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  1. I have a gig next weekend and plan on using my Helix directly into a PA. I was wondering, how should I adjust my presets (equalize) so that I can cut through the mix well, while still having a killer tone?


     A preset made in a room will NOT sound the same when played in a live setting (with drummer, bass, etc). I have heard that I should boost my mids to cut through the mix well, so maybe I should do that. What do you all think?


    Do any of you have good live presets you would like to share with me? Or explain your methodology behind creating your preset? 



    The songs I'm playing live with a band include the following:



    - Bubble Dream by Chon

    - Book by Chon

    - Elliptical Illuminations by Chon



    Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated :)

  2. I play directly through the PA or powerd speakers all the time and it sounds great, including awesome feedback on higher gain sounds. As bsd512 said though whether you use a guitar amp, PA. FRFR, or powered speakers you are going to want to set the EQ properly and that may well include low and high cuts. I prefer using full range speakers myself rather than a guitar amp to truly bring out the character of the different amp models on the Helix.

  3. Helix has so many output options there are many possibilities depending on how much you want to spend and/or your needs, i.e., live sound w/band volume, or home/practice volume. For the latter, it's hard to go wrong with a pair of decent powered studio monitors, something along the lines of Yamaha HS7 or HS8's, though cheaper options that are likely just a good would be fine depending on how much you want to spend. For the former, I'd probably look at powered PA speakers, there's lots of suggestions for specific models that folks have experience with on here, I can't recall all of them off the top of my head.


    Whatever route you go, you will likely need to adjust your patches assuming you've created them to sound as good as you can through the front of your current guitar amp. That will likely color the sound quite a bit assuming you are using amp and cab modeling in the Helix and not just the effects. Direct to PA or studio monitors will sound somewhat different/more true to the amp/cab that is being modeled and not colored by the real amp that is also adding its own character to your signal.

  4. Hey all,


    I have had my Helix for about two months and have just been playing it through an aux chord hooked up to my old guitar amplifier. 


    I would like to get a much better sound because I feel like the aux chord + cheap guitar amp isnt doing it.


    I talked to one guy that played his Helix directly through a PA.


    What do you all think?



    What can I play my helix through that will give me a good sound? Any specific suggestions? Thanks!

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