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  1. I don't think there's an easy way to help you with this.


    A simple midi controller would only give you basically what you have now.


    You could use a Midi Mouse to just cycle up and down one at a time.


    The 1/4" jacks are really only for expression pedals.


    One thing I've learned with Helix is that I need FEWER patches, because I can often do the work of 2 or 3 with just one.

  2. Interesting! So how do you program the Helix to decrease a parameter value when the pedal is (presumably) outputting increased values?


    you can set any parameter to either go up or down with a pedal. I will probably post a patch or two in the next few weeks when I finally get normal guy time to do stuff.


    For instance, I have EXP 1 always changing states between my clean and dirty sounds on my amp. So heel down might have a very low number for preamp, moderate numbers for bass, mid, treble, and presence and output... then... when I go to toe down, the preamp gain increases, bass goes (way) down, mid goes up, treble depends on the amp, presence and output normally go down. I just program it one parameter at a time and then adjust after I'm finished (which is easier, believe it or not, on the HD 500 than it is on the helix, but it's not bad). At the same time, when I'm clean my delay is more present than when I'm dirty. 


    BUT... I may be changing my workflow, because now I can use a footswitch to go between two different amp states. That is huge for me and might free up that EXP 1 for something else.

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  3. PeterHamm: I'm not sure I know what you mean... As I understand your post, you're controlling several parameters with one pedal at the same time, including drive/distortion and delay? Do you mean as you push the pedal down the signal gets both dirtier and the delayed signal gets louder (relative to the undelayed signal)?


    Actually I push the pedal down and the sound gets dirtier, all the tone parameters shift somewhat, and the delayed signal gets a teeny bit SOFTER. I find that "present" delays work better with cleaner sounds. I normally go from somewhere around 45% mix clean to about 30% distorted.

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  4. A buddy of mine and me have just received these units today after 3 months...and the biggest disappointment is this dropout between patch changes so much so we are thinking of returning them....unacceptable for a live situation on a product of this price.


    you need to be sure you can't do everything you need within a song by switching FX on and off within the patch. I know, for me, that things I used to need 3 patches to accomplish on HD 500 (which didn't have trails or instantaneous switching either, btw, I don't think any current solution does) I can do on only one now with Helix.

  5. Thanks to all for the tips!


    As for my other question: has anyone tried to control delay mix and/or delay feedback with expression pedals on the Helix? Was it easy to program?


    I have delay mix as one of the parameters of my EXP 1 that goes from clean amp to dirty on every single patch. Works great.

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  6. I have used...

    Old Korg EXP2 (using audio output, not exp jack)

    Vox V850 (250K volume pedal)

    EB VP Jr. (also 250K volume pedal)

    and Mission EP1-l6. All work great. I like different color/style pedals so they are easier to keep straight for the different functions I use them for, rather than all the same.

  7. Peter thank you for letting me know. At least the functionality is there. I have an enormous learning curve ahead of me but I'm so looking forward to it!!!


    I'm presuming as you have the rack and floor control you're using the helix live? How critical is the foot pedal in general? I'm in a situation where cash is pretty tight and it's coming done to a toss up between the control and an FRFR amp/powered speaker of some description and I'm torn. For the short term I'm pretty much studio bound but the intent is there so maybe I don't need either but at the moment I'm leaning towards the amp


    The workflow and functionality of Helix has been as revolutionary as the sound for me.


    I would not want to use this without the foot control. I need it. I use only one patch for a long time and turn FX on and off, and I get about 3 times as many useful sounds out of one patch as I did with HD 500.


    If budget is an issue, consider saving money and getting the floor unit if you can. I would not get the rack without the foot controller under any circumstances.

  8. Peter

    That would be awesome. Thank you and thanks for the info on the rack.

    I was able to test it today. Yes, the Helix responds to program changes from Logic X. But prog 0, for instance, will take you to the very first program in the very first user set. You may have to make sure your user set is there, instead of the factory set.

  9. Not to mention that the editor will give you zero improvement in usability or ease of use (other than bending over and stuff) because it's just the exact same as the display on the helix. 


    Yeah, I'm glad they didn't wait, too.

  10. I'm pretty sure since digitaligloo spilled the beans on another forum I'm allowed to tell you that I'm beta testing the rack/controller combo.


    It's a really great setup with the foot controller. I didn't think I'd like it as much as an all-in-one unit but I think I do.


    It is very lightweight so it will fit just fine in a rack screwed in with the holes in the front. The handles, however, protrude (as they often do) so SOME racks are problematic if you need to close them (I can't close my rack, am thinking about removing the handles or buying a new rack).


    I might have a chance tomorrow to test the midi functionality from Logic X for you. If I can, I'll get back to you.

  11. For info of all and especially Line6 I can happily report that the bug wasn't actually a bug at all. I had tried different cables and guitars but a member, HonestOpinion, suggested it could be the speakers. It wasn't actually the speakers but it led to me finding a faulty channel on my mixing desk so the problem wasn't with the Helix at all.

    For what it's worth from what I have heard of the unit so far it is very impressive. It has made me sound like a better player overnight which can only be good :)

    Thanks for the replies but I thought I should absolve Line6 of any blame (and I must say that I haven't been influenced by Line6 in case anyone was wondering). It was just me failing to check all other possibilities first.


    Feels good to find what's really wrong and fix it, though, doesn't it...

  12. I am going for the rack.  I am a studio composer/musician/mixing engineer.  I don't do any LIVE shows, nor do I intend to.


    I am choosing the rack because:

    1.  I have a setup to where I can have it angled up at me for easy access while I am right there at my PC, even with guitar in hand.  It would actually be less convenient with the pedal version.

    2.  I have made a decision years ago I will not have my processor on the floor anymore. Mainly for safety reasons. USB disconnect in the middle of recording session often blue screens, or will lock up the program, and you lose what hasn't been saved.

    3.  I prefer the look of the rack.  Very sleek looking

    4.  The rack is cheaper - I don't intend to get the floor board controller any time soon. 


    I am beta testing the rack and agree with most of what you say (although it's all about sound to me, and I couldn't care less about #3... But especially #1. SO much easier to edit when I can reach the rack than on the floor.


    But I have to tell you the power of this unit WITH the controller is awesome, and you might want to reconsider #4

  13. And if they only worked!!! Crazy I know, but I really would like it to actually work. I'm so

    Have you opened a support ticket? If not, with all due respect, what are you going on about?

  14. ...I have been using their stuff for 15 years also (never live because they aren't good enough) and when they are less than $500 it's one thing, no harm no foul, I can just throw it in the junk pile,...


    I have a beta rack and control in my posession, stuck on v1.02 right now, with the quirks associated with it, and yet, I used it live today successfully, only a few days after first encountering it. No problems. Sounded great. Worked fine.


    jsiegel, if you can't even use their products live, why are you throwing good money (and time) after bad? Just go with something else, man.

  15. Wow... just wow...

    This is their forum that they have out here for us to join in. You, jsiegel2015, are really being harsh.

    Line 6 doesn't have a long-term vested interest in NOT taking care of problems users, especially early adopters, are experiencing.

    I've been using their products for 15 years, they've been outstanding.

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