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  1. You could just stick with how you been using it.

    It is never a good idea to start changing things around just prior to a gig or recording studio session.


    But when you have time;

    1 Try them all including lowering the high shelf and focus..

    2. Question 3 answers 2/ have to adjust the FX return to match the off volume.

    4. Not needed as the outs will sum.

    5 Not for the gig

  2. I personnally don't like the preamp for bass too lumpy.

    If I use my 1073 it smooths out the bass naturally.

    And as I consider the bass already modulates enough as it is

    no need for effects. but some of the HD effects do sound great on a bass.

    As for live I got my Fender BXR 400Dual Amp for live and I didn't mind the POD HD in the 4 CM

    But for my style of playing it is not needed in the loop.

    I'd suggest a very good compressor pedal befor the HD for better results if using it. I don't mean a sustainer type compressor either , one with enough control to take the lumps out only, like one of those 1176's in a pedal. LOL

    Cost way more than a POD HD500 LOL

    Actually you should be able to play with the impedence on the way in to help smooth out the lumps and then try the Vintage pre and the LA2A in the Pod

  3. I too was looking at a GT10 and tried it and the GT100, It didn't make me give up my Revalver II.

    The sales guy even put me on one of those Chinese Fenders with on board modelling and it sounded better but admitedly the GTs were on headphones. But after my Spider II crapped I didn't want onboard modelling and I never liked it anyway.

    I was walking out and noticed the POD HD on display in a different section and plugged in, I hadn't heard about it and I was still sour on Line 6 gear.

    I put on the headphones and got the wow factor, asked how much? Asked what about cash today, got one and am still happy after two years.


    A Muso mate of miune bought a GT100 not long ago mainly as it had amp channel switching. LOL

    Another mate I had a jam with  had one and was playing into an amp dirty channel. I helped him set up his amp to bet the best from it. 

    I had a play with it and it does the job and the presets are good. I found that tweakin not so good but my HD500 has instant physical amp controls. I'd put is like the 300 or 400.

    Yours is a GP 10 which I havent heard of must be a new model

  4. I agree, reamping is just that.

    You record a dry signal and use the POD for some tone to play.

    It is great for preventing spill when recording the drummer and the rest have headphones and singer in iso booth.


    When you got your album recorded take those dry recordings and run them thru a sweet amp with a high end recording chain.

    There is nothing like capturing some air moving that is for sure.


    If you don't have a bunch of amps but have the POD and I think this is what your using it for, set it up with either amp or FRFR and record via a high end recording chain.


    But you could do this for fun and practice your engineering chops and reamp into the POD HD via an amp and speaker mic'd.

    Depends how you work and is favored by a few engineers.

  5. Really it is just a great value great sounding unit that is built for the stage.

    I am glad you are giving it another chance and I do hope it is reliable as mine is for you.

    Then again, with the FX8 might be worth jumping ship for! LOL

  6. Man that is pricey but so tempting. 

    Often a Pro choice with an AxeII for FX in their large rigs.


    I mean one of those thru your amp 4 CM 

    or even hooked up with the HDPRO, man.


    Who would be tempted to get the hardware items at that price though?


    EDIT: I just noticed they are missing the onboard foot controller but ione is connectable .

  7. AGuyFromMaine


    "As much as I appreciate the reference to a great song, I don't believe in jinxes.  I believe in God.  I also believe that manufacturing and quality control has suffered greatly over the past couple decades and we are now living in a world of disposable products and poor production."


    2 words, "Planned Obsolescence", and all that it entails.


    You'd be an idiot to think that ANY company builds something to last these days.

     I hear ya, it is true the manufacturing costs are honed to the bone and profitability is a major concern

    Perhaps it is a little unfair to make you the common denominator when you have ample gear that works and your removing the unprofessional cheap gear from your chain.But even some Behringer stuff is good and does the job while much of it is utter crap.

    Has Line6 reliability put  it in the same league? I certainly did until the HD500. My Spider II died. Those crappy XU interfaces a mate bought.

    You could be right.  But there is a market for cheap that is for sure.

    They were the first to put digital modeling and FX in the head of an amp.

    It stands to reason that with all that vibration something will eventually give and it does.Now there are more manufacturers doing the same

    But even valve amps need occasional repair.


    That it keeps happening to you when the majority of units are reliable and sound great is why I first though you were jinxing the stuff.

    But it is also true that you get one of these jinxing perons on the manufacturing line and you can expect a very problem plagued product that could of been designed flawlessly.

    God is great but he got alot of bad rap for the bad stuff happening in ages past and the good and evil dichotomy was discovered.

  8. You know the Sting song from the police "Ghost in the machine"? What is it about you think?


    Anyway, the thing is I got a mate who is a mechanic and it has come up more than a few times that certain people have a way of jinxing their car or equipment.


    Manufacturers have to make jinx proof products that will out create the jinxing. LOL


    It is true, car is a lemon sells it new owner doesn't have a problem with it. It happens that machinery equipment and very sensitive electronics fail in the vicinity of certain people. It is a known phenomen


    You do not have to admit it, it is a tough one to face up to and it is not just line 6 products. It is other equipment as well. 

    Take a good honest look, it doesn't seem obvious at first but scan back over the years, all the broken or failed gear, bicycle, motorbike, cars, computers, printers, DVD players. LOL the list goes on.


    Is it something you'd like to handle so stuff lasts in your possession?

  9. There could be a driver issue.

    There can be a missing window update apparently. 

    Try uninstalling the HDedit program, up will pop a dialogue asking you to choose, just select drivers.

    Now restart and connect and win will search for and find the drivers already downloaded on your computer.

    It should work till next time.

  10. It is true there are so many ways to alter volume in the unit. 

    I suggest leaving the master out at a set level.

    You also have the mixer block and in the amo menu there is a master as well, for more volume control.

  11. I never noticed any added latency as it is digital in digital out not sure what happens but toslink is optical .

    I think M-audio made a more costly converter that did both convert from toslink to RCA and vice versa.




    Back to reamping;

    To me if you are reamping you are using a HD for a instant satisfaction tone to play the part to but you record dry using the sp/dif or DI out in HDPro or use a DI spliter with a feed to DAW using anothor HD model.

    Then when you have a mates great amp or even hire one you reamp your tracks and mic the results. You might use pedals as well or even the HD for FX


    If you want a more affordable reamp box

  12. Okay that might explain it.

    I found the error code was related to a missing Wins update.

    I only got a prob from the latest flashware update and the computer would sometimes not see the HD500 when connected.

    What worked every time was to uninstall the line 6 installer  and when dialogue came up select driver.


    Then connect the HD500 and wins would reinstall the driver.


    It is connected to my usb 3 socket.

  13. I love my HD500 and feel it is better sounding then the amp sims I was using two years ago when I bought it.

    Amp sim software are also being improved and for home only use like most are modern in computing power I'd go amp sim.

    There are plenty of free amps that sound very good. And there are the free impulse response loaders that you can use to give better tonality to.  

    I tried alot out but at the end of the day I don't want to be tweaking all the time.


    I have sonar X3 and it came with TH2. I don't use it but it have tried it out and it is good.


    Also now Peavey Revalver 4 is out. I am yet to give it a try but I haven't used Revalver III for 2 yeras.

    You can get the basic for free and pay for the amp paks you want

    kinda like IKmulti does ; Amplitude 3 free.

    If your floorboard has midi out you can make control changes on it.


    There is even POD Farm which I don't have but it is free if you have the hardware dondle.


    When you get down to it the HD PODs, Axe FX and even the Kempers are all computers that house the simulated or modeled or profiled hardware. They are robust and designed to go on the road.


    If you are not going on the road use you could use a computer.

  14. I think it is offered on the HDPRO units.

    With a reamp device others could do it. But really it just becomes another distraction and too many choices can cripple 

    creativity as well as engineering decisions.

    I'm a firm believer in committing to a tone at the get go and 

    choose various patches to get the least washouts from phase cancellations.

  15. Ahh cut up some fridge magnets for labels. 

    I haven't used the looper, ever, apart from a try out.

    The print fades and is so small I can't read it so I cut up some fridge magnets, an old calendar

    and put these on HD.

    They move around a bit  but stay put . 

    Now I know whats what I can do without them.

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