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  1. I get it about the drilling or practice of certain parts to attain the dexterity you desire to match your idea your creating.


    I have a classical guitarist friend who practices his compositions ever so aspiring agility in connecting phrases.


    This is perfectly natural and I really do not want to take this away from you as it most likely inspires.


    Attaining speed and agility is a goal in most any field. Keep on it for sure!


    But as you said  often you begin with simple melody and it grows from there into a more challenging part.


    This is natural but all I am really suggesting is to let the audience in on it a little.


    It is kind of like sharing the journey rather than just the final destination. LOL


    On performing; while recording you can play beyond what is perhaps quite impossible to deliver live, therein lay your answer.


    Also work out who your audience is. Is it is exclusively for other musicians?


    It also pays to relisten and I gotta say it is a different lead take on Asyptotic. 

    I take it all back.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Interesting theme of  Asymptotic Freedom, very Vai in using the whammy and wah to reach notes.

    It is a style that grows on you the more you hear it. I understand  it can feel a little foreign if it is the first time you have listened to this style.The freedom is of course you are not just bound to the western tempered scale. 


    There is a lot going in both tunes, jammed packed as a production and really the only critique that could be made as the playing is stellar


    I know it is not easy to discipline your speed and ability and re root your next piece with a melodic discovery.

    Just an idea for future pieces. Satch is a perfect example of melody over technical excellence and has out sold Vai regarding Solo releases.


    This is only if you want your material to be more accessible as it is above the comprehension and understanding of us mortals.


    But mostly I'd advise giving the tracks over to a Producer to play with.

    Offer the tracks up on a recording / mixing forum and let others take it to the next level!


    I say this as it is time for you to get discovered 

  3. Hi Loyd,

    Yeah jazz and fusion are less popular than higher gain sounding patches, but some exist as starting points to try on customtone.

    Also search under clean.

    Much will depend on if for live or not if powered speakers , PA or Amps etc.

    But by far the best would be to use your own knowledge of what you like and replicate it on the HD.

    Older jazz can also be gotten from some early blues patches.

    Usually thick guage flat wound strings played thru older style pickups a la Joe Passe try bassman, Flat top is great with the right cabinet.

    Fusion you'll get good results winding the gain on some metal patches and adding a flanger and delay.LOL I am sure there are Larry Carlton patches available which might be a good palce to start.

    Experiment and post your patches. Cheers

    Hopefully the HD will work out for you but there is no Roland jazz chorus amp model.

    If not the the HD500x is on special and well worth it!

  4. Yeah it is in all intents and purposes unusable except play something loop it and tweak a patch to.

    I am so hit and mis on the timing after a while I concluded it wasn't precise enough for live, or it is that there is no tolerance involved.

    Even if it just had a simple end editor in the menu just dial back a slider to shorten the loop length assignable to the foot controler and throw in one for tightening the starts. Wouldn't be to hard, perhaps some zero crossover point  slider and a choice of a few crossover curves.for thye loop join. But that would require code to detect zero crossing points and that would mean a wave form display.

    This would make it very usable.

  5. It might be an idea to provide a preorder discount or pledge deposit, to help facilitate and also determine if it will be worth your while.


    I personally could see if the labels are a no brainer cost wise and you market it well you will be glad. The HD500 has sold beyond any other modeler.


    If it is absurdly expensive, I'll keep my cut up calendar magnet labels. We even got L and P driver plates made of magnetic material to cut up with tin snips.

  6. Mmm, How does the strat sound thru the roland?


    They are completely different guitars and the strat is naturally thinner.Especially using the same patches.


    Why not try and make the accoustic work thru the HD500.

    I have used one thru it several times now and I use dual outputs so the acoustic tone is maintained with the modelling in the other


    But as it is for a mix you could use the acoustic as well.

  7. As for in the Truck the PSU on the HDs use a sample voltage and rectify it. No transformer, less heat can be used in any country if you have the connection.

    If you know what you are doing you could run rectified straight in from batteries.  HD I think from memory runs on 9V 3A 2.5mm adaptors into the unit with the negative on the center connector. 

    How are you getting power for you applianaces in the truck?

  8. The advice to start a patch from new than use your humbucker patch is good advice.


    It seems normal to sell off the standard pups from fenders and replace the pups with a more personal preference set or at least a hotter bridge pup. s


    I use a comp, EQ  early in the HD chain for my standard strat.


    Higher gain amp models with their gain rolled off and the volume on the guitar rolled off work well,

    Like the JCM model recommended and less likely requiring a comp earli in the HD chain.

  9. Congrats! 

    You will be more than happy with your purchase.

    There are some great FX well suited to acoustics.and well worth diving in.


    Of course if you want  clean as in dry, get a dedicated acoustic guitar preamp DI. Though you won't be saving any money.


    I'd recommend using an EQ first  slot or so on your 500x to smooth any lumpy notes for each of your guitars, perhaps a compressor just tickling the notes.

    Also the vintage pre has some basic EQ and will smooth and boost.

    Spend plenty of time perfecting your dry tone and save as a preset to build other patches on trying some very nice modeled FX.

    Don't forget to reinvent the wheel from time to time and start from scratch as you'l know the unit much better then.

  10. Wow some great tones highlighted by your nice playing style!

    Worth a second listen. Simply powerful!

    Great key change too man! Awesome  Well mixed too!

    Love the viby kick and 90s pads


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