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  1. Hey, 


    After updating HX Edit and then Helix Native I'm unable to load the VST.


    I get the following error in FL Studio - "There was a problem opening the plugin Helix Native (x64) for an unknown reason. Please make sure it was installed correctly."


    When doing a scan of VST it looks like there is issues with both VST2 and VST3 version (see screenshot)


    Any ideas?


  2. Hi,


    I am currently having an issue where the mouse cursor is offset in Helix Desktop App (only with this App).


    The easiest way to describe this is by putting my mouse over a certain action/window/block Windows is detecting that the mouse location is actually somewhere else. From searching it seems it's a common problem with some apps but can be easily fixed, example -


    I tried some of the suggestions found online, for example: Disabling Windows 10 scaling, changing application DPI scaling behavior, changing resolution, reinstalling, but still I have the same issue.


    Using Windows 10 with latest Updates and latest Helix software. Screen resolution is also 1920 x 1080, but like I've mentioned I have the issue regardless of resolution size.


    Can anyone help me? Any suggestions?

    It's currently very annoying using the software on Windows.



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