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  1. HI,

    actually i'm using my HD500 connected to the guitar input of my Mesa Boogie amp (clean channel and the max flat eq possible like bass=5/10,mid=5/10 and so on).

    In the past i tryed other connection methods ( L6 with DT25, send/return, bypassing preamp of the amp ...) but now i find my the best results direct to the amp.

    Now i have a big question...

    I'm a little boring to try patches with different output modes to find which sound best, also "output mode" isn't a storable parameter for each patchs; more: the large patches downlodable from the customtone site are made for DIRECT/STUDIO, but this large number of patches

    sound very good to a PA and almost bad to a guitar amp ( caused mostly to a bad-according EQ).

    So, my request is if someone of you could try to program an EQ Fx Model (like Mid focus EQ or other) to put in the end of the effect's chain that try "convert" a DIRECT SOUND patch to a "Direct to Input guitar" Patch.

    Maybe connecting the POD to a Studio Monitor and to a guitar amp  and trying step by step variations...don't know...

    Yes i know the result is probably impossible or not perfect but i think would be very useful .


    Sorry for my poor English





  2. Hi all m8s,


    i ask someone of you if can try to make 2 patches for HD500 ( i have a standard Ibanez RG guitar - not a Variax ) about this 2 sounds :


    Dream Theater - On The Backs Of Angels - Guitar Stem




    (Best if listen with headphones)


    1) The clean sound starting at 0:17 ( seems 2 sounds together , 1 acoustic and 1 electric with phaser )


    2) The marvellous distort sound starting at 1:30 


    If is possible , either for direct sound and for L6 connection with DT amp.


    Thanx a Lot



  3. as stumblinman said, Send of DT25 to Guitar In of POD - but - take either 1/4 out from POD back to Return of DT25.  There is no need to use an FX block at all.


    The real question is why in the world would you want to do this? You gain nothing since the preamp modeling in the DT is EXACTLY the same as in the POD.  If you just want to avoid the L6 link for whatever reason, just go guitar in to the POD and POD 1/4 out straight to the DT25 Return.  Skip the DT25 for everything except the tube power section.


    Better still, as Palico said - USE THE L6 LINK!!


    Is so strange to talk about this question m8, but i still haven't know perfectly how the L6 link works. I mean, is not so simple as it appear, how the DT25 and the POD manages the patches.

    Don't know why sometimes i made some beautiful patches and i love the sound i obtain from this connection, but after few days the same patchs sounds different.

    It seems just like some parameter of the patches changes in a misterious way, dunno.

    But if i memorize the patches in the POD is possible via the DT25 to change permanently some parameters that the POD can't manage?

    Sorry but this problem make me crazy and frustrating about L6 connection. It would be so nice...

  4. Connect from Send of DT25 to guitar input of Pod, not Pod effects loop return. Then use send from Pod to return on amp.  Make sure you have the FX Loop block in the Pod signal path, and make sure it's on.

    Yes the solution was to connect from Send of DT25 to guitar input of Pod, thanx m8,

  5. Hi,


    i'm trying to connect the DT25 with HD500 in a send return loop, but when i try i can't hear any sound.

    Maybe i'm going bad with some connections but it seems to me the right way...


     - guitar cable in the INPUT in of the DT25


     - a jack to connect the send of the DT25 to the return of HD500


     - a jack to connect the send of the HD500 to the return of the DT25




    ...i'm doing wrong something?

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