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  1. Very cool and well done guys.  You both look like you're definitely bringing the party.  Keep it up and thanks for the pictures.


    Just FYI, if you plan on 'flying' or hanging the StageSource speakers, we always recommend using the Eyebolt Suspension Kit that you can find here: 



    And ALWAYS be sure to contact a rigging professional.  Thanks again for the pics!

  2. I'm sorry this happened at your gig.  I have not seen this type of failure previously with the mixer.  I'm aware that you are referring to XLR input, so does that mean if you plug in a guitar 1/4" into inputs 1-12 it will work?  This happens only with XLR? 


    Please contact our service department and register your unit for expedited service.  We would like to take care of this for you as soon as possible.


    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


    Regarding the light showing from around the outside of the MUTE ALL and MUTE MIC buttons, that is correct.  The light will show out around the edges of the buttons when they are engaged - similar to a halo.

  3. Also, keep in mind that the best usage of the FBS system on your L3/L2 speakers will be the GREEN setting for the vast majority of uses. Only if you are using the green mode and find that does not sufficiently reduce feedback should you move up to the orange/amber setting... or possibly to the red setting.


    Using a FBS setting that is too aggressive may cause undesired audio artifacts.

  4. The HD500 master volume may not work when L6 linked to a L3/L2 speaker, however the channel volume on your HD500 will affect your volume.  The reason the master volume is disabled on the HD500 in this example is because the master volume on your L3/L2 truly is your master volume.  Adding a 2nd master volume could add the possibility of overly gaining your signal and inadvertently blasting yourself with a signal that is way louder than you had anticipated.


    Regarding the ability to change speaker modes, you are correct that they would have to be saved as part of your tone preset beforehand.  A possibility for working around this could be that you save multiple instances of the same preset but with different speaker modes.  For example, 1A is electric guitar, 1B is acoustic guitar, 1C is for monitor mode (to take away some low end), and 1D is reference PA - all of those settings are on your speaker, but the tone is the same for each. 


    Frankly, I'm not entirely sure why you would want to do this, and I believe that you may find that the electric guitar setting that the speaker defaults to will generally be the best setting for your electric guitar.  Of course different effects and settings may create a nice little change in tone, but feel free to try it out.


    Different settings do have different EQ's.

  5. Yes, all vocal presets will have FBS on them, however some instruments will not.  Individual drums, for example, do not have FBS on them.  Instruments that say direct also will not have FBS, however any instrument that is mic'd or says mic'd will have FBS.  Instruments that have amps or cabinets will have FBS on them as well.  Instruments that have a 1/4" input in the top right of their icon in the galley - which runs across the bottom or the stage in setup mode will not have FBS, because that 1/4" input is meant as a direct input.


    Any instruments that have a direct input and are not mic'd will not have FBS - but, again, drums won't have FBS either.


    FBS can be found in the Tweak mode, in deep tweak, in the input section.



    I hope this is helpful. 

  6. We have heard a number of requests for IEM systems from the previous forums.  Please create a product feedback ticket in the product feedback section of the Line 6 website at the following web address:  At this time, I'm not aware of any IEM systems in development, but we are aware of your request.  Creating a product feedback ticket will only increase the visibility of your request.

  7. The L6 Link connection on the StageScape M20d is a output and not an input,and it looks like the same can be said for your Roland.  So the AES/EBU output on your Roland board would not sufficiently input to your StageScape.  However, you could use the StageScape as a monitor mixer by creatively assigning your Roland inputs to your assignable outputs which then feed into your StageScape mixer.  However, this is not necessarily the best setup because you wont have control over individual inputs if you have more inputs than you have assignable outputs on your Roland.  For example, if you have 3 guitars plugged into your Roland, and you group them to the same assignable output and plug that assignable output into your M20d, you will be able to send all 3 guitars to a monitor on the M20d, but you would not be able to control the individual levels of those guitars in the monitors without controlling the 3 guitar inputs on your Roland mixer.


    I hope this is helpful.

  8. Hi Antonio,


    I completely understand your disappointment since it can be construed that the use of streaming to a computer means "as audio interface" and it works perfectly. The USB port can still be used for any streaming that does not require monitoring through the computer and we tried to keep our language clear by talking about streaming to computer. In this case, obviously it did not work so well. Otherwise, we would not have caused you the trouble you are mentioning. The M20d is primarily meant to be used as a live sound mixing console, and we are working to reduce latency when streaming.


    The fact that you ended up with no audio interface because you sold it relying on StageScape to replace it is of course a problem.


    I'd like to talk more about this with you, and, again, I apologize for the strife this has caused you. I will be reaching out to you shortly.


    Does the rest of the mixer meet your expectations?



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