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  1. It can be confusing as in reality there are 2x2 paths in the HD but to keep the paths separate they cannot be summed

    by the mixer or any stereo effects.

    The stereo to two mono jacks are somewhat common enough. They are made. You can also make your own.

    On the HD you can select the inputs for the 2x2 paths in the input menu. One guitar the other Aux.

    You can use the amp blocks to put effects on their own path. Any for both can go before the block.

    Keep the mixer hard left and hard right. You will get two paths from the HD. Again no stereo FX after the 

    amp block with FX on each side.

  2. Yes agreed and a popular flaw.

    Line 6 did setr the global EQ properly and I'd trade w all the EQ models for one like it in the FX bin.


    There has been some useful documented info and most useful were EQ graphs at the varous percentage settings and various models.


    There is on EQ that is supposed to be a graphic style, the rest are pretty much as you described with high and low shelving thrown in.


    An EQ pedal inserted into the FX loop would not be a waste.

  3. Sure, I routed send from the insert to one of the returns on the FX loop in the HD and the insert return from the line out Left and the other line out to another insert return on another channel but via a Sans Amp pedal for some grit

    I have patched a compressor limiter one of the mixers output inserts but have put it on one of the Sends of the Mixer which also gets recorded. 

    Might parallel the return into the Sans amp and EQ it and send it out via a send bus. So too the HD FX.


    You are right it makes too many versions and too many tracks, 


    The Mixer has a Direct out which I record as well.


    If I wanted to I could take the Direct out from the mixer into the Aux input and use the HD s/pdif out recorded dry.


    It makes alot of recorded tracks to mix in the DAW.


    I'll be looking at using some cabnet IRs as well if I can find some good bass one's.

  4. It can sound shrill into some amps and others are acceptable. 

    I dont know the FlexIII but going into an amp with modeling is going to be trouble.

    Look in the manual for bypassing the modelling to make it a power amp only. You should only have to hold down a knob while it powers up.

    Check it has a compatable FX loop for the HD.

  5. I realized I answered my own question but left a great question.


    Sorry, wasting your time but I have'nt been using the HD lately as just concentrating on bass and some functions of the HD can slip your mind even though it has only been a couple of months


    My question was how would you come off a nice mix board insert and patch into the HD.

    Of course I was thinking patching it and I made a mistake in connecting it,


    Anyway I figured it out so I can use the HD for FX.


    Anymore "how would you do it?'s" welcome!

  6. Yes it is the foot switch boogie and takes some planning ahead practice but it is possible. 

    Most will change patches on a song by song basis or just mute and change but thought I'd add it as a transition solution after I was playing with it one day and found it a great way to change patches creatively. Definitely not for everyone! Thanks for your feedback!


  7. I found a way to smooth patch changes on the fly, it definitely not for everyone or every situation but with practice can be made to work in a creative fashion. 


    Use the looper function at the end of the chain and loop a suitable cross over section.(simpler the better)

    Then pull out of the looper and select next patch while loop is in playback then play new patch while  you switchfoot boogie  deleting or turning off the loop and exiting looper mode!


    A little cross over section to present your looping skills when really all along you just want to change patches.


    How quick you can do it and then just use it creatively!


    Now you know why it is such a short loop! LOL haha

  8. I recall others mentioning this and I appreciate the reminder but I am a lazy guy or more accurate short on time.

    But like anything enough practice with it and it is easy.


    I will give it a try.


    I thought that s'one might of found a replacement switch mechanism or something. The clicks are very loud for Studio use.


    Pgm changes will loose that on the fly live feel approach but could be the thing to recreate in a reamp situation.

  9. No I use the s/pdif out and thru my Motu 2408mkIII go in.

    I use a 1073 preamp with a condenser and when I record  the two signals the footswitches 

    gets picked up by the mic. The only work around to date is to overdub a different patch but more often then not it is only a few FX choices I want to change and the toe press to control the pedal.

    Live it isnt a problem of course.

  10. On the 500 the click of the foot switches is prohibitive for recording I find and wondered if anyone knows of a quieter better switch or a trick to be able to use during a take apart from overdubbing.

    I recall the reports in on the 500X were the footswitches were quieter.

    It appears all the noise comes from the metal switch housing but the actual soldered switch sounds loud too.

    Any ideas or better, a proven fix?


  11. Check out custom tones for examples of what might work.

    A limiting factor on the HD is you get a set of pedal FX that you like and forget to later 

    try out other models. When you add the 30 plus bungle of amps and 99 FX it is alot of options 

    that would take alot of time, a gear aficionado might do it, not me I keep rediscovering the HD after years of use now!

  12. Not sure but no reason it wouldnt be in production as it is a great sounding device , just no longer worked on.

    The HX isa more advanced device for those where money is no object when it comes to their Art.


    The HD still works for me and for $500 is awesome!

  13. You'd think with the HD being alot of things it would have phantom too but alas not.

    You can use a dynamic and that is it.

    If you want to use the HD to process the mic source you just need a phantom powered preamp and bring that in the Loop or Aux input.

    You could use your interface and send the output to aux or loop return on the HD and use HD as interface. 

  14. So true, in the room play thru the amp is hugely different from in the room listening on passive Amp driven KRKs (nice).

    But if it sounds like a tunnel then check polarity reversal from the amp to the speakers. If one is wired inverted the sound you get will be like in a tunnel. It is easy in the dark to get these wrong and worth really checking. Hopefully the speaker cables have a coded side to trace all the way from the amp to the inputs on back of the speakers.


    It is also possible for cables from the HD to the amp to be inverted as well but less likely if bought ones.

  15. Some Amps sound shrill with the HD's. Some amps don't. It is a fact.

    Definitely try everything.


    Make one change at a time then undo it for the next change otherwise you'l get lost and not be able replicate it down the line. I suggest you record it on your camera speaking out the changes or be writing notes as you go.

    Often lowering the gain and upping the amp volume/master seems to unharsh it easily.

    On my Marshal amp it sounds shrill and I can get a Studio Direct sound though lower in volume using the combo or stack output mode and lowering the focus right down around the mid bass/low mid area and attenuating both the shelves from there.

  16. sorry missed they were usb connected speakers (not an aux input)

    Good Studio monitors can cost thousands and would be an overkill on anyones budget.

    If your buying online the Rokit series are perfectly adequate for monitoring and mixing once your used to them.

    6" is the way to go but if you are in a small confined concrete box room 5" will be fine.

    There are a bunch of brands to choose from.

  17. I got to say I have not reamped using the POD HD.

    To me reamping is for when you have a great great song worthy of a good studio or someone with some nice amps. I'd have to revert the line out toa level the instrument amp will be expecting.


    As dunncan mentioned record the s/pdif dry into your DAW.

    Looking at the video a few times before it makes sense to me to try and use the aux in or return on the HD as the line level coming from the DAW has already been thru a preamp on the way in. 

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