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  1. I agree with BillBee. Buying a computer used is always a risk.

    Who knows how much rough treatment it got.

    Hopefully something can be done about it.


    Always first is the power supply itself. Strange errors mostly on booting up has come up too many times. But you 

    have handled that. If the old PSU was over spec'd that could be the issue if under spec'd less likely.

    Ribbon cables are glued at the clipped join. Unlikely but who knows what sort of environment it has been in.

    If you or someone else has opened it up before remember that most problems are caused by the user when they first 

    get a unit. What changed?

    Buy a can of compressed air and get under those switches with it and or deoxit.

    Next would be to go to the most suspect switch and replace it. 

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  2. You could try the polarity switch but it is unlikely that will solve it. Probably just inverts it. You never know.

    The HD is basically a specialized computer and I found it ultra sensitive to interference being picked by 

    all my guitars. If you can minimize it by moving the guitar around then shielding the guitar is worth it. Also AMps are prone to pick up stray interference as well from the HD and vice versa. Experiment with moving them about in relation to each other and the guitar.

    But getting back to pianoguys suggestion to check the cables first. Check each one into the amp as verifiable clean.

  3. We are really spoiled in recording software plugins. Amazing times.

    If you gig alot and have a rig setup where the patches sound good in one venue and not the next the GEQ 

    saves you having to tweak all your presets every time.

    I wished it was included as one of the EQs in the patch selection.

    But there are broad graphical models in there you might like.

  4. I prefer using my Spirit Desk preamps or 1073 or Belari valve preamps and have the bass

    split into two channels high and low into the desk.

    On one of it's send I have the HD as an insert and mix FX from it with the other sends.

    I have always felt bass modulates enough as is but trying FX out can often help creativity

    and combining this with the clean low and high ends tones into my interface into Reaper.


    With the HD standalone;  the preamp in it just make it more lumpy on some notes but 

    you can even it out with the impedance settings on the input to improve the smoothness.

    As well as FX and amp models help as well. 


    I also found that using a good DI box in front of it can help even out the response a bit for longer cable runs 

    on stage.

  5. yeah I agree!

    There is quite a bit of friendly rivalry between KPA AXE and now HELIX is in there and winning over some Market share on a few forums. 

    When you couple the reviews and comparisons including compared to the HDs for new ears the HDs are as good on desktop speakers or earbuds.

    Maybe if they stopped selling them new the used price might go up.

  6. It should be a simple plug and play for sure. Hope it isn't the unit.

    Usually most errors at the start will be user ones.

    It appears you have done the usual trouble shoot and then some.

    Does the Guitar and cable sound good in an amp or other device? So too the headphones on another source, but as I said it looks like you have done the usual checking.

    A clean patch will be very low in volume and might clip if output master volume up full but should be clean with passive pick ups.

    Check input impedance on Auto or change it around.

    check output does not have something weird going on with global EQ. Maybe a factory reset?

    If there is an internal hardware issue lets check a different input.

    Try the Aux input and set input to Aux to rule out problem on the guitar jack.

    Good Luck

  7. Sorry to hear. The good news is, it is still under warranty.

    Personally I consider a faulty unit upon arrival as an unacceptable business practice.

    Unfortunately we live in an automated age where the Quality Control is being dumped as 

    a function onto the purchasing customer as a business model.

    It is heart breaking for the unlucky few who get these lemon duds off the production line.

    A big expensive car manufacturer just the other day has a mass recall of their latest model on a safety


    In this day of companies getting or having a market share and the cost involved in selling their goods; if they only knew the damage to their goodwill (and  future business) a faulty unit produces they would put in QC as a function. But alas all to often a product rolls off the line, is packed and sent without ever being checked if it works properly.

    It seems that adding to the cost of the unit for the QC doesn't make economic sense and in lieu it is cheaper to make the customer the QC and provide a warranty service instead. This is what happens when Accountants run a Production line.(Nothing against them neither; tax specialists help people)

    Then you have the showroom or retail shop who don't send returned units back to the manufacturer

    but swap it out. Staff changes etc. Imagine a music shop just reselling the same old defective unit long out of production due to lack of care.

    In this day of Industrial Espionage the corporation itself is it's own worst enemy just on QC.

    Fortunately, as a HD owner for about 4 years now and a frequent forum visitor at both the new and the old site

    the percentage of this happening is very, very seldom.

    The good news is, it is still under warranty.

    Though it is still unacceptable to be the brunt of a lemon/dud.

  8. Yeah it first came out at the end of 2010, and it is still selling well, with the success of Helix it seems to of added some cred to the HD series as an affordable option. They sell well used!


     I would introduce a new purchasable bungle(include FX) for the HDs after all they are still their propriety interface for the Dream Rig so some development would seem logical.


    But as any company has the duty to keep employees employed the Helix should be the new Dream Rig interface.


    While it would be nice to have the Global EQ model available as a model a couple of the Helix FX would be good. It is really only dreaming and getting peoples hopes up. Shame on those who ask!

  9. :D I forgot to mention that there are other ways to patch the HD from the loop of your amps but if using the ypur Amp's pre amps only, the 6 Cable Stereo Method will allow you to place pedal type effects before your preamp and also time based effects after the preamp. 

  10. You can do both.  Image one;

    The Send will send a stereo send if it has a TRS jack split into two TS jack cables. Better than a Y cable as you will have stereo.

     Image One is simply a stereo version of the 4 Cable Method you can call the 6 Cable stereo Method. Congrats!

     Image 2 is standard 4CM with a split into two power amps and could be called more problematic.

    Image one will give you the choice of either using the preamp in one or both amps with FX before and after the either both amp preamps or only one and you can use dual or just one side HD preamp models which return to your amp's power amp stages in both amps. 


    Both ways will need some serious level matching but once you have a setlist and some patches especially for it;

    Should be awesome!

    Wish me happy 1,000th post! lol

  11. I do understand that despite advices there is still an issue and it concerns you to find the cause and therefore a solution.


    The noisegate at the end of the chain was only to determine where in the chain the problem lay.


    As you are close at hand your observations have the most merit and the possibility of a grounding issue is valid.


    I was most upset about the amount of noise the HD made when I first got it, it was almost a deal breaker. It being a computer 


    Most of my guitars have been shielded and this has illuminated the problem in them. 

    I do have a passive jazz bass that is not shielded yet and it too is sensitive to slight volume changes in the different pickups. My guess it it is when the neck and bridge is engaged they are wired  like a humbucker.


    Good luck with yours 

  12. There is much in the forum over the years on selecting Aux or variax as second input to solve a common noise problem when set to same.

    Without going too deep, Your guitar is plugged in to just one input, not two.

    If you select the same you do get a 6db increase in volume but it hits the FX and Amp too hard causing internal clipping and raises the noise floor to unusable.

    While selecting one only for guitar input and other for variax you will have to readjust your gain staging a bit but the tonality will be better. Just turn up the Master output or monitors to make up for gain loss.

  13. IMHO it is not going to sound as good as your amp even with the 4CM 

    But that said the modeling can get near to 90% there as the real thing.

    The advantage is you have a bunch of modeled preamps to increase your palate of tones.

    Using the Amps power section will help it as well.

    You have to set it up to find what works the best with your amp.

    In 4CM you still have your amp's pre amp at any time.

    Best of all there are a bunch of FX to try out and you can make patches

    of your favorites.

    From those, it could help you decide which pedals you'd prefer as the real thing if you

    want to buy them for a 100% sounding and feeling rig.

    Again it is subjective and many like the versatility of the HD. MAny also take advantage of using 

    powered speakers as monitors onstage, many go direct to FOH

    A few have reported from time to time they weren't able to make it work.

    If you can try one out first and find out how to set it up here in this forum for your amp first

    it would be worthwhile.

  14. only a guess, that your sync with EDIT not working correctly. For example you have to select the patch in Edit

    so the HD will synchronize with it or what is in the HD hasnt been loaded into EDIT. Or after tweaking not sending the patch to

    EDIT to save it in the HD. Only guessing.

    Could be what spacatl is suggesting;that the master you are referring to is the 

    DEP master

  15. As a amp'd guitar is a broadband swamping instrument, in the interest of bandmanship it must carve space for

    singers and bass and other guitars.

    When there are two or more guitars divide up their tonalities as much as possible; one acoustic, one cleaner,

    and most of all play with different positions on the neck. Not the same voiced chord and you will sound bigger.

  16. I agree. Try flipping the phase on the HD but likely a cable.

    Definitely try another guitar if possible as suggested.

    Try moving the HD in relation with the amp with the volume down and see if there is

    interference being picked up after the guitar.

    Really check if the amp is silent with volume down when only it is plugged into the amp.

    Check the mains power in the area and if near any interference.

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