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  1. ISSUE:

    When connected to helix through thunderbolt dock [omen accelerator] for a laptop (windows laptop [dell xps 9560]) I get audio clips/pops (for windows 10 audio playback). It's more pronounced as I do stuff and have processes running. If I'm just playing a youtube video and doing nothing else (no scrolling, nothing) then there are no audio pops 



    If I plug helix directly into a free port on the laptop, I do not get this problem. I have had laptops in the past where I had this problem even when plugged directly into the laptop. None of my other audio devices I route through the dock have this problem, it is specific to helix.    



    So make no mistake, this is practically a non-issue, it would still be nice to consistently live the one cable dream (as in only having to make one connection with my laptop to everything else). This is a fringe topic, and I expect no one will have a good answer, but it doesn't hurt to hear from other people using a hub/dock. I mainly want to hear if anyone else is running through a dock or hub and experiencing any issues, or if you've had success anyway, do share your config 



    If it's useful info, bios update and thunderbolt driver update seems to have made it worse. It'd be too much of a pain to roll back, because I'd have to roll a handful of things back not supported by older bios, before rolling back bios. 


    I've tried everything in the big "USB audio troubleshooting" thread (shown below) 


    I once had luck removing realtek entirely (on a different laptop). Unfortunately that meant no sound with my laptop by itself.


    the windows audio troubleshooter replaced line6 driver with windows driver pretty huge difference in regards to this problem, much fewer clicks and pops, but they still happen (down from once per 10 seconds to once every ten minutes ish. Honestly can't tell the functional difference between windows and line6 drivers. 


    Also, maybe related, Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{c166523c-fe0c-4a94-a586-f1a80cfbbf3e}\ in regedit contains an ever-growing list of entries. A troubleshooter associated one of the entries with an old line6 driver (l6podhd2.sys). There are 50 entries, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers for the helix leads to new entries


  2. What model of X3 do you have: Bean, Live, or Pro? I ask because there is a known audio dropout issue with the X3 Live that fits your symptoms. This specific issue is not present in the Bean or Pro.


    If you have the X3 Live search the X3 forum for posts that mention 'audio dropout'. There is a lifetime warranty for any X3 Live that has this issue. You will find details there; it requires servicing at an authorized Line 6 service center.

    I've heard about that problem, but mine is the bean. Any other ideas?

  3. It's not just the X3 Live, my Pro has had this issue for years. I have recently installed an internal USB 2 card which seems to have cured the problem once and for all. I'm not saying it is the solution for everyone but thus far has worked for me. Cost me 10 quid including postage.

    hmm, well my laptop has decent specs, I don't think USB 2.0 compatibility is an issue. but it could be caused by interrupts. Was your computer originally USB 2.0 compatible? 

  4. When I use my DAW my pod X3 and HD 500 never have problems. But I like to use my X3 as an external sound card just for listening to music and it often crashes and I can't restart my audio, and the only thing that gets my audio back is restarting my computer. 


    I posted this once and I got a bunch of links to other forums or lists of windows 7 optimizations. None of them worked or I wouldn't be re-posting. 


    I was curious to see if there was a way to use the asio drivers when I'm not using my DAW, because they never crash.

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