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  1. Well, I THINK this is a private message, though it says public. I'm confused.

    Anyhow, not to give you a hard time, but it might be a good idea not to make fun of posters within their threads.

    Yep, lots of weirdos hereabouts. I like to think I'm here to help, they make it hard enough without us laughing in their faces.


    PM me (whatever that means) to have a laugh.


    1. datacommando




      Hmm... not quite sure how to respond to this. 


      I'm with you on the trying to assist people with genuine issues, and along with you, and several other regular contributors, we have tried to do our best, even to the point of translations through Google when necessary. A real United Nations of Support.


      Then we have the complete ignorance of some people, who spend a not inconsiderable amount of money on a  somewhat complex piece of kit, but cannot be bothered follow simple instructions or to read a manual? It's beyond me, and judging from the amount of times you have had to respond to a ridiculous query with "RTM" (not even RTFM), it is beyond irritating.


      I dread to think what is going to happen when the v3.20 firmware hits the streets - are you going to be ready for another onslaught of lunatic cries of "update bricked my Helix". I replied to another one of those failed updates yesterday with my " I said I was going to stop doing this, but here ya go!". Looking back, it seems I have been using that line in my replies to resurrect "dead" units for the past couple of years. It seems people are just incapable of finding any previous posts regarding this sort of stuff - now it's really become tedious.


      Possibly, instead of Line 6 letting this place run itself, along with a little light policing from "siverhead" and "phil_m", they should use some full time administrators to organise the stuff in here, so even the most feeble minded halfwit could find a solution that had already been posted several time before. 


      Now, when it comes to "not to make fun of posters", we are both the in the realm of "three score years and ten" and with old age comes the chance to rip the lollipop out of fools who are generally fully deserving of it. How many times to we see post claiming "this new tech is too much for me", more than likely posted by some young whippersnapper. It's shame that "criusinon2" seems to have been laying low for a while, because he could always be relied upon for a scathing response to idiotic questions.


      One of your recent replies made me grin - 
      Poster:- "Hello, how to download preset from Spider IV to the Helix?"

      You:- "Do you believe in magic?


      My wife says she is going to buy me a T-Shirt bearing the slogan "My people skills are fine - It's my tolerance to idiots that needs work"


      Oh - I don't care if this is public or not - my opinions remain mine.


      Regards from one cantankerous old man to another.



  2. I'm taking this offline because this thing between you and me is stupid, and nobody cares.

    The ONE thing we have in common is that we're both stubborn, so...........


    I HELP people with PC based problems. I go the extra mile creating screenshots and example presets. I read manuals for HW and SW I have no interest in ever using, for no other reason than to help people with their problems. The ONLY reason I have Live10 on my system is to help troubleshoot people's Live10 related problems. I personally use Live9 and have no need of the extra features on Live10. I actually use Reaper way more than Live9. I do this sort of thing here, on TGP, TB, the FCB1010 User Group, and occasionally elsewhere.


    My motivation is NOT altruistic. I derive pleasure from solving problems and helping people.


    You see the world as a horse, and you're the burr under it's blanket. You rarely contribute anything positive.

    Mostly you're just here to make snide remarks and jerk people's chains.


    You COULD have DL'd Live10, installed it, and verified the problem in 15 minutes, then hit uninstall. You might even have discovered the problem while you were at it, since it DID turn out to be a MAC thing.


    But noooo, you'd rather take that 15 minutes to fight with me.


    Buy a MAC? Somebody GAVE me one. I gave it back after two weeks.

    That's not to say PC is better than MAC. We all have our preferences. The comment I made about it being a MAC thing was actually in jest, it just HAPPENED to turn out to be right. Your knee jerk defense of your preference was silly. I've never made derogatory comments about MACs. I once made a statement, based on my observations of why people choose MAC over PC or vice versa, which actually complimented MACs (paraphrased: for those who want a turnkey solution requiring minimum computer knowledge/intervention), and criticized those who buy PCs (because they're cheaper, then they whine about them not being turnkey solutions).


    SUM IT UP - You want to fight with me because it's in keeping with your "burr under the blanket" perception of your role on earth.


    Try being helpful instead. You MIGHT like it!



    1. spikey


      YADA YADA YADA. Here's your SUM right back.  I'm not here to satisfy your little personal experiments. I'm not on this earth to take your crap or anyone else's. You help others as long as they rub you the way you want them to. You wanna know why things are then do it, but don't get upset when others don't do what you want and fire back at you for runnin yer mouth at them when they don't with cute barbs. And don't flatter yourself,  you are not a burr under my blanket, or significant in any form to me. I'm just doing this with you to show the same sarcasm that you've used for so long now, you don't even recognize when you do it. How does it feel when someone treats you the same way as you treat them? That medicine tastes bad doesn't it? We do agree on one thing- we are both stubborn. Now that we have helped each other I feel much better, how about you? ; )

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