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  1. I'm glad to see the big bottom, Connor 50 and other amps. What is disappointing is the beauty of mixing the amps as you could with the X3, perhaps this will be an update? Other iOS apps have dual tone. I believe the focus isn't the app but the amp and the ability to program it.

    The amp is shown neatly tucked in a book shelf.....guess it will go great with a factory distressed guitar so you can look the part at home.

    No handles ? Does it include a carry bag?....perhaps a nifty backpack would be snappy.

    I was really looking forward to seeing what was being released ....if it was right I guess I'd go along with the Yamaha transition. I been with L6 since the 2.0 and like my HD500, If your going to release something that's going to reinvent the way things have been ...why are we going backwards to 1/2 an X3?

  2. TheRealZap

    Posted Today, 05:10 PM

    you were never going to hear anything here... as i stated in my previous post....

    and as the press release concerning the yamaha purchase states, line6 will be a wholly owned subsidiary...

    for the time being nothing will change in normal day to day operations...

    in fact the deal is not even final until sometime in January 2014...

    in other words... read and follow my previous post, if you want to hear directly from line6.



    Like I said looks like we're not going to hear anything .....hopefully after the take over a new era of customer relations will dawn and we won't have to beg and grovel in front of the ultra gurus, hoping for tidbits of information ...only to be slapped down ( ever see the movie Oliver..."You want more?). The device is problematic, a permanent post should be placed on top of the forum ....or just cut to the chase and included a what to do when it fails set of instructions with each sonic port.

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  3. RTM


    *Note that when you add a Wah FX Model to your tone, the “Position†parameter for the Wah is automatically assigned to EXP 1. Likewise, when adding a Volume or Pan FX Model, its Position parameter is automatically assigned to EXP 2. This will result in multiple items assigned to these EXP Pedals if you already have existing Pedal assignments. For all Factory Presets that already include a Wah, Volume or Pan, these are typically already assigned as well. You can change these Pedal assignments, and/or create your own for other FX parameters

  4. Look up Gregg deLaune on you tube or from posts here at l6, his set up of the internal wah. Basically he reduces the mix to around 46% and of course you can put it before the amp...but he has good insite / info



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  5. I'd stick with l6.... As with all guitar tone you just got to tweak it.... Not to be snotty. L6 has the excellent custom tone wich is a huge helpful to say the least. I'm sure this app will be evolving into the HD series sooner or later.

  6. I'm glad l6 got the sonic port out before I went on vacation so I could play around with it.

    I'm sure there are many more things planned for it. It is really nice to call a tone up from custom tone so easy...I'm eagerly awaiting the audiobus support. A funny thing is you can use sonic port with amplitude and record thru audio bus into whatever, I used cubasis. So when the new moblin software comes out this should be a winner.


    Thanks Line 6



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