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  1. STOP

    What you are being anxious about is probably nothing to worry about. Calm down you do not have to get the HDPRO.

    I'd say there is little point going to the HDPRO from a HD 400. Apart from some outputs and FX routing the modelling is the same. Maybe the HDPROX 


    Use the USB you have and learn to commit to the sound you want on the way in.

    Giving yourself unlimited choices is no fun at all.

    To record dry only to reamp later is a waste of time. You only need it if you happen to write the greatest song ever and you'd reamp into real rig not the HD series. I am sure it would be fun for a time or two after that damn well adding time.

    Get an interface and record a dry track and use up extra space for the oneday. 


    I been recording for 30 odd years and the more I do it the simpler it is because I limit choices at every turn.

    The only advice is to lighten up on the distortion when recording as what sounds fine to the ear at tracking soon gets 

    too much at mix down.

    The other advantage is if you have two guitar parts use different guitars into different patches and tweak there to get good separation. Kind of mixing while your working on it.

    If you want to go Old School, A track was recorded by micing an amp.

    Reamping is fun for Audio Engineers to clock up hours but a PITA for a musician.

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  2. Yeah its is common to have and it depends on the bass as well.


    I used to have the prob on the old TEAC reel to reel preamps.


    I found either my Belari Valve Pre or 1173 clone GAP Pre amp to smooth out the lumps and bass not needing surgery.


    Using these I found going into the HD500 via the FX return to work well.


    The HD500 preamp is what it is for the cost of the unit.


    Damn: I just realized I meant to try out line level transformers in the path as a cure.

    I just know it will work and I have a few generic ones around. 

  3. I listened to a few of duncanns. Well Done! Really Excellent technique and concepts and styles.

    Definitely showcasing the HD500X !


    The production is stella too.


    I really like whatever reverb your using on Ekpyrosis, Lush.

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  4. I haven't tried your patches yet but do intend to.


    When I use any of the stock bass patches or even my own I get the dreaded lumpy bass where some notes just jump out

    and resonate annoyingly more than others. I nearly always record via a half decent preamp.


    I'll be interested to see if I can smooth out the notes with your patches

  5. Good question. Probably for multiple Line 6 devices and it lets you know if an update is available.


    I don't know if it is related but I cannot get my PC to work with the latest drivers.


    If I uninstall the latest drivers and let the PC automatically install it then works but "device not connected" before doing this.

  6. I rechecked the Advanced guide and it says the s/pdif is a 24bit output but this is not the case.

    It will only work on  16bit.     24 bit is unselectable via  Motu2408Mk III in s/pdif mode.


    This is not the case for analogue inputs on my interface. They can be configured to 24bit.



    If it bares out with others on any interface it is a false claim.


    I always thought it was peculiar to my setup.

  7. Yeah and double check that the device is set the same sample and bit rate as the POD HD.


    You might have to disable any line 6 control software and let the interface software determine.


    Whoops: As I posted I realized your bit depth is unmatched.


    In s/pdif it is 16 bit only.

    unless someone knows how to change it?


    So select 16 bit on your interface.

  8. I gotta say I am a Revalver fan but the POD HD 500 works better for home and the office.

    I have tweaked with impulse responses in Revalver.

    There is a whole sub culture using freeware amp plugs and IR players. Fine if you only want to play in the studio.



    Revalver4 sounds promising. 

    That would mean running a laptop at a gig and use the HD500 as a midi controller. Nah. 


    I'll just continue with the HD500 but I am pluging mine into my amp for gigs and mic'ing it to get some air moving in the studio.


    I totally recommend trying the "Conbo Front" and lower the focus and the high self by heaps you can get rid of some fizz. WARNING: It is not as loud as Studio Direct and you will have to increase the gain on your master out to compare the tonalty. 


    I will also try IRs in the studio and see if I can get some variety in case I am missing out on something.

  9. You could add a VU or LED meter to the phones output with a capacitor across it as it is powered by the headphone amp built in the HD

    But the line outs could drive a VU without the cap.

    Just get a VU meter and a TS plug and you got one side mono. 

    Of course you'd have to calibrate the meter by comparing to the metering in a DAW.

  10. Yes that is it.

    You can put the HD loop in any fx slot in the chain. 


    This way you can use pedal fx in the HD before your amps preamp and then process the spacial or rack FX after your amps preamp in the HD before it returns to your power amp.


    Usually just before the HD'd amp block.


    If you have an Amp block you need to turn it off.


    When you want the HD amp turn off the loop as suggested but turn on the amp block.


    Adjust the master on your amp when the HD loop is on and can set a pedal to turn off the loop and the amp on, and toggle till volume is matched.

  11. I monitor in the studio thru a marshal amp and mic it sm57 or NT1 into 1173 clone preamp.


    It's input is pushed for some mojo from the input transformers iron. 


    The advantage is with the HD modelling the volume on the amp doesn't have to be loud


    I prefer the HD's output mode to be "combo front" focus 200hz or so; -4 low shelf; -40 high shelf


    It is quieter than studio direct but similar tonality.


    I also connect the s/pdif with that output mode and more than often only use the mic'd track.


    If I record another part or solo, It'll be a different guitar bridge pickups and different HD patch.

    Often the s/pdif gets used for the stereo field.


    I'd avoid doubling the conversion as it's good advice. 

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