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  1. 22 hours ago, spaceatl said:

    Sounds like you need an LT or Full Helix, but only want to pay for a Stomp or PodGo...If you need more than 4 FX blocks, I would think the LT would do what you need.



  2. 22 hours ago, Pappy35 said:

    If that's the issue then I'd get the Helix Stomp.


    The helix will let you only have 6 at a time and that includes an amp and cab so in the end you are left with...four again right? I read somewhere that it will get an update to have 8, and even thou, I have also read lots of people complaining about how fast you can hit DSP limitations with even using all 6 blocks. True?

  3. 21 hours ago, Digital_Igloo said:

    Note that the Mooer GE250 does the same thing—except all but two of its blocks are fixed. The Distortion, Amp, Cab, Noise Gate, FX Loop, Delay, and Reverb can't be switched to anything else.


    Say you're a porcupine and you want to throw a pool party. Your swimming pool's juuuuust big enough to fit four hippos (freely-assignable effects), two elephants (Amp+Cab or Amp+IR), four ducks (Volume, Wah, FX Loop, Preset EQ), a chicken (Input Gate), and a swan (Global EQ). So you carefully send out the invitations. On the day of the pool party, your four duck friends, your chicken friend, and your swan friend all show up and are swimming around, having a great time. Your two elephant friends hop in and have a great time too. But one of your hippo friends calls:


    "Hey, can I bring a fifth hippo to the pool?"

    Sorry, there just isn't room for a fifth hippo. There's only enough room for four hippos.

    "Okay, but what if one of the ducks leaves? Can I bring him then?"

    No, because an hippo is bigger than a duck. He won't fit.

    "What about when all four ducks leave?"

    No, because your hippo friend is still bigger than all four ducks put together.

    "What about when all four ducks, the chicken, and the swan all leave?"

    No, because your hippo friend is still bigger than ALL of them put together.


    As Phil said, it's a way to get a full signal flow out of a smaller, less expensive DSP, which is what Mooer, Joyo, Hotone, BOSS, and older affordable Line 6 boxes do.

    Loved the analogy and I get it. I honestly believed that you were able to move effects around with the mooer ge250. Might as well just buy a headrush gigboard but the lack of updates, poor tuner and lack of fx's are holding me back from that, I would totally miss having the particle verb.

  4. On 4/22/2020 at 2:39 AM, kevell99 said:


    Yep, since the wireless one has been pictured in other forums, think I'll wait for it. Hurry up and announce it please lol

    Mmmm what do you exactly mean? A new POD GO?! It better has 8 or 9 FULLY editable fx blocks! :p

  5. So, I really like the new POD GO, I really want to buy but there's one thing that is making me doubt about it. I don't like how you can't remove the wha, eq, volume, etc from the chain and change it for something else, I mean, I NEVER use a wha pedal for example, so I feel that is an fx block that will be just wasted, also, I would probably never use an eq pedal or rarely use it. Will the POD GO ever get an update so that we can do that?

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