3 instruments I use with the Helix have or are used with a preamp. They sound weak through the Aux input. It would make sense if that input had an ability to be more flexible. The Guitar In has a pad function for instruments with too high output already. Maybe some keyboards or something work better with that much of a pad, but even my keyboards don't output that hot.

    similar experience. I run my acoustics through either Guitar in or Return 1.

    My Ibanez fretless bass, tho, sounds fantastic through the Aux, so it's a case-by-case basis, I guess.

  3. 3 hours ago, Dshow said:

    I've added an new Idea:


    Please add the possibility to virtually lock the Volume and Phones knob in the global settings. I've seen people putting tape to lock the knobs or other caps and so on. But we have a digital unit I'm sure there is the posssiblity to lock them in the software.

    Page 3 of Global Settings:Ins/Outs has some control.

    Set the volume knob to only control the output you are not wanting affected. You can do the same with the Headphones Monitor to an extent.


  4. 16 hours ago, spindlebox said:


    For the Ernie Ball VP Jr, which plug do you use on it?  Tuner, In or Out?  I am using the HX Effects.  Thanks!


    The Output on MANY Volume Pedals works as an EXP with Helix.

    Oh, and they haven't made a big deal out of it, but compatibility with different old legacy pedals IMPROVED noticeably with 2.7.1.

  5. 18 hours ago, Propower said:

    I Wish for Log and exponential curve options for expression pedals on Helix. Linear is not right for so many things audio...

    You can't currently do exponential, but you can do either linear or logarithmic on the Volume pedal.

    18 hours ago, Propower said:

    Would also love that if you hold a switch down it opens the edit parameters on the switches (like Headrush)

    You can do this. Hold down "MODE" and select the FX block you want to edit. now you can edit with your feet.

  6. 3 hours ago, tron2012 said:

    Add to the HX Stomp the support  for 1 Expression pedal + Dual Footswtich like the Boss FS-6 at the same time

    pretty sure that part of it is impossible. Only two EXP/FS connections possible. If you need more, look into MIDI stuff like Morningstar.

  7. 31 minutes ago, jeremiahjustice said:

    I want to do something similar. If I want to use the fx loop for reverb does the fx block take up one of the 6 available? I want to run two amps+cabs and will probably be IR's. I know I can run a single amp + cab without limitations just mostly curious if fx block takes up one of the 6 blocks. Thanks.

    With Stomp, I'd seriously consider finding a built-in cab that works for you (adjusting lo hi cuts, mic distance (THE secret sauce), early reflections, and mic type) to save blocks. But yes, the FX Send/Return takes a block.

  8. I process two-voice guitar with Stomp. Acoustic and Electric at the same time from the same instrument. The same principle would work.

    However, with only 6 blocks, you will end up being really limited. One or both of the players might end up really frustrated.

    If it's simple acoustic guitar on one side and bass on the other? I think it could work okay.

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  9. 12 minutes ago, Kilrahi said:


    Hey, I'm on your side here.  I was being gently sarcastic with that reply but maybe it wasn't obvious.  To me, the Stomp should be allowed to grow beyond the six blocks.


    Love your stuff online by the way.  In fact, I tried to buy your presets for the HX Stomp for acoustic guitars, but the link didn't seem to be up.

    Thanks! I didn't get the sarcasm, I do now... there needs to be a sarcasm font...

    My presets for Acoustic (and multi-voice) for Helix and Stomp are all ready to go, uploaded, waiting for Line 6 to push the button for final release! hopefully in the next day or 2.


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  10. 3 minutes ago, Kilrahi said:

    Nobody NEEDS more than six blocks -

    Well, all we need is air, food, water, shelter, right...?

    Sorry, that statement is simply not true. For much of what I do, 6 blocks is not enough, period. (I process 2 and sometimes 3 different sounds simultaneously, from 2 sources, on one instrument.)

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  11. It borders on a stupid argument.

    NO serious pro studio would use this as their only interface, and no one would expect them to.


    And no project or home studio where you only record one or maybe two sources at once would be ill-served by it either.


    And any time you need to record with more than one mic at a time it's the wrong choice.

    So... depends on your definition of "serious"...

    I will say this, every source I've recorded with it sounds great.

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  12. 9 minutes ago, vstrattomusic said:

    I've been thinking of something for a while, you are quite knowledgeable with this right? So, if I recorded my DI's with the Scarlett 2i4 for easiness and then reamped with the Helix, how messed up would the result be considering there's inevitably going to be some volume difference between a DI take recorded with the Helix and one recorded with 2i4?

    When I had another interface (I now only use Helix, or HX Stomp, for my own recording), I found it too frustrating to get the level perfect for re-amping and having the amp model sound right, whether it be Native or going through Helix.

    If I used the guitar input on Helix and used Helix as my USB interface and didn't mess with the level of the dry USB7 track, it was perfect, so I got rid of the other interface. I didn't need it.

  13. For a project or home studio where one guy is recording one instrument at a time, it's a serious solution.

    For any studio recording 2 or more instruments simultaneously, it's not the best solution.

    It's really that simple: depends on usage, as is usually the case with these discussions.

    And any time you need more than one mic, obviously, it's a no go.

  14. 5 hours ago, MusicLaw said:

    Current Helix firmware (version 2.71) delivers Line 6's aggregation of improvements to default Amp model parameter configurations (and FX). As a result, the same Helix unit sounds better today than it did running firmware two years ago. Moreover, it is not unrealistic to anticipate things will continue to improve....  

    Source on this? Honestly, I'm pretty sure that the modeling has not changed except in a few cases where they've said they made changes, particularly the HX Reverbs which were re-formulated after initial release.

  15. 1 hour ago, migdelbar said:

    This morning, second led ring switch problem, now tap tuner switch, blue led...IMG_20190104_134123.thumb.jpg.3ac38a5a5ab210daf9e22eaaaf225158.jpg

    This is not a bug. It means you are slaved to external sync and have received such from a DAW or something.

    Global Settings:MIDI/Tempo:Receive MIDI Clock is probably ON. 

  16. 6 hours ago, MikeDV1 said:

    Make it more compatible to 3rd-party expression pedals.  Funny cables, DIY mods to existing cables or pedals, setting parameters backwards make it a hassle to use easily available external expression pedals with Helix rack controller.

    I have 4 different brands and styles of EXP here, not one of them is specific to Helix, and 2 or 3 need to be used with some kind of (easily made) custom cable because they have a TRS connection (there is nothing Line 6 can do about such pedals).

    I've been able to pretty easily make them all work. imho, they have done everything they can with regard to this, and for the record, the most recent bug fix actually made two of these EXP pedals work that didn't used to, so they are, indeed, doing something behind the scenes in this regard.


    That said, some will simply not be compatible. There is really no way to mitigate that.

  17. 8 hours ago, regalpierot said:

    Of course what would a new purchase be without a few wish list things. As it’s hardware, not happening, but v 2.0


    1. A VDI input, really like to run my Variax that way. Nice to have 


    2. A dedicated button for switching between modes (Preset, Stomp, Snapshot etc). If one more footswich could have been fit on the upper right or the likes that would have been great. Hopping between preset and stomp mode is big for me and hate leaning down and fiddling about on stage. 


    And actually worth asking, does HX Edit have an Undo. I keep doing stupid things like getting a block perfect, then by mistake having it highlighted as I select another effect and immediately overwriting. Even a message for ‘want to overwrite existing block’. Too easy to do. 

    1. VDI input would raise the cost (and size) of stomp so much that... (wait for it...) it'd be darn near as much as an LT. If you need VDI, I don't think it's making its way to something that small anytime soon.


    2. I LOVE that idea. put it on idea scale!


    and no, no Undo, as Edit is just a remote control for the unit. Save often.

  18. 8 hours ago, Wondo said:

    Just an update. I sent back the faulty unit and received my new one. Works great. I am just very surprised that a brand new Helix arrived and was shutting down all over the place. Very disappointed and still a little scared as to just how solid this unit will be. 


    Every product ever made has the occasional defect. The odds of you getting two bad units in a row are really small.

    Line 6 has been insanely reliable for me for 20 years. I've owned 11 of their products, never one failure... just an anecdote... but...


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