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  1. The key is the first parameter of the FX for smart harmonizer. bend or squat down, put on your glasses or magnifier, navigate curser,, double click "enter", turn the first knob till it is in key, double click "enter" to exit. Remove glasses.

    It'l revert back to the pre saved key when you bank up or down, Which can be handy if your snger can only sing in G

  2. My screen is working fine but I understand your frustration.

    May I suggest you open a support ticket if under warranty.

    If not it is easy to open up the unit and check and recheck

    the ribbon cable connections which might of jiggled loose.

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  3. I personally hav'nt compared the AxeII with the HD500 for two years.

    At the time it was the bang for buck choice from the HD500 that sold me.

    The other important point was and still is the punters mostly can't tell a difference.

    But I'd a real rig set up over an AxeII or KPA


    I am still happy with my HD500. I love it and it still inspires and that is way cool. 

  4. Un install the drivers only.

    When you plug it in Wins will try and find it and install the drivers.

    Should all be good.

    Monkey might ask to update the drivers.

    When I do it becomes not recognized.

    Hope it helps

  5. Some have complained the FX loop for pedals has a lower volume or described as a tone suck.


    I haven't confirmed it but the TRS output is a stereo output. A mono TS jack most likely will cause some combfiltering or more correctly an out of phase if used into a pedal.


    This means that a stereo chain of pedals could be run for some creativity and hopefully no tone loss for good pedals in your rig.

  6. If the monitors are on a desk they'l sound worse than tubby.

    So too if too close to room corner.


    Any monitor will sound best up on a solid stand out from the rear and side walls. 

    This also goes for guitar amps and cabs.


    Bass trapping in the corners of the room is always, ALWAYs a good idea.


    It is important that your room is not coloring the sound your getting to tape or DAW.

    You probably know this. 


    I too use roket 6's for tracking and the low end is not the problem. I find the HD500's shrill is to my ears anyway. I record via s/pdif.


    I do notice a big bump in boominess when using USB as interface.


    The low end is tubby at best on the Rokets but they are affordable and better than none. The room treatment is vital for good mixes that'l translate to other listening environments.


    Getting the room right is time and money well spent

  7. You can, but for live the monitors will struggle in a band. Solo or duo might be okay at small venues.

    Powered PA speakers is an option too.


    One thing with the POd HD's is that different outputs effect the tone.

    It is almost a critism of the HD500's for eg.

    You got so many choices that effect tone, on the input within the amps and FX, mixer and outputs as we;; as amp PA or h'phones.


    One use of the setlists is the different setups you might need can have a setlist for each.

  8. yeah the chorus for the jazz chorus is what made it popular.


    I agree a blackface or even better the fliptop and chorus.


    The HD'd Choruses and Flangers have never floated my boat and I have tried plenty to make them sound good.

    In the mix 10 to 30% is adequate as a chorus but nothing to write home about. 

    I might reexamine in EDIT mode rather than the unit itself in the hope I can get a chorus to die for

  9. Bummer man bummer.

    A whizz bang job would be to map the LCD pins / cable and reconfigure it connect it to a LCD monitor or

    just connect it via EDIT software to a laptop to find where you are and set up lists so you don't need to look. BUMMER


    You should be able to order the part no. and install that yourself.

    I'd remove the  broken LCD from the unit and send that to Line 6 for a replacement.


    Or give to a local repairer to remove and order the part.


    Contact Line 6 as they might have authorized repairers nearer to you.

  10. Yeah, I like the combo. Direct is very bright to my ears and possibly the cause of some critisms.


    The Combo is lower in volume and very bright unless you lower the high shelf and focus.


    It ends up lower in vol and with the focus around 200 or hz less brittle sounding thru my Valvestate 2040. 

  11. I second the screamer but I max the output and go about 30% drive.


    While there is good cause for bitchen about the EQs I'd try a couple out to glassify the tone.


    I googled utube and listened to the live one. Mesa Transatlantic Amp. His tone is evolving compared to 

    the 3 part rig rundown from 2007 and he goes over it there for all his tones

    Nice natural tone Fender American Clean  and using Mesa Lone Star and Stelleto Amps back then.


  12. The other is look at any changes made.

    For eg, I have to take HD500 to my Internet PC and place it on the desk.

    PC Is on top the desk too.

    Totally different enviroment and hook it up to Edirol speakers.


    Basically look for the change and cables can go faulty after a change too.


    I understand the update was a change too, but did anything else change?

  13. I'm trying to record into Logic pro X with POD HD500X and can't get a visible signal into Logic.

    In preferences select HDPROx. Check all the drop down menus it is selected.

    Arm a track by selecting HDPROx and activate listen and record buttons.



    Bare in mind the HD series use the ASIO4ALL drivers and they don't like playing with anything else you might have to relaunch Logic and recheck preferences.

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