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  1. Hi, I consider getting a Pod Go as a fly rig. Can anybody tell me how well it is built and if it performs reliable. I am a touring musician with occasional fly in gigs and therefore want a lightweight and sturdy rig. Playing a wide range of shows (festivals, tv performances, headline shows etc)


    I also considered building a board around the HX stomp, but cost is a factor, and a pedalboard with all its components would be overkill.


    Maybe someone that heavily uses the Pod Go can help me.

  2. 9 hours ago, spikey said:

    I would get both. Why? Well money issues aside for a moment, It takes time to learn both and use both with proficiency. You can not compare the two units unless they are side by side, and then one will most likely be better at some things and vice-versa. I have a Kemper and a Helix and the same is true for them. But both sound good, with one sounding better at some sounds and again, vice versa. The Helix for example has more options for being the "center" of your guitar driven studio. The Kemper by now has profiled nearly every amp out there. Not all the profiles are good, but many are and they out-number what Helix has available. So you see, there are pros and cons ( depending on how you look at it) of both boxes. But again, no one box will work well for you unless you spend time learning how to use it, from information available here and elsewhere like YouTube for example. Hope this helps a bit. ; )


    thank you very much! I also made that experience, I also have a kemper and there are situation where one shines more as the other. Right now I am more looking for a live touring setup (when we hopefully get to play gigs again). Just getting both to try them out will the way to go I guess.


    6 hours ago, willjrock said:




    as you can see I went through a lot of gear haha .. while I got the sounds I like out of all of them it were most of the time usability issues, that kept me for keeping them for live use. I somehow always came back to the helix when looking for an all in one, flexible live setup, that must be a sign haha. As you may have read, I now have a hx stomp again. In my older post I described that I had faulty units. This problem has been solved, both times I got them right after release with the first batch and had bad luck. Have the stomp for a year now without any problems.


    6 hours ago, phil_m said:

    Well, I have the FM3. It's a fine device, and it sounds good. I'd say the same thing about the Helix. I did own the Fractal AX8 briefly, but I really didn't give it much of a chance. I couldn't make heads or tails of the hardware apart from the editor. The FM3 is a little better in that respect, but still not great. UI isn't Fractal's strong suit, for sure. I know people rave about Fractal's editors, but I think FM3 Edit is rather clunky and slow, too. There are just too many freaking tabs and knobs. The thing is, there are some people who love that about it. So it depends on what type of person you are.


    To me, the design intent behind each device is so different, that even though they're both modelers, they're really in different universes. The Helix is the first multi-FX that makes me feel like I'm playing with real pedals. Not in the sense that everything is exactly the same, but in the fact that changing stuff is immediate, and turning knobs and changing parameters is a very interactive thing. I don't get that feeling with other modelers.


    To me, the thing that is nice about the FM3 is that there's a level of curation as far as the IRs that are paired with each amp model. It's different than Line 6's approach. Line 6 is very much about giving you a blank slate.  Fractal seem to pick IRs that highlight certain qualities in the amp models. The other thing that's kind of cool with the FM3 is that multi-function switching. You can do a lot with the three footswitches. However, it's also kind of annoying after awhile. It seems that whatever you want to do on the FM3, you have to hold down a footswitch to get the next view. If I really wanted to use the FM3 live, I'd probably want the FC6 to go along with it. That's another $500, though.


    thanks for your help! these are also the main concerns I have with the fm3. The fact the helix seems more immediate and like touching the "real" pedals is a big pro for me. On the hx stomp its the first time I have fun building patches, where as on the other modellers it felt like work.


    5 hours ago, bypassvalve said:

    Axe Fx amps are better, at the cost off having to know how to actually dial them in. Helix amps are hard to make a bad sound with, AFX3 is very easy to make a bad sound. If fractal amps are 100% real, helix amps are 95% real, just with helix it's always there when you turn it on, no matter what you do. AFX3 has a huge learning curve, especially if you aren't familiar with the amp model you're dialing in and how it behaves in real life.


    Helix cab block is way better with mics and distance and reflections, there is no fractal equivalent, only factory and user IRs. Fractal can play very long IRs though, it adds realism, but only regarding negligible low end and early reflections, nothing you can't synthesize and tune with micro delays. 


    Fractal effects sound good, but only in the way of fidelity. Fractal doesn't gaf about emulating specific devices, save a very few select units. Especially the delays, fractal delays are half assed bulllollipop...none of them are actual bucket brigade algorithms, or analog, there is only ONE pitch shifting algorithm (where delay time alters feedback pitch), and that's the so called "tape" algorithm. It isn't tape at all, it's just digital delay, with user adjustable generic distortion and repeat equalization. Modulation effects recently got updated, but you will not get "the sound" of a device, you only get the "type" of sound those devices make, that you can then tune to preference. It's fun to tweak, but not as much fun as turning it on, loading a CE-1 and Memory Man block and having them ACTUALLY SOUND like they are supposed to, you will never ever ever get that with FAS effects. You get lots of horsepower and lots of capability with way too much frustration to make it worth it, if you just want to browse gear and jam. What you do get with FAS is all of two hundred something ACTUAL amplifiers, component by component actual recreations of the hardware, with obscene amounts of tweakability into the inner workings of the preamp and power amp. Using it as a preamp into a tube power amp, the preamps of all of the models are indistinguishable from the real things, like "holy lollipop, i now have ALL OF THE AMPLIFIERS". You get all of that for $2k, plus a boatload of LFOs and envelopes and pitch tracking that tracks better than the NSA. 


    thank you for your reply! yeah these are also the problems I ran into when I had the AX8.


    I really love this forum, so much great advice, thank you all! I think the helix is the better option for me, maybe I'll get a chance to try the axe, but otherwise I will go for helix.

  3. This topic has surely been brought up a lot of times, but how does the Helix with the current firmware 2.90 and its improvements compare (soundwise) to the axe? I am currently a Hx Stomp user (had an AX8 before, but sold it because it was frustrating to program and use) and have been very statisfied with the results I got lately and I got very close to the AX8.


    since the fractal FM3 is coming out and I cant decide wheter to get the helix floor (for more flexibility, the stomp isnt enough for me anymore) or the the fractal, (because a lot of people praise the modelling of the axe fx 3) I wanna ask if someone has both and if there really is such a big difference, or if you wouldnt even notice with a little bit of tweaking.

  4. 2 minutes ago, gunpointmetal said:

    I've had mine since a few months after launch with daily use, transporting 3-5 days a week on a pedalboard to rehearsal and shows, and haven't had an issue.

    That being said, if you rely on your gear for your paycheck and you're using it everyday and traveling, you need to have a backup with all your settings update alongside your main unit. Anything less would be irresponsible.

    Thanks your your respone, sounds great, do you have a stomp or a floor?


    yeah, I always keep a little preamp and cabsim in my pocket as a backup! Luckily never needes it but would get me through the gig.

  5. Hey there!

    so I wanted to ask, what are your experiences in the long run with the helix, especially in professional use/touring?

    Right now I am a Kemper + pedalboard player as well as the Boss GT 1000, but never got quite statisfied. But having tried the helix more recently I was very happy with the sounds I got as well as the flexibility.

    Since I am professionally gigging musician my question is:

    Did you have any major issues, freezing, parts breaking, errors during shows, total dropouts etc.

    I had a HX Stomp and a HX Effects, both times I had the bad luck of a faulty unit. Gear failure just must not happen for me.

    So what are the opinions on the helix of the touring musicians out here, since the helix has been out for a few years? (Sound, reliability, build quality) :)

  6. 4 hours ago, Kilrahi said:


    Weird. No I do not have the buzz.


    Before you open a support ticket I would try rolling back the update and then reinstalling it. 


    already tried that, it is still there, on all outputs, amp and speaker units. maybe its a deffective unit. I will return it.

  7. so I recently got a hx stomp, tried it out, everything was working fine and it was dead silent, then I updated to the new firmware and all of a sudden got this buzz noise (its attachedto this post). it goes away after some time, but comes back. I also tried different power supplies and outlets , its always the same result, does anybody else have this problem, it seems like a software issue, since it was working fine before doing the update.

    hx stomp buzz.mp3

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