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  1. Alright tried a new tone and right away i hear a faint hiss. As soon as I add any amp and turn the gain up from zero it is already present. Nothing really added on EQ, but it gets really terrible when adding compression or drive pedals. Mostly sounds like a ground loop, but with some extra higher hiss. I have tried turning every knob down but the master and volume, and it does not change the sound at all.
  2. It happens to every tone with minimal gain. Hopefully its just something that easy.
  3. Yeah still happens when nothing is plugged in besides an output to either a speaker or headphones.
  4. I noticed a lot of feedback in a few of my tones. After some messing around I found that my POD is creating an awful, almost ground loop type feedback that is constant no matter what is plugged in, what output I use, or what outlet it is plugged in to. I have tried it at a friends house, and using a ground lift switch (60hz) feedback eliminator. Nothing seems to have an affect on the terrible sound that is almost louder than my guitars input. At this point I am 100% sure it is the POD and not dirty power, any pedals, cables, or proximity to my power conditioner. I need help, as this is driving me insane. Any suggestions, or fixes are much appreciated.
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