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  1. here is a link I read recently which is contrary to what I originally considered . (a reamp device nedded)

    I haven't tried this so cannot confirm if it works. 



    I'd like to add that the line level from DAW interface could also be routed into the HD FX return and that slot in the HD placed to your liking.

    Then use FX. amp models or HD out to an amp and mic it.


    Also, instead of a mixer to DI the guitar in the HD500 can output a dry guitar )no processing) via the s/pdif out.


    Your HDPRO has s/pdif in as well whcih you could also bring the guitar track in on.


    Bare in mind that a guitar is a high impedence device and that is what the the HD inputs will expect though there is an auto setting for guitar in impedence.

    This guitar input is designed to get the high imedance up in volts via the pre amp in the HD and of course likewise in a guitar amp.

    Thus my suggestion to try the FX return on the HD as the line level out won't need to be  pre amped again and why it just might work.

    Please let us know your findings

  2. Buffer is your latency via POD , recording software and monitoring the result. Time in to time out.


    As far as I am aware going by other interfaces Direct monitoring is listening or monitoring at the interface on the way in and not after the computer program.

    You have a choice but to monitor already recorded material it has to do the round trip and this is known as full duplex. 


    Asio4all has a bad wrap in some circles interfering with other interface asio drivers and system functioning.

    It pretty well makes any audio interface connected tot your computer a asio one and it can cause hell

    if your device has its own drivers.a doubling up.

    Not sure how it  is now but the general consensus was don't use .

    It was originally used to make generic onboard consumer, non pro sound cards work in programs like cubase.

  3. Perhaps it is something to do with the driver. 

    Try uninstalling the Line 6 installer and only check the driver in the pop up uninstall menu.

    You will need the earlier driver on your computer. I think you can get it on the download page.

    Connect the HDPRO and it should install automatically. It does on PC not sure about Mac but hopefully it will.


    Open EDIT should be recognized.

    Then open Monkey, It will probably tell to upgrade to the latest driver DON'T

    Do the flash if you need to.


    Hope that is it.

    I forgot to ask, was it recognized prior to the O/S upgrade?

  4. My Audio PC is not connected to the net much and as such there can be an issue with a missing windows update.

    I have this issue with other usb devices as well.

    Simply when you uninstall Line6 uninstaller and options come up, check drivers and unistall just the drivers.

    When you then connect the HD to your computer it will install the drivers via windows automatically.

    When Monkey asks to update the drivers do not do so.

    Just Open Edit and you will be connected.


    I hope this all the issue is for yours.

    I need to connect it up to the net one day and update windows.


    I have heard that the usb connector can break off internally (loose) and trying to use it can even burn out the usb controller chip and be quite a task to repair. There is a video on replacing the usb connector you could check out if it is that.

  5. I use my Fender BXR 400 for live but it sure is alot to lug.

    I personnally do not like thea actual hardware preamps at the start of the HD500 train.

    Most of my basses sound lumpy thru it.


    II rarely use the HD500 for bass but I have a couple of preamps in the studio with some iron in their transformers which even out the response set to DI. This is smooth.


    But I have used the HD500 into a small PA about twice using a Fliptop model. I set the LA2A model compressor first in the chain to smooth out the lumps only. It is a delicate setting., just enough to even the notes out. Not really for any clamping down.


    If you want a some clamping down, I don't like the tone personally but some modern metal seem to require it insert a second compressor. The onboard comps are more like guitar sustainers and not too well suited to bass.but if you just set each one to tickle the notes it can tighten the tone a bit.


    Also some of the FX in the HD sound brilliant on a bass if your into it but to me the bass is fat and modulates enough as is.

  6. I can see why you'd think Fractal has copied Line 6.

    I noticed just now it has a looper built in as well.

    So they have taken the M9 concept and added a looper.


    Man this thing is kinda a POD HD 500 wish list or I am glad someone is using the Line6 ideas scale LOL


    Amp switching

    8 FX slots at once

    4CM no tone suck (this has got to be a direct dig at L6

    4 min looper, that has got to be worth a quarter of the price.


    I think they'l get alot of L6 users who have have or bought a great amp for their set up.

    Even one of the DT serties amps 

    The only drawback is cost but when plenty of big name users have fractal in their racks just for some of the FX it stands to reason why not make that more readily available.


    Then there is the added DSP for exiting Axe FX owners for thew most powerful rig ever, Midi control from the floorboard unit easily assignable by a blank scene.


    Will the similarities actually give more credence to the HD500s or will it cheapen it?

  7. I'll second the feel of an amp pushing air, but FOH with decent foldback should be fine or in ear.

    I too think the HD500 pushes above its weight.

    The amp models alone are good enough  4 to5 times the cost to get better models and probably a real amp would be the logical upgrade step from a HD500.

    Audio Technology did a review on the HD500 and said if you cannot find the tone you need on it you best take up the trumpet."

  8. At home recording with tone will not sound the same as thru amp. Will be different tone for same patch


    Are you able to find out from friend how he connected it into the amp for you?


    It sounds like you are going into amp channel input. Best go in power amp in or FX return.


    Connect the ouput of HD300 LMONO to FX return on the back of your amp, not the front channels.

    Make sure amp is selected on the toggle switch.


    Open a new tone and select an amp. Learn to edit on the 300 itself but connect usb to computer for saving the new tone and making the tone in there.


    Get the amp tone first.

  9. Everything was fine till you bought in the new guitar player. Get rid of him/her. LOL


    Seriously, have a look at it, Is the new guitar player a better player, had a better rig.

    Did he invalidate the HD300 with his shreding or tone? LOL Did you start to change the HD300?


    Here is the important part.

    What did you change just before it sounded bad on the HD300?

    Trace back that change and undo it.


    The rest is a needle in a haystack, first is the toggle "amp" "line" switch check that is correct.


    The problem with all the "fixes" since is; it is like a careering out of control car destined to wreck.


    Undo all changes or probably now get all the updates etc done.


    Look back at what changed just before the tone went bad and undo that change.

  10. Anything is better than nothing.

    It takes a lot of work matching levels on tests like this. 

    And those that do the tests open themselves to criticisms because there is no such thing as absolutes in the physical sciences.

    And invalidating a test is about the easiest contribution to a test anyone can do.


    i,e. any penchant for a preferred model by the tester and how familiar tester is to how well the units are setup, 

    The playing quality which while an issue in this case, goes toward invalidating the test results.


    It is easy to invalidate any test ever done.

    But it is better than no test at all.

    So well done to the tester.


    I like others was pleasantly surprised by some models, mainly the TL but the HD500X held its own. Honestly I couldn't pick em in the blind test.

    Thanks for posting, these are always good.

  11. IF you are tracking then you will find the KRK 6'gen 2 rokits  will fit the bill. 

    But for mixing twhile they are still usable the mid range detail is what costs in monitors in the thousands.


    I'd save the pennies, somehow extend the budget to thew KRK VXTs. Even if it is only the 4' model but 6' give the best bass response and a sub won't be necessary for guitars, maybe electronic mixes might need a sub.

  12. 1 If you were mic'ing a real rig setup in a dry room and you were in the control room the amps modeling is very good.

    If you are listening on headphonea it is not going to compare  to you playing the real amp in a room. 


    2 The drive pedals aren't to bad not as impressive as the amp modelling.


    3 There are plenty of Boutique high Amp models that won't disappoint.


    4 There is some fizz, to me the more FX you use there seems to be a digitall wash. In no. 1 above a miced amp while you listen in a control room there can be fizz with that too depending upon mic placement.

  13. The HT models (Valve amps) I am familiar with didn't have a pre amp out or FX return. 

    Not sure if there is a reverb input either.

    If non FX loop then clean input from one of the 1/4 in output.

    Like that you might just want to run some pedal type HD500 FX.

    Just noticed the title so it is a 5watt valve/tube amp we're talking about.

    These make great little studio recording amps as you can crank without them being too loud, but they do get plenty loud and you need to quieten your room a bit.

    But the HD500 you can use the FX to get some cleaner distortion and lower the volume a bit which helps.


    Also make sure you try the output mode page from STUDIO DIRECT to combo. Make sure you lower the high shelf and the focus down to about 200-400hz there abouts or you'll get a harsh treble coming out,Keep the low shelf as is.

    You also have a amp line toggle switch near the foot controller to set first

  14. First check your leads and cable.

    Check your guitar for faults


    When working on a patch turn it up on what you listen on. 

    I have made that error a few times. lol


    Create a patch rather than import a tone. Some customtones will be set differently to your global settings and can be way noisier.

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