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  1. On 6/30/2022 at 11:18 AM, boynigel said:

    I've always been leery of the speakers that Line 6 uses in their "budget" lines.  If you switched to Catalyst, it's obviously working for you.  Care to comment/elaborate, for the speaker snobs out there like me?  I'm just curious.


    Per comments from the design team in the Catalyst thread on TGP, they tested dozens of speakers, then spec'd out the design they decided on to (?).


    My thoughts - unlike the single purpose speakers in most guitar amps, the Cat has to handle clean to mean in a power range of 0.5-100watts but was NOT intended or designed to be a "full range" speaker. That's why it sounds so good as a guitar amp speaker - because it is!


    As to the speakers in the cheaper L6 modeling amps, I've never had one but a friend of mine who plays in a VERY loud punk/metal band has used a 75watt Spider for years. Never blown a speaker and sounds perfect in that context. Go figure!

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  2. On 6/30/2022 at 7:50 AM, dacop13 said:

    So you are not using the Helix anymore and switched to the Catalyst100 combo? How does that amp compare to the Helix amp models?


    I use Helix AND the Catalyst100. Helix provides <>70 more amps, tons of concurrent FX and full MIDI control.

    Best of both worlds!

  3. I no longer use a tube power amp (switched to Catalyst100), but when I did it was a 6v6.

    Why did I name a tube TYPE rather than a BRAND?

    Because it's the tube TYPE (and speaker/cab of course) that determines the flavor of the amp, especially at higher volume levels.


    If you primarily use Fender/Vox preamps, you should think about 6v6/EL84.

    If you primarily use Marshall/Mesa preamps then EL34/6L6 might be a better choice.

    If you use full amp models of every type, well, that's what Class D is about!


    Those are just general rules of course. Twins are 6L6 and "boutique" type amps might use anything, but I'd say to base your choice on use case rather than brand.

  4. Break it down to it's simplest components.

    I created a preset with nothing but an amp/cab and ping-pong delay set to 2 seconds.

    XLR out to my Scarlett 18i20.

    Channels in the Scarlett centered.

    The pings and pongs alternate as would be expected. A ping or a pong every 2 seconds.

    When I disconnect XLR/Right, I hear the delay every two seconds, from both speakers.

    Stereo summed to mono as expected.

    IOW - my results match yours.

    I then switched the XLRs from my Scarlett to a Behringer mixer.

    I got the same results.

    I could not duplicate your problem regardless of gear type.

    I'm attaching my preset for you to try.

    Attach one of your "problem" presets (without any troubleshooting mods/blocks) and I'll have a look at it.



  5. On 6/27/2022 at 6:27 PM, boynigel said:



    yes, but it's my understanding that I could patch a mic pre to one of the LT's returns.  less than desirable but do-able...unless it sounds gross that way.



    Good point, and I'll give you my reasoning to correct if I'm wrong.  I had a TERRIBLE experience with a USB AI interface years ago.  Terrible latency/performance.  Returned it. Totally turned me off to USB.  Changed to, and stayed w/firewire until my recent upgrade to a new machine.  to be fair, this was around 2007-ish.  My new Mac Studio has all of its USB ports spoken for and I'm wary to bringing a hub into the mix (were I to go with a USB AI), my fear being that it will hurt performance...but maybe USB is night and day better now than it was 15 years ago.  


    That said, my Mac Studio has 4 unused thunderbolt ports but all the AI's that use that are kinda breaking the bank for me...at least for now, on the heels of recently purchasing the new Mac and other essentials.  I'm guessing there are likely USB 2.0 to Thunderbolt adapters, but I'm paranoid about those from another (poor performance) experience.


    You're probably going to remind me that the Helix is a USB interface.  yep, but it performs w/no latency that I can detect...and I don't know if this is due to USB advancements as a whole, or something unique to how the Helix utilizes USB, allowing it to perform better than other USB devices?


    Coupla things.


    Using a mic with a preamp of ANY sort is going to give you WAY better results than using an INST/LINE input.


    USB works. I have 11 devices, mostly MIDI controllers, Helix, Powercab, Catalyst, Scarlett 18i20, HD). Two hubs, one straight USB, one USB to C.

    Windows 10, i7-7th gen laptop, 16gb.

    Apart from occasional USB ground issues (annoying background hiss when using high gain amps/pedals at volumes that lollipop off my neighbors - pull one or another unused device to remedy), works flawlessly.

    Of course I have no idea what your "terrible experience" was, but I can definitely tell you that today's USB AIs are much improved over those of just a few years ago.

    And if you're wondering about bandwidth, unless you're working with VERY large projects, like, several dozen tracks, USB has MORE than enough bandwidth.

    Lastly, a USB to Thunderbolt Hub costs <>$20.


    Don't confuse the end-to-end latency of Helix (2-3ms) with the latency from monitoring through a DAW.

    The above system gives me 7.6ms RTL through my Scarlett, 12.5ms using Helix. That's at 48k and 64spls.

    Those are the DAW reported numbers (Reaper, Ableton, Cakewalk).

    Though I've never measured Helix, I've measured the Scarlett using proper measurement SW (Oblique RTL) and that's pretty accurate.

    Lastly, the Scarlett has 10 Inputs/12 Outputs plus expansion capability via ADAT to 18/20.


    Price comparison - IDK what you paid for your LT, but you'd likely get around $700 on fleabay.

    A used Floor on fleabay is around $1100. I would not buy something like this used off fleabay.

    A 3rd gen Scarlett 18i20 retails at $550, and you still have your LT.


    Lastly - I'm partial to the Focusrite stuff, but Behringer has an equivalent (?) for $280.

    IDK how equivalent they are (check the features and specs) but I hear they're actually pretty good for home use.


    Anyhow, hope I've provided food for thought.

    Now I need food for ME!


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  6. Nope nothing wrong with that. Works fine.

    FWIW - that's NOT what was meant by a sample preset. That's just a Volume Pedal Block in a BLANK preset.

    Attach an ACTUAL preset that you're using so we can see what else might be going on.

    Of course, if you're part of a top-secret CIA operation I guess that's not possible.

    Otherwise, I PROMISE - no one here will sell your preset on the internet. Honest!

    Also, you didn't specify your wiring - Guitar>Helix>Amp Input? Guitar>Helix>FX Return?

    You mentioned Exp2 and Exp3 - the on-board Exp pedal can be 1 or 2 but not 3 - are you also using an external expression pedal?

    If so, there could be a problem with the assignments. Another reason for attaching a REAL sample preset.

  7. Not sure I understand - your LT doesn't have a MIC input. If you want to use a MIC with Helix as AI you'll need the Floor model.

    Since the Floor model also has SPDIF you'll be able to compare your SPDIF Pre and the Helix Mic Input. 

    The SPDIF IN should work fine for that purpose.

    My question would be - why spend the extra $ on the Helix Floor? For the same $ or thereabouts you can get a proper AI with multiple Channel Inputs, SPDIF and ADAT expansion capabilites, and it'll likely have as good or better preamps as Helix and definitely better latency if you're processing anything ITB.

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  8. Attach a sample preset.


    Also, in as few words as possible, describe your wiring.


    EXAMPLE: Guitar>Helix Input>Helix L/Mono Out>Amp Input


    Telling us in excessive detail what you think we should know is much less effective than providing simple answers to the questions we ask and attaching a sample preset.

  9. On 6/26/2022 at 2:17 PM, lawrence_Arps said:

    Its interesting you see this as a bug.


    This behaviour is the same on any two midi devices .  If you edit a parameter that parameter will change but the patch will not change its name.  As an example, if I have a mixer patch and connect a MIDI controller I can change parameters in the mixer from the controller but the patch will not change (and devices vary as to whether they remember those changes on power up).  Unless you save the Patch, the changes will be lost.

    In that mixer example the Patch name might be "All Muted", and the mute parameter active for all channels.  On the controller I can unmute channels, but the name of the Patch will still say "All Muted".

    I dont see this as a bug.

    I do however have a PC Patch labelled "Helix Control" so I know where the "Master" controls are.


    I don't think that we're talking about the same (or even related) issues.


    The post that you quoted was related to an issue where if you use L6 Link from Helix to select a Powercab Mode wherein the HF Driver should be OFF (all modes except Flat/FRFR and UserIR) the HF Driver would not (consistently) turn OFF, rather it would remain in the state invoked by the PC Preset. I call it a bug (and I'm not alone in this) because if the Helix REMOTE setting is set to PRESET that should override the Powercab's Preset. It almost seems as though the Powercab's tiny brain can't decide who's in charge - it's preset or the Helix L6 Link settings!


    This has nothing at all to do with Preset NAMES. The only thing that can change a preset's NAME is if the user goes in and manually changes it.

    Well, I suppose a very technically adept person could write some fancy script to do it, but that's a whole 'nother subject!

  10. On 6/25/2022 at 6:39 AM, Tede said:

    Thanks for the reply. No I dont expect it to sound 100% like a deluxe reverb. But if its close to this, then im happy 


    Umm, YouTube...


    However, I suspect that ITRW, using the UAFX or Helix with Catalyst will be close enough for R'n'R!


    Really, there's only one way to find out. Do attach a clip!



  11. Update to HX Edit v3.15.

    In HX Edit, lower left corner, there's a ? . Click that. Click ABOUT. You can now see BOTH the Device's FW version AND the HX Edit version.

    They need to match.

    FYI - the UPDATER only updates the FW. It does NOT update HX Edit, nor is it used to backup presets. You use HX Edit for that.


    EDIT: When updating the FW be sure to follow ALL of the directions EXACTLY!

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  12. On 6/24/2022 at 6:15 AM, ichasedx said:

    Originally, I created one preset for a specific venue, and had my Helix set to 8 SS's. I then went through each SS CC loading the different pedal presets, thinking I could just randomly select between SS's. After reading your response, I now realize that the easier way to approach this would be to change the SS's to presets, and change the FS layout.  I tend not to change my tone mid song so latency isn't a problem, I'll just create a specific preset for that situation if the need arises.

    Do I have this correct now?

    You're a lifesaver...thanks again.



    Helix provides for multiple ways to do most everything. Use the method that works best for you and your specific situations.


  13. On 6/23/2022 at 3:04 PM, natewan said:

    HX Stomp on v3.15
    Snapshots are changing parameters that I have assigned to Midi CC commands and not as Snapshot parameters.


    How I found the issue:
    It happens with any parameter assigned to a midi CC# but I found it while trying to toggle a note sync on a delay between 1/4 and 1/8 Dotted. When I change to a different snapshot the note sync goes back to what that snapshot was saved as. This parameter was not assigned as a snapshot edit.

    This happens with snapshot edit set to discard as well as recall. 


    Very strange, and not necessarily MIDI related (I duplicated it with no MIDI involvement).

    Have fun explaining this to support... :-)

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  14. The Loops are audio. MIDI is entirely independent of audio.

    If Pedal A is set to receive on Ch1 and Pedal B is set to receive on Ch2, Pedal A needs to be set to MIDI THRU (on the PEDAL) to get the messages on Ch2 thru to Pedal B. Helix MIDI Out is connected to Pedal A MIDI IN, Pedal A MIDI THRU is connected to Pedal B MIDI IN.

    The Audio just goes Out the SEND, in to Pedal A INPUT, out Pedal A Output, in to Pedal B Input, out Pedal B Output to the RETURN.


    If you use an IC to select a Bank and Preset on a Pedal, you can use a FS to select a different Bank/Preset on demand.

    However, to get back to the original Pedal Preset you'd have to reload the Helix Preset OR have another SS whose IC1 is set to Bank/Program with everything OFF and IC2 set to the same Bank/Program settings as IC1 was set to in SS1:


    SS1 - IC1 - Bank/Program set to Bank X Program X

    SS2 IC1 set to Bank/Program OFF; IC2 set to Bank X Program X.


    Confused yet?


    See the attached example preset.

    MIDI test.hlx

  15. On 6/23/2022 at 6:50 AM, ichasedx said:

    My question...Is it possible to have access to a snapshot within a different preset than you are in? I would basically like to have the ability to select any combination of snapshots, from different presets? (reverb/delay).


    Not using CommandCenter. You would need a MIDI controller that was capable of sending more than one MIDI Command at a time.

    For instance:

    CC#0 Value 7 + PC#33 + CC#69 Value 3

    Would call Bank #6 Preset #33 Snapshot 4.


    You would then need to set up another FS on the controller to go wherever you wanted to go next.

    This is not a very simple thing to configure, as it requires a lot of strategery on your part.

    Then changing it all to accommodate the setlist and songs.

    And then being able to recall in the heat of battle which FS sends you where THIS week.


    Hitting the "ambient" FS for a blues solo would be embarrassing at best!

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  16. On 6/22/2022 at 5:38 PM, JSklarin said:

    I feel like I have done a fair bit of searching around, and I don't think I have found a definitive answer.  Pretty simple questions.  I use a Reverse Delay assigned to footswitch 3 in a preset.  I want to add a snapshot that swaps out the reverse with a traditional delay and assign that to footswitch 3.  Is this possible?  From what I am seeing, the general response is no since the snapshots are 'subsets' of one preset.  Any thoughts/help would be appreciated.


    Secondarily - is there a way to assign a temp in a tap tempo sort of way to the tap footswitch (or any footswitch).  Not sure why I can't seem to figure that out.


    No on the first.

    HUH? on the second.

  17. Just verify that the keystep does MIDI over USB, not just using the DIN ports.


    After looking at your screenshots I'm more convinced than ever that the problem has to do with running the P90 through Helix.

    IDK why that should be. I use my KB same as you (NOT a keys player), and my Seiko DS-250 dates from the 1980s!


    As I said above, I had a similar problem at one time. I just spent a few minutes swapping all of my various MIDI connections around, IN/OUT/THRU/AROUND/OVER and DOWN trying to replicate the problem and couldn't! Whatever I did to fix the problem so long ago fixed it good!

    Could also be that MS improved it's MIDI handling in some update or other, it's not like the Gods of Redmond would deign to tell us mortals something like that...


    Now, why PT doesn't connect is another story. When I had the problem, whatever softsynth I was using would just lock up with the note playing.

    But that was Reaper. Did I mention how much I hate PT?

    Though, while I hate to defend it, when I reinstalled PTF it automatically recognized all 7 of my MIDI controllers and set them up to work with it.

    That's something that neither Reaper nor Ableton will do!

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  18. Nobody's computer has had a serial port since the dark ages, so I assume there's nothing connected to the HOST Port.

    I'm also assuming there's nothing connected to the MIDI IN Port.

    Set the switch by the MIDI Port to MIDI.

    If you have a sustain pedal, connect it. The troubleshooting section of the P90 manual mentions possible problems in this area.

    If you don't have a sustain pedal a dummy 1/4" plug might work, worth a try. Or any momentary FS. BOSS FS pedals have a polarity switch you could try.

    IIRC, a sustain pedal works by delaying the MIDI NOTE OFF message (NOTE# + Value <64). I could be wrong about that.

    Can you see that message occurring in the MIDI Monitor?

    If possible, take a screenshot of your MIDI Monitor screen and attach it to your reply so I can (hopefully) see what the P90 is actually sending.

    Unfortunately, like many things MAC, the MIDI Monitors I've seen simplify the readout to the point of near uselessness.

    If there are any display options in your MIDI Monitor, make sure they're all on. If there's a HEX option turn it OFF.

    I don't speak HEX. I can translate it but it's a PITA.

    Hopefully this will give me some more info.

    It's possible that the P90 is transmitting so much data at such a high rate that it's overwhelming the MIDI THRU capability of the Helix.

    It's also possible that you've been cursed by an evil witch, but we'll cross that stream when we get there :-).

    It's late now, I'll look into it more tomorrow when I have the screenshot.

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