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  1. I hope you are blessed with the offering at this Years NAMMs.


    Will it be Digitech , the new top dog of floorboard modelling controllers or another contender?


    It will take much to knock the crown from Kemper.


    Look into Kemper. I would if I could afford it.


    In the meantime POD HDs push well above their weight imo

    but you could go back to the POD you were happiest with.


    No shame, a buddy of mine has returned to his fav, the GSP 1101

    He never tried a  HD500

    Each to their own

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  2. I kinda feel Line 6 might release more gadgets for iphones and ipads. 
    The rationale being to create new customers making music accessible via apps and an interface guitar

    that replaces guitar hero guitar with a real electric but now on your phone. Great way to learn  LOL  

    Once the bug has bit Line 6 have the next steps well covered.

    I am kidding, but I would like to be able to get my son back playing again LOL

  3. I have had mine on the bench! I was going to install a floating tremelo and reload the pick guard.


    Perhaps I should leave it stock. 

    I am a bit of a collector of Jap guitars got a Jazz Conrad guitar and a real workhorse Quest Atak. This guitar is really something , it has a wide string spacing that just seems natural, it comes with a coil split on the bridge humbucker and has  one only single.


    I have  set it up to the nth degree and the stock pups just perfect.

    Everyone who has been to my place for a jam have really liked it


    Dunncan: My basses are good. Ibanez Musician is a little like yours;  Ibanez ATK my main and Ibanez Accoustic bass.

    I definitely would like a F Jazz Bass one of my students have. About the best I have ever tried. 


    Speaking of wood, the neck thru basses have always been better at sustain.

    I think there are some old Ibanez earliest guitars designed the same. Wood does play a role.


    And true good hardware especially on basses is a big factor in tone.


    I personally like trying to make silk purses out of a sows ear. It gives me a kick to have a cheap guitar sounding and playing like something way more expensive.


    If you get real joy from it then no harm done.


    Maybe once my kids are all grown up I can invest in something special.

  4. One of mine is a Vantage LOL. And it plays very nicely. It is my guitar for rhythm.

    I'm a bass player so I'm allowed have to these"inferior models"


    I have played on plenty of great named guitars owned by plenty of guitarists.

    There is no doubt that quality branded instruments are beautifully made.

    But they require setting up too.

    Boutique instruments seem to come already set up.


    The wood mainly on the fretboard has a bearing on the sound imo the most, but not to the degree 

    the wood from a Stradivarius effects tone.


    The strings and how they are fixed by bridge and nut and the pickups used are the way the sound is gotten and naturally needs to be set up right.


    The playing style and ability have the most bearing on tone from there.

  5. A lwhile ago I checked out a Pawn shop and a new Chinese Squire had a $49 price tag on it. I thought it would come an error when I got to checkout. Probably should of beeen a whopping $149. LOL'


    It wasn';t much and I bought a $20 loaded HSH pickguard from China and installed it. Still crap.remained idle.


    Months later just the other day I decide to put a new set of strings on it and set it sell.

    Easily my favorite guitar right now. Crazy superb and I own a mex strat which needs a set up as have heavy gauge on it.


    My real favs  are a couple of Jap guitars one with stock pick ups the other a mix of good ones.

    Pickups are a real factor after proper setup

  6. You can use the mixer block to get the level your after using monitors.

    Going in via s/pdif the master doesn't function and the volume is maxed but can be controlled by a s/pdif output level in the menu.

    It pretty much stays as is so all level changes are made vial amp FX and mostly mixer block for consistence from one patch to another.

    The master volume is essential for the headphone output.

    And as you own a iron and meter why not.

    The unit comes apart easily and the main boards come out easy enough. Take plenty of photos, look alot and check out any youtube videos.

    Always better to have it fully operational.

  7. Yes I have and do from time to time. Generally live I play thru my rig as is BXR dual 400.


    To me bass modulates enough for most standard rock covers. I have a OD1 for some fuzz.


    Adding modulation annoys me but for recording some of the FX on the HD are surprisingly good on bass where on guitar nothing to write home about.


    I recommend trying all the modulation FX for yourself.


    Of course the filter FX and compressors go without saying.

    And the fuzz FX can be just right in a dual path.


    Bass really brings some of them alive

  8. I am a bassist, but prefer a dry bass tone so I just go in via a DI for recording. Live I use Fender BXR 400w bi amp and cab.

    I have put a bass thru the HD 500 and there are some FX that really sound good on bass.

  9. True, there is a high pass filter in the amp block to take care of the bass end. Roll off 100hrz or so. 


    I too have trouble with the EQs they are the one plug that a frequency analyzer plugin is handy for.

    I seem to remember someone made a chart of all the EQs but as I use Sonar X3 I just load up Curve EQ and can see what the EQ is doing.


    Hearing is more important and using the looper pre helps you zone in on the frequencies.

  10. EDIT is for editing patches.

    You should be able to run the laptop sound card output into the aux in on the HD and listen via HDs headphones.


    Easier to download a month free trial of an excellent fully fledged Audio Recording Software called REAPER. $50 or so for life no future upgrades to buy.Very well supported and often improved pgm.


    There are also Audacity audio editing software. Free


    These will recognize the HDs audio driver

  11. I understand what it is. It is true you can remove the shrill.


    In digital recording each change you make from the recorded track degrades the fidelity ever so slightly.

    The least FX you add the less degradation. As you build more plugins and EQ changes the more perceptible it gets.


    On the HDs, there is a sound and it is perceptible the more FX you add.


    Now you can also tire of the sound of a 57 placed off axis on the amp you have.


    Sometimes the heads of the 57 resonates and it gives an unwanted honk or shrill.


    If your lucky you have another amp or a better mic and pre amp to use.


    Similar with the HDs best think of it  as a whole recording arsenal,

    whether you use only a pre model of change the mic and axis etc really goes to improve your tone.

    Or simple EQ to remove the pick honk and shrill


    It takes experienced ears to hear what you don't like, that  you can minimize to bring the tone more ideal to your liking.

    That is your technical side.

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  12. Making your own and setting up how you like each amp etc.

    There are so many ways to vary volume from patch to patch. 

    (lets list a few Master volume, do not use to volume match. use as an overall master.

    Amp controls, here is where it comes undone, keep the amp settings as is say on an imported patch,

    if you do adjust amp settings go for tone not volume.; The full amp models have a master volume setting it is usually defaulted at 100% but not always, there are more volume variables when you include FX)


    The instinct is to lower the master volume of the HD500 or the amp volume knob if a patch is too loud.


    If you discipline yourself to adjusting the mixer volume and saving that

    Then toggle patch to patch to get consistency tweaking the mixer


    The idea is to make certain un altered global settings. Of course change anything for the sake of tone but for volume matching the mixer is where to go and save it or it'l revert next time you pull it up.

  13. Well I was on bass on a different rig, there was no tone clash. 

    It was most likely attributed to low playing volume. The drummer never showed so we had a few canned drum beats.


    I posted to show that even with an optimum setup tone can be lost one way or other.


    Here comes the crunch, my old band mate changes guitars, amps and effects like underpants.

    It is only recently he has kept the Marshal about 4 years. An age for him.


    Since last Christmas he has sold a handfull of guitars and playing only a kramer. though he has a LP on the way.

    He also said he is awaiting a Digitech multi FX pedalboard as he knows that without cranking the marshal you don't get the right tone. So for home rehearsals he is getting a modeler.


    Even when we were in our late teens he bought and traded gear very often.

    I suppose there is nothing wrong with that.

    When he was telling me he was going to sell his county 5 acrea block , I told him I was told be a Realtor the only time you loose with realestate is when you sell.

    Might be so for music equipment. One of my first guitar teachers when I was a teen said never sell any musical equipment.

  14. My buddy and I had a jam when back home for Chrissy. 

    I was surprised by his smeary tone.

    I was on bass. I didn't have the heart to tell him I get a clearer and better sound from my HD500 

    into my Marshal. Same as in my Avitar JCM 2000.Same as his.

    He was running a bunch of pedals mostly MXRs. His TC  time based FX were not on. I think it is hard to decide which channel FX loop to patch em into.

    Anyway, we had plenty of beers and talked about the good ol days.

    The volume was pretty low. Suburbia

    He was pulling a better tone last Chrissy LOL

    He should be getting better than what I get.

  15. On the HD500 the nav controls do sit kinda loosly. I think what you are describing is probably normal but to me it never felt wrong.

    As for the tap tempo it doesn;t sound right, it shouldn't stick. 

    You have a brand new machine it might just be a little new stiffness. You could try blowing some compressed air (in a can )

    Or even some keyboard silicon spray to unstiffen if that is the issue, if no avail open a support ticket.

  16. If you intend to record and mix down on them the enrty level monitors will lack the midrange detail of better quality ones with flatter responses and faster amp slew rate. If you can get the most bang for your buck models. Genelics and a bunch of others. 

    There are heaps of manufacturers and most have enrty level lines as well as mid level monitors.


    If you just want to hear the HD 500 there are plenty of entry level models. 

    As for feedback, you can get some interaction if they are loud enough and your pickups are well potted and not microphonic.


    The feed back your probably wishing to hear would be the ever so slight microphonics produced when a valve amp feeds back on itself generating additional harmonic content as it reclips the signal. 


    Try out various patches to see if you get what your after.

  17. You should be able to do as you want. Though what you are saying can happen depending where you place the looper in the HD.

    If it is pre every patch change will change the recorded sound

    The R3 is going to loop what you record. Then  you change patch and record the overdub.

    If you go into an amp power section with the looper just befor is one way to do it. 

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