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  1. UX 2 Working now with OS 10.11.1.... sometimes we just need to wait!!!
  2. Hi everyone! First of all PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Right after i post my second post here i found the problem! VOLKERWASSERMAN you were very close...and by the way thanks for the replay. It was not for vibration problems but the problem was indeed the DT50 Volume pot at chanel A. I say that the vibration was not a problem because that happened with no sound, no vibration at all!! Winth nothing playing, and no signal input the problem was the same. What i've done after lots of tests, flashings, cables, and so one, i decided to do a spray cleaning to the DT50 volume pot!!! and VOILA!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Some dust can really make us nuts!!!!! Thank you! Cheers!! Ruca de moura
  3. New info: This only happens weith l6 link connected to dt50. When The l6 link digital cable xlr 100ohm is not conected The hd don't haver any problems! I've tyried other cables and The problem remains. Think it's dt 50 problem or l6link problems. Any help!? Thanks. Rewolf thanks for The replay but i Already tried everything you said before.
  4. Hi! I´m having some real unusual behavior from my HD 500. without doing nothing when i'm playing the patch volume goes down to zero and i stay with no sound! It appears the edit amp page and the i can see the volume knob goes down till zero! Then i need to press the patch switch again to have sound again, but sometimes it goes down several times ( goes down, i press , i get sound, it goes down agin and so one). This thing happens not on one specific patch, it's random! Let me say that i'm using DT50 and hd 500 via L6 Link. This situation in live performing is driving me nuts! Other thing is that when i use only the hd 500 i never had any issue like that! Only with L6 Link and DT50. I know i friend of mine that had that issue with the hd 500 and not via l6LINK. I already done the volume pedal calibration, cleaned the toe switch…etc! Sometimes the ghost appears again!!! Is like someone is turning the physical volume knob at the HD. please if anybody could help me i would appreciate ! Note: I know very well the line 6 products, and by the way I will be doing a line 6 workshop next 29NOV and i´m really concerned about that! It will be very bad if something append like that. I have a DT50,HD500,the 3 variax models, Relay 50, a stagescape, 2 sound source LT tops and a sound source bass speaker, an UX2, a midi mobilezer, 2 112 DT cabs… As you see I'm a line 6 fan and one of most important gear to me is failing…. Thanks Rui
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