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  1. Okay OP and Sparky and the rest of you here.I spent some quality time where I work today with a Powercab Plus and my Helix Stomp.


    IT KILLS! Unless you are a totally green(newb)) or a barely started guitar lessons player this thing kills!AITR and all points in between.


    Please folks be responsible with your posts here re: L6 products. For the most part many of you are clueless and ignorant. This is a marvelous product made for those who have chosen to use modelers. I am a seasoned working pro player and this thing is just what I have asked for! Thank you L6!


    you guys who think it suxx need some lessons.


    I am an instructor at GC and I can help you with that lol!

  2. After selling my beloved JTV69 because its internal batteries go into protect when outside in 100 plus degree weather (I live in a very hit climate)and my HD500 with it I have not been here in quite a while. I picked up the little Relay G10s for a poolside resort gig I have over the summer a couple days ago.I have used many many Line 6 amps /effects and still use a G50 wireless(killer unit!) a lot.I have been considering a Helix LT to replace my GT100.I also have been teaching at a GC here in central California for the last two and a half years so I have been getting a daily dose of peoples(esp musicians) ridiculous demands of companies that make the gear we love. Modeling gear esp is not a bazzilion dollar business. Profitable sure but not an Amazon bonanza of bloated profits. I am very put off by some of the comments here directed at the guys representing L6. What a bunch of impatient petulant silly children who are posting these things.Some of you need to work on your chops and your attitude. Have some class. L6 is a great company and we are lucky to have them. I have used the software going back to my days of commercials and Amp Farm. I think a new Gibson(the horror) and a Helix LT I shall purchase after summer is over lol! You younger players have no idea how ez things are for guitar players these days! But  uh please carry on while I approach the backyard beer and BBQ.Happy 4th of July to DI and Frank Richotte and everyone here at Line 6!

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  3. After my beautiful JTV 69 sits unplayed for a while only the modeling side of things will work.The mag pups dont come on.Cleaning the output jack gently with contact cleaner seems to help but I wonder if its the modeling switch?Going to be playing it a little more in the next couple months and see how it goes. That guitar killed last night through a DSL15 head and 4x12 cab with a Boss GT100 in front of it. 

  4. I do this sometimes with a Palmer DI cab sim/ ADA cab sim or Atomic Ampli- Firebox. 1/4 out from HD500 to Cab Simulator.1/4 in no cab to my amp from cab sim unit di  for monitoring guitar.XLR from cab sim unit to FOH mixer.Then I can turn my amp up or down all I want without blowing the front of house mix.

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  5. My Eagles Tribute “The Last Resort†debuted yesterday at a local venue /winery for almost 500 people.My JTV/HD500 worked perfectly.Sat right in the mix and performed LP P90s/ Tele/Strat/Acoustic 6-12 string and banjo duties. Worth every cent and every hour of time it took to dial it in.The other two guitarists are using pedals-tube amps and my tones were more Eagles like than theirs were.

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  6. I use a JTV69 in my Eagles Tribute.I had to lower all string volumes and patch volumes to get the models working correctly.IMHO maxing them makes all the plinks planks plunks etc... worse.And I lowered the mags height as well.For my low gain Eagles material the guitar works great and I switch back and forth between mags/ models when appropriate. I bought the guitar specifically for this purpose and it works very well for when I dont want to bring a tele/ LP/ acoustic etc...to one of these gigs.I have found though it sounds better through my tube amps ( like everything else does) but still does a credible job through my HD500/ Alto powered speakers.


    I had to stick with it a long while to figure it out.And I know you have done that.Maybe it just wont work for you.

  7. I got to this thread after experiencing same issue, just a couple of weeks in use and just right after having done latest 221 fw update got the problem the switch either doesnt react, gets into tuner mode but pops back to normal mode upon release or taking a very long time before switch is made. I twisted/turned the know around a few rounds and it seemed to be gone. Let's see what's next..

    you will need to replace the switch.

  8. Used HD500 studio direct/ cabs off into A/DA cab simulator again last night with FRFR speaker.Again I spent no time tweaking my patches as I did before I started using it this way.I could even tweak the mic placement on the A/DA ever so slightly for the room.

    Yes the cabs are cool in the HD and thanks to Hurghanico I was able to use them.I just like this a lot better.It is an analog device with all the warmth that comes with that. As far as extraneous stuff goes lol! this little box is nothing compared to all the other crap I have to set up and check before a gig.So since I am really just playing / singing the tunes now when I use my HD instead of playing / singing / thinking about what I need to hop down and tweak between songs I will continue to do it. It has improved everything about this unit.


    The only other way I use the HD is into the power section( effect return) of one of my tube amps.It shines in that application.But using it with the little A/DA unit gets me damn close to that.


    The HD pre amps and effects are very good.In my case they need a little help for live performance.The weather is hot again here so my tube amps are taking the summer off and the PODs time to shine is here!

  9. So are you using the FX loop after the amp sim, or do you place the ADA cab sim at the end of the entire chain?


    Anyway, I wonder how many of us could be interested in the umpteenth method to improve our humble POD HD at this stage.


    I mean... with the Helix LT already on the shelves.

    I am interested in keeping my money in my pocket lol! Buy all the Helix units you want. For live gigging the old HD500 is still pretty good.

    When I need more realism I use my tube amps / pedals. Helix/ Axe / Kemper still cant touch my 35 year old JCM 800. If you dont have any quality tube amps yeah Helix will get you close but for $1500 dollars it better make me a grilled cheese sandwich.


    Its just a good cheap suggestion and for a working pro who has to have an HD to interface my JTV with my PC I had to find a way to make it viable,

    or get rid of it.


    Take it or leave it or buy a Helix.


    I have not heard any clips or people using Helix or the Axe live etc...that has made me want to buy one.I just dont think its that much better.

    unless it was going to be the only thing I use.I am fortunate to have a small storage unit full of great gear so I have many choices.

  10. Played a packed out 150 seat venue last night and used my JTV69 with my HD500 and ADA cab simulator into one Alto 10 in powered speaker.When you eliminate the poor cab sims in the HD500 it kills.What a combination.I had a lot of pressure to be sharp right out of the gate and both my Line 6 tools delivered in spades! Loving It! The JTV is an absolute marvel and the tremolo unit is killer.Stays in tune almost perfectly.

  11. After struggling for a few years now with my HD500( my second one) and it's strange cab sims I have figured something out.Last night I played it with only cab sims off/ studio direct mode into an ADA cab simulator with feeds for my Alto FRFR and an XlR out to the FOH mixer.That way I can crank my powered speakers up to where I like them and not change the house mix.I played my Korean JTV 69 the entire gig.

    It absolutely killed/ smoked/ baked/ roasted/ almost caught fire it was so good and fun to play!


    You dont need a $500 dollar Torpedo Cab ( overpriced over rated device) to get this thing happening direct.

    Digitech has a new one as well and its just a small affordable pedal.


    I dont have time to load / audition etc... cab IRs.I am busy working.


    The ADA is made in the US and cost $100. Highly recommended if you are tired of the lousy cab sims in the HD500. The preamps / power amp sims/ effects are all excellent.Its just the cab sims that are endlessly



    I had controlled glorious feedback/ stellar funky cleans/ killer roots type Fender tones/ everything I needed was there.


    Heck I am thinking about setting it up and playing it today just for a little fun its so good.


    To those of you frustrated with your HD500(X) unit and are ready to sell it try this technique before you do and crank it up nice and loud.I think you will be surprised.

  12. My Boss ME70 goes out to work with me 9-10 times for this reason.I can power the Boss with one of prolly 20 9'volt One Spot adapters I have piles of.


    If the HD500 gets broken or croaks at a gig I am " Lollipopped".Possibly even "Fudgesicled".


    The power supply thing with the HD is like Apples proprietary cable "Lolly Gagging" .


    Its all a big Cluster Lollipoop poopy doopy dooper.


    So I use what will make me my money without having to have stupid expensive extra Lolli-n-pop Line 6 power supplies with me .

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