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  1. On all my conventional rigs and indeed on my AXE - I have a Global Boost - which gives me a volume lift for solo's and quick fills etc.


    I don't really want to have to put a block in each pre-set - I really want just the option to have one dedicated footswitch   - ideally on the front row, which gives me a selectable level of boost on every preset.


    Does anyone have a way to do this???..........or will it be something to go onto the wish list??

  2. So just to clear (as I seem to be reading some conflicting comments!) - the FBV Shortboard DOES allow control of all the functions of the Amplifi 150 ? I am thinking of buying one but don't want to do so if it's simly to scroll between A B C and D ! If I buy a brand new FBV Shortboard...how can I tell if it's a MK1 or a MK2 ??

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