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  1. Hey man, you seem to be the reference when it comes to Helix/HX Stomp and Midi operation. I have a major problem and it's making me crazy right now. I've tried to narrow it down to finally be able to tell why it's misbehaving, but with no luck... Is there a chance you could give me your opinion? I'll try to lay out my problem and make it as clear as possible....


    So I have my HX Stomp setup with about 60 presets (1 song = 1 preset). That one is set to be on Channel 6 (Base channel).


    Then I have a midi foot controller, that has 4 switches. It's the Source Audio Soleman. I use it with panel mode, and I put it on Channel 4. It's got only 64 possible panels. So I made several song-specific panels, but also several generic panels to be able to save on the real-estate for future use. 

    So my HX stomp is connected to the Soleman with midi. So... HX Stomp MIDI OUT to Soleman MIDI IN. 


    So the goal of this setup is to select a preset on HX Stomp and then the Soleman would automatically go on the right panel for the chosen song. 


    So, for all of my presets on the HX Stomp, I went in the Command Center, and programmed all of the PC messages to make this work. It's VERY simple stuff. I understand and know MIDI fairly well. And when programming these, I always did it on Snapshot #1 and SAVED my presets on Snapshot #1, so I'm always certain that the PC message is going to get sent every time that I go change songs on HX Stomp.


    Now the problem is this:  it works for like.... 53-54 songs out of 60. Go on Preset #0 on the Stomp, and then it calls the right one on the Soleman, then go to #1, #2, etc. It all works fine,  but THEN.... When I get to specific presets on the Stomp, it sends the PC message like it's supposed to, but then the Soleman stops answering to midi messages. I try to go to other presets on the Stomp to try others, but the Soleman doesn't do anything. It's not frozen, because I can go and do things on it, but it's just NOT receiving midi anymore. Even with the HX Stomp presets that were working just before hitting that "faulty" preset.... The only way to get going again is to unplug the Soleman and make it work again.


    I hope this is clear enough... It's hard to get someone to understand what kind of problem I'm dealing with. I haven't played my guitar in a 10 days trying to figure this lollipop out. I'm getting very sick of it. 


    Just before you ask, I tried doing a factory reset on my HX Stomp, and it was wondering flawlessly with the factory presets (with the PC commands added). So that's why it's making me think that the problem lies with the Stomp and not the Soleman. 


    Anyway, any help is welcome. Thanks buddy! 





    1. rd2rk


      So, the HXS BASE Channel is 6. It transmits and receives on MIDI Channel 6 UNLESS, in Command Center, you specifically tell it to transmit a message on a DIFFERENT channel.


      The Soleman is set up to RECEIVE on CH6 (or OMNI (ALL)), else it wouldn't hear the HXS at all, so I have to assume that it's SENDING on CH4.


      The purpose of the Soleman (I just had a quick look at the manual) is to SEND a bunch of MIDI messages when triggered by a Program Change message. Where are you sending those messages?


      I ask because I'm wondering, why do you need the Soleman at all? From what I see in the manual, it doesn't do anything that the HXS can't do from Command Center.


      I'll have a further look at the manual later when I have some more time, and maybe the answer to the above question will help me track down the problem.



    2. AnEscapeKey


      Actually, Soleman is on Channel 4, not 6. And the Soleman has got two Midi OUT jacks and one Midi IN. So, the purpose of my Soleman is to recall presets and turn blocks on/off on the Stomp, but also change presets on my Ventris (reverb) and Nemesis (delay). I make "macro" messages on the Soleman, which is basically one message containing several PC and CC messages.


      Also, it's easier for me to label the Soleman's 4 footswitches depending on the situation (chorus, verse, dirt, etc.), whereas the Stomp doesn't let me label anything.


      So to summarized what you asked about channels:


      - HX Stomp is on Base channel 6, but the command center is set to send the PC numbers to Channel 4.


      - Soleman is set on channel 4 (global channel both in and out) but the panels are set to speak to various pedals, including the Stomp on Channel 6.


      And you may ask if I tried to set them both on the same channel, and it didn't change anything. The same problem was occurring.


      Thanks for the help, buddy!

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