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  1. I never thought about connecting it like that, simply plugging the first HD into the return of the second and monitoring on the second. You also have the s/pdif outs for recording.


    Before this I had even sketched it out and just thought of returning the second unit to the first, but it isn't needed. 


    I can see it being a bit unwieldy for live use but you would get 4 possible foot controllers.

    With practice the foot dance boogie!  Probably fine for a MUSE cover band.

    Two HD500's wide taking up all the stage real estate! LOL

    Being hassled to give one to a mate! hahaha, I can see why dunncan would tier it up somehow.


    Or if you just had a POD or a HDPro it would be off stage and switched via midi.


    For the studio I can see using it. Live, the HD500 is already a options fest as it is.


    The truth is most live patches are simple and under DSP. Most.

  2. It has a clean ch and the loop FX is mono like most. For stereo will need another amp.

    It does not have any digital onboard FX which is a good thing.  

    Any amp with an onboard spring reverb is a good year. The reverb is worth $89!

    I am getting it in the morning even though I got plenty of cheap. Now all I need to do is saell them all for a really great amp!

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  3. I just saw a Randall 75watt 1x12' Amp, two ch with verb in the Pawn shop for $99. I asked what the wiggle room was. $89.I might get it but I already have a bunch of amps and I think it might be a parrellel loop in it as it has send and return level controls.

    What I like about these is there is no question about using the HD500 amps , even the full versions. Improves an amp like this and you get a power amp and speaker for nix.

  4. The ultimate POD HD 500X2

    Less then the cost of a used one.

    I am thinking by running a second in the FX loop with midi hooked up, the first HD can control the second for syncing elaborate patches and Perfect for HDPROX owner's too who might like a controller for it!




    Might have more DSP than a Fractal Axe with tone match. 

    Now if we had that on the HD models there wouldn't any need to ever leave Line 6.

  5. bjnette


    thanks but

    Im looking for new ones, had bad experience buying used gear.

    I bought a second hand boss pedal, since it was my first time with the pedal and Im not sure if it is ok or if it was modified by previous user or faulting.

    it seems different from the original on youtube


    has anyone tested peavey or crate? or maybe those cheap tube combos?


    I totally understand about buying used on ebay. I have a policy of only buying new items on ebay but occasionally cannot resist a bargain  especially if pickup feasible and actually insist on tring whatever before paying. About 25% of used on ebay is faulty from my experience but locally from Auction houses, even pawn shops. etc. Try out first. Be prepared to get addicted to Auctions, some have some irresistible items come thru from time to time

  6. I second the Solid State Amps as a budget option . These even from established brand names are affordable but don't underestimate some generic brands often sold for as little as a $1 per watt used. 


    It really upgrades the Amp connecting the HDs and there are no bones even using the full amp models.


    If budget permits a couple of powered speakers would be grand but till then I got a stereo gig rig not too heavy to lug. 


    I also got a couple of the Roland 20 watt Cube amps and can go in the aux in on those for monitoring on stage.

    You know what though. I usually only take one and also go in via the PA for Beer Garden gigs. There not overly loud.

  7. I often don't use any gate but some high gain needs to be quiet when not played.

    I find the hard gate to give an artifact which can be used for the stutter effect.

    The noise gate is much smoother and maintains the tone better to my ears.

    Even the stock preset is about right.

    To know it hit a note and adfust the threshold. This is what level the gate shuts.

    Use the decay to soften the transition. In other words slowly shuts.

  8. Hi guys,

    just in case you haven't done this it is a good idea to buy some ipad or other screen protectiive film and cut it up to size for the POD HD screen.


    It is faily easy and will save the screen from scratches. The better the quality the better the protection. For eg you could use those scrreen protectors that save your iphone glass from breaking.

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  9. I gotta agree about the EDIT size and it applies to most plugins GUIs just hard to read. Will check out magnifier!


    The POD HDs came out end of 2010, it has had some tweaks in the flashware but it is rare to see a Line6er here.


    I personally pretty well know my fav FX setups sweet spots but like to tweak on the fly to always get the most from an FX

    As explained already you save a patch or two with your fave FX setups and once done rename it in a "new tone" slot.


    Downloading and trying tones from Custom tone is a goodway to get someone else's angle on things and can open up an otherwise never knew result. Some aren't good and you got to be ruthless with what you keep.

  10. I get the noise too but I pivot in my swivel chair  and find the spot the noise goes quiet. It is an exact location, move either side a fraction and noise is inducted.


    The stacked high gain stages are a real noise fest. Same goes for Amp Sims in my recording softare and even in my high gain amps here. Less gain helps with the squeal and also better for recording.  

    Changing the input of channel 2  can  makes a difference. also line level out into an amp while louder can be a mismatch prone to noise.


    There is an old recording trick to quieten noisy guitars and that is to earth it to your body.

    A conductor wrist band and flexible wire connected to the earth of your guitar is standard practice.


    For now get an old E or A guitar string. On the thin end make a loop that can tighten on your guitar jack-earth and the other ball end tuck into your sock and shoe so in contact with your foot. The inducted noise will be gone.

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  11. As the hum is when plugged in the input of the amp it very much sounds like thew guitar pickups inducting hum from the HDPRO or the Amp or both.


    Try turning the HDPRO 90 degrees to your guitar. Amp too.

    Also pivoting the angle of the guitar till it is at its quietest by you pivoting on a chair.

  12. When tuner is engaged or you have a blank patch the volume is lower than direct to amp unless you bring the master volume up.


    Presuming the switches are correct on the HD500 you can volume match using the mixer

    when you have a blank patch and level match using it.


    You can also try the different output menu options uninfluenced by an amp model.


    These are two reasons why it is not tru bypass as it is going thru these not to mentio the master output.


    You will need to create patches from scratch to work with this level match. 


    One of my amps level matches at +9 the other gets very close at +12 the max you can go with the master output at 3/4th.


    Another way to get a volume increase is to insert the FX loop with TRS to two TS cables and adjust the return volume.  This is why 4CM can work better than into front of amp.


    Hope this helps.

  13. I have used it for jamming often; very handy when too few practice mixer mic inputs or FX are available.

    That was a while ago but it is handy.

    At home I got my interface for recording.and can concentrate on guitar patches.


    Could line6  be testing the waters for a dedicated vocal multiFX looper unit call the "VoxBeat" for up and coming live rappers? 


    There seems to be very few dedicated vocal harmonizers with looping station on the market.

    If your thinking about it could include a beat making facility software with usb connection to load beats or even samples.

    Or concentrate on the "BeatVox"


  14. Envious of your new bass. Nice!

    Well I like your stuff Mike and what you have created is outstanding! Really Well Done!


    You are far too modest with the work you have put into this one musically is stella in complexity mirroring the universe and the production is better than your letting on including your HD500X tones.


    Give yourself a big pat on the back mate Very Well Done!

  15. I'd of thought the external PSU would blow out first.


    It is the type PSU that samples the incoming voltage rather than transforms the voltage.


    Anyway, what I mean is check out the PSU too.


    Also be sure your guitar cables are in perfect order.

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